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Soul Intent Arts – Ten Years, Ten Observations of an Animistic Soul #2

Soul Intent ArtsIn 2000, I created my neoshamanic practice, Soul Intent Arts. I’d worked with others for two years, and had crafted a personal animistic path with strong shamanic influences for ten years prior. Making the transition from spiritual seeker to committed shamanic practitioner was a huge step. Twenty-two years of experience seeing life through a shamanic lens and working with others has given me insights that feel right to pass along at this auspicious time. To celebrate Soul Intent Arts’ presence in this plane and this exceptional dance we’re doing toward this Winter Solstice, I’m closing this momentous year by listing my ten most poignant observations of personal shamanic work and maintaining a shamanic practice, and will present them over the next few days.

Thank you to all of the readers, clients, students, confidantes, comrades, and spaceholders who have contributed to Soul Intent Arts’ sustaining life force. Bless all of your dear hearts.

  • All spiritual and energetic work must have meaning. This seems like a nobrainer, but there are practitioners of many modalities of healing who don’t implement this observation, which I uphold should be the golden rule of anyone who provides a service. Anyone can see intuitively, though not everyone knows what to do with the information that comes, as noted in Intuition and the Ethics of Prophecy. I can see ravens as someone’s totem all day, but if I can’t clarify the role Raven has in supporting the client’s present, I have not done my job. The work must move the client forward in some way.

There to Here – Life and Choices of the Soul

Two questions I’m frequently asked are, “If the soul is already aware and perfect, why would it choose to manifest in the Earth realm?” and “Why does the soul choose such challenging experiences?” Why, indeed.

First off, I have no idea. I couldn’t tell you. At best, I can share what wisdom I’ve gleaned from my personal experiences and those of soul kin whose process I’ve had the opportunity to witness.

It seems that the state of consciousness out of form, or some might say, “between lives,” is very different from consciousness in form. Peaceful souls out of form aren’t attached to emotion as humans are. They exist in a liberated state with nothing distracting them from being connected with All Things. They only know their true essence, while the quintessential challenge of formed being is to remember we are spirit in flesh. It is to remember that we are part of All Things.

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

Being separate from emotion allows the soul to see things very differently. Specifically, it allows the soul to see life on Earth very differently. From its removed vantage point where it is finely tuned into All Things, the soul looking ‘down’ at earthly life experiences only passion. Joy, anger, frustration, grief, peace, hunger, sensuality… any feeling, emotion, or state of being that stirs desire is merely experienced as passion. Passion is the key motivator in the human experience. When connected to one’s spiritual guidance, passion moves obstacles, transcends philosophies, creates new frontiers. Without the connection to All Things, ie, in the lack of remembering that one is spirit in flesh, ego-driven passion blinds, infuriates, and often leads to spirals of stagnating experiences. Usually a realization of some sequence of self-fulfilled prophecies and reawakening to the soul’s needs for returning creates pause. Within this quiet space is generally my first meeting place with new clients. From this rich (though often not quiet) pause between a heritage of soul wisdom and human calamity, questions of life purpose and soul origin emerge. Even asking the questions initiates growth, because it means allowing guidance from the soul rather than the ego. It means healthily detaching from emotion.

A pervasive thought many soul seekers hold is that they chose their lives, not just its manifestation, but the circumstances of it. This perspective can be extremely unsettling to those whose lives are pain-filled. Despite feeling connected to that truth of choice, there is disdain for the thought that one would choose trauma, loss, pain, or frustration on the earthly journey. In my spirit communication with the souls of humans, Nature spirits, guides, and entities who have never been in form–what ones would call angels or the Light Choir–the element of choice is still pervasive, even under dire circumstances. However, what becomes apparent is also that the perspective we held as souls between lives choosing to come into form is not the same once it manifests in the earthly domain. In the mindspace of the soul, we choose how we will create ourselves in form. There are no lessons or objectives we must complete, no tests from the Divine. We choose how we want to create ourselves, and that choice is made with the full support and wisdom of All Things. However, once in form, things move slower. They’re more dense. Greater than those states, we feel, and in the overwhelming nature of feeling we begin forgetting that Divine connection. We do not readily feel connected to All Things, and that’ where the tribulation starts. In the between life space, we forget the hardship of work. We forget the pain of growth. We forget the passion of the soul growing and become immersed wholly in the emotional experience of being.

