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A Sprite and a Bullseye

Posted by on 25 Oct 2009 in Memoir | 0 comments

Every year for Samhain I publish accounts of my more charged, and in some cases creepy, spiritual pursuits. The Dead Time is a treasured journey to Solstice, and as it is a time of untime, the shadowed season presents a great opportunity to tell the stories that many who do shamanic work won’t tell–the occasions when things don’t go well or the unseen presents itself unexpectedly. You may recognize some of these accounts from my previous stories, while others are more recent. Enjoy the solitude of the darkness, and know the light will soon warm! One afternoon I went to return an item at a popular local retail store. Frankly I was in a really bad mood,...

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Coming Out Starseed

Posted by on 4 Aug 2009 in Essay | 0 comments

Many of us are familiar with the phrase “Starseed,” meaning those creatures from other star systems who settled into the Earth realm with many of their etheric layers functioning at high levels not common to this plane. The original writings on such beings were linear, targeting specific timeframes for birth, particular skills and demeanors. Among my clients I have worked with many Starseeds and most certainly identify as one, myself. Through the years that I’ve grown as such and interacted with others, I’ve gained gratitude for that pioneering information, as well as realized just how limited and confining it was. The bounds of people who...

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A Sprite and a Bullseye–Installment the First, Spooky Series

Posted by on 24 Oct 2007 in Memoir | 0 comments

In celebration of my favorite time of the year, I’ve decided to take a departure from my regular column format for this month, instead electing each day to write out as many of my creepy ‘spirit visitor’ stories as time allows between now and Samhain. I started writing some of them down a few years ago with the idea of publishing them in a collection at some point. For now I just want to feed the veil. This first one isn’t exactly ‘bump in the night,’ but it creeped me out as much as affirmed. The afternoon in focus was mid-week, sometime in the Fall of 2003. One afternoon I went to return an item at a popular local retail store....

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Education of a Deathwalker

Posted by on 14 Jan 2006 in Q&A | 0 comments

Question:  Dear Kelley, I have been very concerned over my son Ian. He has been troubled with symptoms of depression for about a year or more. He seems like a different boy and I am very worried. Can you give me some insight? I would really appreciate your help. Sincerely, Elissa Ray Thank you for your note, Elissa.  Initially meet an aspect of Ian sitting in a small dark pit where he is staring straight ahead.  I ask him what brings him to the pit and he says, “I don’t have to think.” Although I don’t really expect an answer I ask, “What is it that you don’t want to think about?”  He stares ahead, nonresponsive. I ask him if he will let me take him to another place...

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Shortsightedness and Seeing

Posted by on 17 Nov 2005 in Q&A | 0 comments

Question: Kelley, My niece, Sarah, is 3 years old.  Right now, she’s suffering a sight problem and it doesn’t look good. Can you tell me if there’s any chance she’ll regain her sight?  Sad and in despair, Bob McKinley Hi Bob.  Thanks for your note.  Upon calling in a spiritual aspect of Sarah and her guides, it is my understanding that she is choosing to experience the manifest world in a different way.  What that means is it is up to her whether she chooses to perceive this plane visually.  At this point in her life she is very pleased with her sensual understanding of how she both relates to and interprets the world around her.  I also see that the grief of the adults...

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