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Coincidences and Their Meaning

Kelley, Since December, I’ve had recurring encounters with a particular subject and a certain number. I read a review of the film, A Dangerous Method, about Jung and Freud. A few weeks later, I was reading a book about spiritual emergency that made reference to Carl Jung and synchronicity. Over several days things kept popping up regarding Jung. Shortly after I began to notice the number 123. It appeared on a data sheet I was reading, then later was in a book, on my trip meter as I was driving, the call number of a book…

Are these “coincidences” a manifestation of a mind primed to look for these things because of my reading? Could these happenings be some sort of synchronicity or message from the Universe or spirit guides that I should be heeding? If so, how do I get clarity as to what it is? Thanks, Belle.

Thanks for your note, Belle. For me, everything is a sign pointing to some deeper meaning of itself, or to some point of power. Why? Because I choose to see events as such. Because I choose to perceive events at all levels available to me, not just the most evident and most pressing. Symbols are miracles we have recorded into language. They are reminders that the Multiverse is alive and aware of each of us. We are aware of miracles when we choose to be active participants. For me, such coincidences are feedback that I live in an animistic reality, that All Things are connected.

In my experience, miracles are natural signals we allow ourselves to perceive. We have cultural signals to which we have ascribed collective meaning, such as weather patterns and interpreting animal behaviour. Through Jung’s work we have the symbolic interpretation of our own unconscious via archetypes marking the places where we as individuals draw from the same shadow pools of meaning. In specific pockets of divination we have collectively accepted symbolism in the tarot or the Runes. Because we are well aware of each of these systems of symbolism, we have assimilated them into a code that has been interpreted and accepted at a collective level.
The basis for what you are experiencing personally, however, is no different. We tend to reject personal signals and coincidences because there is no lexicon for how to interpret them. In essence, we doubt our own ability to interpret not just what the Multiverse is saying to us, but what our own unconscious is saying about our lives.

When you become aware of personal signals, it is up to you to interpret what they mean. Certainly there are books available to tell you what every sequence of numbers means in discrete detail. They may hit on exactly what you need–a signal of affirmation–or they may not. I suggest a more personal decoding approach. Consider what you were thinking at the time you perceived the signal. What was your state of being? How did you feel? What happened immediately after perceiving the signal? What memories or thoughts were triggered? This sentient information is the map that informs you of your personal language to your unconscious, to your spirit guides and totems, to the Multiverse. The more you work with understanding signals in your life, the more signals will come, the more evident their meaning will be, and the thinner the barrier becomes between your unconscious and conscious minds.

While I can’t tell you what you are onto, Belle, I can without hesitation inform you that you are onto something. The fact that you have become aware of coincidence is half the awareness. The rest is creating the language through which you understand what signals are saying. That language comes from within.
Be well.

Vows and Our Health

Question: Kelley, I recently did a healing for a friend who is suffering from appendicitis-like symptoms. My question is in relation to what I saw and removed, which was a shiny silver jeweled dagger, about 8 -10 inches long. It was not a black dart, which is a block what I usually see in the back. Have you any explanation for what it represents, and why or how it got there? Jennifer, from Australia


Hi Jennifer. The form that energy takes is highly individual, and yet often we do tap into collective representations of life force, thus the symbols it shows us. Often in shamanic work staves, knives, or other sharp objects embedded in the form represent a curse or vow that is lingering, stifling the person’s life force. This is a common perception of a block in life force, and it is one that I, personally, have seen many times. It is very astute of you to factor into your work that this one appeared distinct from such items as you have found in the past. I ask to speak with the knife in question, and it shows me that in some other life pattern the individual acquired this knife from a beloved who had died, and placed that knife in her form, herself. I feel the guise of it being placed there for “love” is why it appeared differently to you, as well as the fact that an actual knife had inflicted harm in that area. The knife you saw wasn’t just a symbol of a lingering block, but was actually still there, etherically speaking. Nonetheless, the knife had (prior to your work) become an impediment in her present. I do hear what the exact vow was that was made and how it relates to her present, but I do not feel I can share that without the individual’s consent. I can say that though the knife is gone, the resulting wound bears more work.

Curses and vows are immensely significant to our health. A vow is the only one who fully brings them into the being is the one taking the vow or being cursed. Certainly others can hold power over us, but only when we allow it. For this reason bringing a multi-dimensional approach to healing is important.

We don’t often remember the ill-made promises “never to forgive,” or “to forever remember this pain.” Frankly, we don’t always have to remember them, if we can be comfortable with letting go of the imbalance, itself. Sometimes, though, we need the mental recollection of symbols to bring order to how we are perpetuating resulting patterns in the present. It is through an intimate knowledge of our own mythology and remaining open to collective consciousness that we can process these symbols and release them.

Until we understand the spiritual source of the wound, the wound can’t truly heal. Once we open ourselves to that information, psychology around the physical ailment releases, enabling healing on all levels. Understanding that cycle, and its nonlinear nature, is key to being creators of our own wellbeing. I wish you the best in your healing practice, Jennifer!