Consider that the soul is consciousness, and the sole purpose of consciousness is to expand itself–to create itself as it wants to be. As a good friend once said to me, “Consciousness knows, ‘Go!'” That’s all it knows, not “hang on a second,” or “slow down,” much the same way that going nonstop is all children know. As students in academic programs, we are often eager to take on heavy course loads because we want to immerse ourselves in subjects that provoke and change us, even when seasoned advisers warn of taking on too much or very challenging material. All we know is that we want to expand ourselves, without realizing the minute details of how demanding it will be, how much time and energy it will take, what of us it will change. Then consider a campus full of others enthusiastically navigating their own creation and it’s no wonder that we become focused on more mundane experiences.

I firmly believe that forgetting the wisdom of the between life is a core facet in the blueprint of the soul coming here and learning to remember there. Forgetting our higher spiritual nature is part of the plan. It is intended that we birth through the veil of the Divine into the realm of humanity feeling the struggle of that delivery, just as the earth is both the colorful pallet by which we create ourselves, as well as the paintbrush.

Bless however you create yourself, and know that you are empowered to be as you want to be, at anytime. There are tools and skilled caregivers to assist you. If you have reached that space of questioning and you want to find your answers, consider contacting me for remote work, or let me know where you live and I will find someone near you to work with in person.
As always, be well.

Guiding The Guides

Kelley, Several years ago, I received intuitive guidance to let go of my university career and write. I self-published a spiritual memoir, wrote a novel, and I am working on another. I can’t find an agent for my novel, and I didn’t make much money from my self-published book. I’ve followed my intuitive guidance for many years and things have always worked out. I am being told over and over again that this will work out too. Yet, it’s been four years and I need to “make a living’. Do you have any insight? ~Patricia

Thanks for your note, Patricia. The publishing industry is a tough gig, particularly now as it transmutes into a more metaphoric manifestation of itself. Couple that with divinely guided instruction or information that manifests on a seemingly divergent timeframe and you have what amounts to clashing ideologies. Or do you? Dynamics like this are not as simple as, “Just hang in there; they said it would work out,” or, “Just work/focus your intent a little harder.” There are bigger things at work on both personal and collective levels.

Maat, Justice, The Wise Woman's Tarot

Maat, Justice, The Wise Woman's Tarot by Flash Silvermoon

I draw a card from the Wise Woman’s Tarot, and the card is Maat, or Justice. On a personal level, the message here is that Justice will prevail. Hard work pays off. The prevailing force is balance, and that is what is lacking now. When I see you interacting with your guides in a meditative space, the interaction feels like making wishes, rather than the equal, shared effort of all involved working toward manifestation. You receive info from them well, though you are not seeing yourself as their equal in the creative process with which you are all involved. You are not valuing your contribution as much as theirs. You have listened, done the writing, made the lifestyle changes, but this creative process requires your attention on a higher level. You have filled yourself with the details of these parts of the process. Your hands and mind are so full of that process and what it has or hasn’t accomplished that you have no free hand to receive the gift. You have to make room for it to manifest in your daily life.

In this scenario I highly recommend engaging in chronic random acts of blessing. From a shamanic perspective, blessing is the ability to find Spirit in whatever is at the end of your focus. For you, this means doing small things about your earthly consciousness and personal space to allow your needs to be filled by the Universe. Internally, give attention to releasing patterns of insecurity and micro managing that derail you from your connection with All Things, which means such patterns separate you from receiving what you have stated you need. As within, so without. Declutter the areas of your home and work area where energy is stagnant. In the places that make you feel joyful place something beautiful–a flower, a prism, a poem. Especially place something inspiring in the areas that leave you distressed. Capture the beauty of the things that make you feel good and place them through your home, garden, car. For you there is also a facet of blessing Nature. I see birdseed provided for your resident feathered friends making them happy, shiny, pretty things set in the garden for your faerie folk, walking through your fondest Nature space and stating to its inhabitants that you know they are vibrant souls interacting in the matrix of Life. The payback of blessing everything around you fosters more blessing. Such is the symbolic commitment to yourself that you have faith in the Universe, that it will look after you, that you know you have been heard and your needs are met. If you feel resistance to feeling your needs are met, don’t force yourself to go this alone. Find an energy worker or shaman who can help you fit into a more suitable state of being.

