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Weekly Rune – Raidho

Weekly Rune - Raidho, Intentional Insights, Soul Intent ArtsRaidho – travel – Seldom has Raidho come up in the Weekly Rune column. Anytime it appears in a cast, I pause, because it draws on all the things most vital to me: words, travel, and the interconnection of All Things. In short, Raidho indicates how we tell our story.

Many people read Raidho in a very literal context, meaning, a journey between two points, emphasizing the mode of transportation involved, movement across space and time, and everything that occurs between origin and destination. Indeed, the stuff of our most compelling stories.

Sometimes to best understand a Rune, examining those framing it gives it deeper context. The journey of the Runes in the first aett is about inspiration becoming form for the first time; thus, it emphasizes the realization of self-empowerment through connection with All Things. Just before Raidho is Ansuz, which is often interpreted as “mouth,” or “breath.” With Ansuz we begin ascribing words to concepts. We begin the murky examination of the thing versus the name we give it. Likewise, we become aware that as we build the language of our formed experience, someone is listening.

Following Raidho is Kenaz, torch, presenting the complex experience of sudden awareness, the spark that ignites, the Aha! moment. It is the moment that meaning has been derived from our experience. With that fuller understanding in mind, let’s revisit Raidho.

Inspiration + Storytelling = Meaning

Ansuz + Raidho = Kenaz

The Runic Wheel of the Year, Soul Intent ArtsOversimplified, but it conveys well. Raidho clarifies the importance of holding focus over duration, associating a starting point and result with every choice, decision, thought, and deed committed along the way.

Are we acting in support of our intention? Are we really making the choices that align us with what we say we want, where we say we want to go? Are we fixed on a precise destination with blinders to the journey, or are we easily taken off course, dazzled by every glittering crossroad?

This week consider inspiration and how it’s expressed. Observe how the process of expressing it shapes you, creates you. Above all, choose your words with care, and weave them together well.

The Healing Story

A bit back my story was featured on Candid Slice, a very cool, conscientious blog based on the Triangle area, in NC.

The Healing Story – Listen, Share, Inspire, Heal

Everyone said I was a daydreamer at best, dissociative at worst. Not wrong assumptions, just incomplete. I told them I was a writer trying on plots. Method acting takes the stage, mezzofiction fills the page.

Years and a lot of intuition later, my fantasy world collided in a series of metaphors more grounded than my waking life.

I became a series of soul stories, a narrative of personal symbols and mythology. These stories were, literally, me. My self.

Is it any surprise that our earliest form of healing is also our first theatre–storytelling via empathy–the ability to feel as others do through reading facial expressions, body language?

Through this neurological weaving, we don’t simply connect with each other and share feelings, we give healing. We write healing stories.

Throughout archaic history, healing stories are mystical tales birthed from personal tribulation and victory, which are then shared. The process of relating the personal chronicle has several effects.

In hearing the yarn, empathy is generated in listeners. They connect with the emotions of the storyteller, which stir memories and feelings of their like experience.

The Listener becomes inspired. They honor and value their personal stories.

The Listener’s personal stories are aroused. The wound is witnessed, thus healing becomes possible, as does a conception of life beyond the wound. Through ownership of the process healing occurs. Listeners tell their stories. Inspiration is shared.

No more animistic mechanism than the healing story exists, no deeper sharing of what makes us vitally human.

In this tradition of one person sharing the narrative, a single story heals a village. Such is the hero’s journey, the evolution of the wounded healer, the shamanic narrative, even today. The visions that cloud, the scenes that replay, distracting from the rest of life, from the self that could be more completely be…

Be them and they will speak. Write them and they will heal. Heal, and we all thrive.

Originally published on Candid Slice.

Writing Your First Line: The Shamanic Induction of Storytelling


I was asked by the curators of Books by Women to write a guest blog. Writing Your First Line: The Shamanic Induction of Storytelling is a brief exposé not only on why I read, but why I choose to be a writer and how these dovetail into my spiritual path.

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