The collective part of this dynamic is that you are attempting a life change, not just career change, at a time when the entire world is going through the rebirth of itself. A friend reminded me just today as I was expressing grief about the publishing industry that this isn’t just hard times, it’s the turn of an age. Regimes die away and new life blossoms, not just in publishing, but in every facet of life touched by economics, politics, need, and desire… This is a time of consciousness expanding and of need for people who see out of the box to stand firmly in that vision. You are one of these people. Pioneering was never easy, and you are one of many bringing in an entirely new level of awareness.

Finally, if you haven’t expressly stated your needs to your guides, don’t hesitate to do just that. Make sure that your guides understand your needs, as clearly as you can convey them. They work on a totally different timeframe and measure of accomplishment, thus definition of closure, than we do. While they may view the writing process as sending you inspiration while you pen it, they may not understand your mundane needs around the culmination of this process. They may not even understand that this process still has not culminated for you, the living, breathing being in form who has to deal with the denser rules and semantics of minutia. Don’t be afraid to qualify their insights with your needs. Do some creative writing, so that you are clear on precisely what you need. Be lavish in your detail, with the specificity of ordering food from a menu. This part of the process is for you to create a space where you know what it feels like to have those needs met. You plant the seed of them being met by beginning to feel that they already are. Distill that world to 4-5 items, if that many, expressing one clear intent in each. “I need you to help me manifest a suitable, regular income within the next three weeks.” These carefully crafted gems you present to your guides, not only with the sincere conviction of an informed member of your own counsel, but as an equal who does the legwork by seeing those needs met everywhere in her mundane.

“Bless whatever you can with eyes and hands and tongue. If you can’t bless it, get ready to make it new.”
The Art of Blessing the Day by Marge Piercy

Intuition and the Ethics of Prophecy

Kelley- Recently, a new intuitive friend revealed that he had a vision about a horrific crime happening in my home. In roughly nine months, a man randomly breaks into my home to rob me for quick cash. This man realizes that we are in the home–myself, and my daughter–and he ties me up and then rapes my daughter in front of me. The young girl my friend describes seeing doesn’t match my daughter. However, I have an identical twin sister with a daughter who quite matches it.

Crystal Gazing

Crystal Gazing

Over all, he left me with a terrible vision of something that may happen to myself or my sibling. I just can’t fathom this crime, yet I don’t want to ignore the warning either. Can you give me any advice? Carolyn

I generally don’t give advice, Carolyn, but in this case, I suggest getting a new friend, most definitely a new intuitive. The fact that he would so carelessly deliver to you such graphic yet vague information indicates that he isn’t very grounded, and that he isn’t showing you compassion. Now, I’ll tear myself away from my knee jerk reaction long enough to give you an actual balanced, intuitive response.

A lot of people ask me the difference between psychics and shamans–and I admit–I’m being very general here. Anyone can see. Anyone. Whether someone can stand on the conviction of his or her intuition to do so in the service of others, is another matter. What makes someone a shaman, a healer, a conduit between the senses of the form and the senses of ether isn’t just seeing that connection but also knowing what to do with the information that comes. Not everyone can find the cord connecting the fantastic with its mundane anchor. My measure of progress with every client is that my work must have meaning for their daily lives, else I’ve not done my job. Regardless of what I see, however tragic, joyful, or ethereal, past, present or potential future, it’s my role to understand how the vision relates to the client in the moment. Sometimes things come in a language I don’t understand, but the client does. Or sometimes neither of us understands the language, but both feel the significance of the message. What matters is that on some level of the client’s being a cord was plucked, and its vibration evoked power. What your friend did to you was disempowering, akin to cosmic gossip. The cord he plucked was fear, and it jarred your peaceful connection with All Things.

Something else to keep in mind is that all glimpses of the future are merely glimpses of potential outcomes. People who truly walk between worlds are both confident and humble enough to know that everything is mutable. Every thought, every choice, every action we make shapes potential outcomes. There is no one potential outcome–there are an infinite number of potential outcomes for every consciousness on this planet. That means there is no one future.

As for what your friend saw, I hold visions as equally literal and metaphoric, one having no more significance than the other. Bless it and let it go. Who can say the reason for what he saw? Not I, and at this point, not even himself. Every moment that passes changes who we are, our life force, our potential… Were he to read you now, you would not be the same person he read then. Given that, I can’t validate or invalidate what he saw. I can tell you with my barest truth that it was but one potential outcome of an infinite number of possibilities. With that in mind, I ask your guides how you need to move forward from this experience. Without hesitation, the Osage elder who comes tells me your need is to develop your own intuition, and to learn to release what energy you take on from others. In other words, focus on setting etheric boundaries. He says this in regard to your friend, and others like him, who do not have good etheric boundaries and thrive on creating drama in the lives of others. This friend is not a bad person, but he has behaved carelessly with you, and likely others. I highly suggest looking to an intuitive who is more grounded, someone who knows how to process charged information and help you hold it in a way that empowers your ability to make choices in your present.

Focus on expanding your own intuition and let that be what leads you. And remember, the Universe loves you. The Universe is trustworthy. The Universe is looking after you.

Be well, Carolyn.

To Heal or Not to Heal: Shamans in the New Era

“Rivers know this; there is no hurry, we shall get there some day.” – Winnie the Pooh

“Too many times we confuse motion with progress.” – Albert Einstein

A growing pain in the maturation of neoshamanism is the instinct to heal everything, that where there is energy imbalance it must balanced. Imbalance can occur in a person, a place, an animal, or an era. The inclination to heal at all cost can be viewed as a proactive model of health and wellbeing, no doubt the mindset many modern shamans bring to soul work. To indigenous healers, the ‘must heal’ mindset is very modern, and it embodies fear, isolation, even aggression. Because of its emphasis on the healer, the instinct carries with it arrogance, presumption, and idealism; thus is incomplete. It perpetuates the notion that imbalance is something to be viewed as broken, something unnatural, ideas that disregard the constantly changing state of Earth consciousness and experience. We are always in flux, and most of us realize profound growth not from balance or being out of balance, but in the process between the two. A task of the modern shaman is to embrace the full circle of Life, and in doing so, to impart that while perhaps uncomfortable, no facet of it is unnatural.

PageLines- peacock_feather_300_rotated_small.gifThe starry promise of restoring full functionality throughout daily life omits Shadow. Shadow is no one thing. We tend to think of it as bad and what should be avoided, as western culture has demonized anything that doesn’t dazzle with quick results. In fact, Shadow is usually the thing we most need to address in order to progress in the creation of ourselves. In the case of the ‘go-fix-resolve’ mentality, Shadow is forgetting to allow. Allow what? Whatever. No object is needed, when we are open to whatever is needed most. In that passive receptiveness the seed for healing blossoms into its unique destiny. We often forget how challenging it is to be passive, and those who practice it in meditation understand that to be passive doesn’t mean to do nothing. It means to allow, not to stand in the way of. The full spectrum of everything must be honored, and frequently the best way to honor it is to stop naming specific outcomes. When the emphasis becomes a specified outcome, the focus is on the healer, not on the highest outcome for the client. The ego pursuit of assuming that something needs to be done usurps the passive healing power gifted us by the Multiverse. The notion that everything broken must be fixed separates us from our connection with All, implying not only that we can control everything and should attempt to, but that undesired outcomes of our actions are failures, mistakes, or weakness. In some cases, the best prescription to resolve symptoms, release pain, or balance the etheric field is death. Yet many modern shamans still view death as the result of healing methods not working. In many modern practitioners, the natural healing properties of death are considered failure.

There are schools of thought that all energy or spiritual healing is good. While the argument is strong, it’s not that the work is good or bad. What is in question is the intent behind it. When we assume work should be done for a client based on intuitive observation–which for some shamans occurs instantly without journeying–lacking the consent of the client and/or impeccably clear direction from the client’s guides to do that work, we are operating outside the connection of All That Is. Outside that bond, nothing good can come. In some cases, if energy is shifted without examining the wider picture, more harm is caused than good. For instance, if a client has a terminal illness, just extracting the illness can make the “sick” cells more aggressive. The body, in this case, has forgotten how to function without the offending cells. Other supportive healing must be done first, and if it becomes possible, the imbalanced energy can be removed. Soul retrieval is another example. Returning soul aspects the individual is not ready for psychologically or emotionally can exacerbate the reasons the retrieval was done. In such situations, active intervention actually diminishes healing.

Some argue that the question of intent is, in part, why we have passive healing modalities such as Reiki, the Japanese healing art providing passive rejuvenation of life force, and hosts of spirit guides to call upon for aid. These are approaches to healing in which we express need to them then step aside, allowing their work to be done. They are an opportunity not to have to control everything, to honor the connection with All, and allow Multiversal support to work as it will.

Ultimately, healing isn’t about what symptoms go away, what miracles happen, or what death occurs. It’s about being connected to All Things and having a sense of peace that regardless of what occurs, we are well, we are in good company, and we are loved. As shamanic healers, we are often a final destination along a client’s path toward healing. Traditional modalities, even more accepted alternative ones have been tried with little or no results. It is sincerely challenging to look into the eyes of someone who has struggled to find healing and tell that person that all a shaman can do is facilitate allowing, between the client and All That Is. Yet that is our express obligation. We guarantee no specific outcomes, only that All listens and delivers. In the connection, we know when our influence is needed and when we should refrain from acting. The cradle of healing rests in that balance and that is the best comfort we give.

What is a Shaman? What Can a Shaman Do for Me?

I’ve observed that the Universe seems to send out memos on topics, as I will go ages without an inquiry about a particular theme then receive several at once. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve encountered people curious about shamanism. On the whole people do not stumble into shamanism, whether that is feeling led to study it or to receive shamanic healing. Even in the world of energy work and holistic medicine shamanism still seems to elude many. In hopes of addressing this spiritual curiosity I am reworking a hand out I give to new clients, information that is also on my website. That information is: What is a shaman? What can a shaman do for me?

There are all kinds of academic, even poetic explanations of what shamans are and what they do. In fact, a very detailed FAQ on shamanism can be found at various locations on the web. Detail or no, the questions from most people are, “What is a shaman? What can a shaman do for me?”

Siberian Shaman, Lake Baikal

Siberian Shaman, Lake Baikal

A shaman can help you heal whatever you are open to healing. Shamans are intermediaries with the spirit world, not just links to the spirits but explorers of the spirit realm, itself. “Aren’t we all?” you ask. Yes, we all have the potential to be, though not all of us readily know how. We are not all active participants in the worlds within and around us, though we all have the ability to be.

Shamanism is not a religion; rather, it is a perspective entailing that everything is alive. A base shamanic view holds that everything, everything has a soul, and is connected to every creature and energy. Through that connection we are able to travel out of our bodies beyond our egos to communicate with souls of the dead, ourselves and other humans; plants, animals, Earth, the elements; even “higher” spirits, such as guides, helpers, our own High Selves, and our Higher Power. How shamans accomplish this act is perhaps most telling, and most individual.

There are some basic tenets of shamanism that pervade ancient, indigenous cultures, and neoshamanic practice such as we all have animal guides and spirit guides; the concept of soul retrieval; extracting an illness or entity from the body for physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing; psychopomp work, or death walking–guiding the dead to Spirit; and divination. Beyond the basic functions a shaman performs the similarities across cultures largely stop there. Shamanic cultures are diverse, as every cultural history records a social role of a person performing some facet of the role of shaman. Called medicine men, wise women, skywalkers, nagual, and many more titles and roles, today the purpose of the shaman is no different. Neoshamanic work draws on these same primary tenets creating many outlets for learning indigenous and contemporary shamanic practices for daily life.

Given the range of techniques shamans use, it’s important to understand how these skills apply to everyday life. In the most broad perspective, shamans promote healing. Opening communication with the spirit realm can open you to your own healing ability, body, mind, soul, and emotion. Bear in mind that no shaman, doctor, surgery, or medication can heal you. You heal yourself. You make the conscious decision to allow whatever healing modality you receive to actually heal you. Healing is your personal agreement between yourself and Spirit. Know that when you interact in the journey state, which is the theta brain wave level of deep cognizant deep dreaming, you are in the space to directly access yourself at the central levels of being. You can reshape your physical and spiritual DNA, taking command of the creative ability with which Spirit blessed you. With shamanic healing you are an active participant in your wellbeing. Through understanding your ability to co-create your own life with Spirit, you not only improve your own quality of life, but that of All Life.



What a shaman can do for you depends on your reasons for seeking one. Perhaps you have a chronic illness that doesn’t seem to abate. Perhaps you are depressed, or want to be rid of a disruptive pattern, relationship, belief, or habit in your life. Perhaps you feel you have unlimited potential, but can’t seem to manifest it into what you need in your life. Perhaps you just want to find meaning in your life, or want insight into your own abilities. Maybe you want to meet your spirit guides. The reunion with your guides can help in each of those things, as well as the reunion with your High Self. Remembering these relationships allows you to reconnect to Spirit, empowering you, and giving you intimate knowledge of your own strengths, abilities, and love. You will never feel alone again once you have remembered your spiritual allies.

Additional work could also help, such as a soul retrieval, in which spirit aspects that left due to trauma are returned and integrated, allowed to heal and age to your current maturity. In some cases soul aspects aren’t returned to the Earth consciousness but move on to Spirit. The effects of this technique usually include ending the pattern of chronic illness, depression, or other pattern that you have become locked into. In some cases, memories are returned, and certainly abilities that you may have missed as you have aged.

Another way to specifically address patterns, thoughts, or habits that have become harmful, such as addiction, obsessive behaviour, a disruptive relationship dynamic, or even chronic illness is life regression and progression. Often seeing the origin of these patterns helps one to clear them, as well as talking with a future self to see the healing as it has manifest and carried through one’s life.

In some cases, an extraction of an intruding entity is needed to release a pattern or offending condition. Some refer to this as depossession or exorcism, though it is rarely theatrical as it is depicted in fiction. It is, however, quite profound. In the most base terms such interferences are merely energy that is no longer functional in its current place. Symptoms of this may be physical issues, radical shifts in mood or temperament, an imbalance of power in a relationship. When the energy is removed and health flow to the etheric form restored the flow balance on all levels can be better maintained.

DIY Totemism

DIY Totemism

Another way to bring about balanced flow in your life force is a technique called “dismemberment”. In this technique, your animal guide is asked to do the dismemberment, and allowed to completely destroy your physical body. The animal may “re-member” you immediately after, or it may recommend that you take time in this re-membering. The end result is your body fully re-membered, without the affliction. It is new.

These are just a few of the techniques shamans use, and only a vague description of the reasons that you may feel led to a shaman. Wildspeak is a great resource of articles on shamanism, animism and a quite extensive animal totem dictionary. As well, for insight into working with helping spirits, Lupa’s DIY Totemism: Your Personal Guide to Animal Totems is brilliant.

Gift of the Dreamtime

Gift of the Dreamtime

My book, Gift of the Dreamtime: Awakening to the Divinity of Trauma gives a thorough presentation of shamanic healing in a useable modern context and may be very helpful in determining if shamanic work is appropriate for you.

I wish you deep healing and prolific power!

The Best of Intentions

Question: Kelley, How I can enter the astral realms? What do I need to know to be able to talk with my spiritual guides? How I can go into trance? I feel like there is a demon keeping me from these things. How do I fight it? Thanks, JT

Thanks for your note, JT. I think it’s fantastic that you want to expand your experience of yourself by traveling into the Beyond. When I call in your guides and look with them at the dynamic of not being able to go into trance, I do indeed sense a masculine presence that is intentionally interfering with your plans. This feels like a spiritual influence rather than a physical presence in your life, and it is very much intercepting your astral travels. By the same token your guides are telling me that now is not the time for you to attempt to be journeying out, but to focus within. Their instruction is for you to concentrate on healing yourself at core levels before you delve too deeply into astral or spiritual travel. What is most telling is that these messages seem to be coming from the same force–beings who are looking after you. This masculine entity and your guides are working toward the same outcome–nudging you to take on the things you know need healing. I realize that the masculine presence seems very foreboding and frightening to you–if not very frustrating for pre-empting what you want to accomplish–but your guides indicate that they have tried various gentle ways to get you to focus on healing some painful wounds, to no avail. Spirit helpers are never above scare tactics when all else fails, and that is what appears to be happening here. Your guides have asked this little “devil” to try moving you toward the light, from another angle. When I interact with the wee red guy–and he is very small–he expresses frustration that despite his scariest warnings, you still try to push past him. A heavy magenta ribbon entwines through the cocoon of your life force that seems to be a protective boundary that this red entity has created to try to rein you in. In the dynamic you and they have constructed, it is futile to keep pushing yourself into trance. The act of pushing actually makes you more vulnerable. Your highest, most elevated caregivers are simply not supporting it at this time. To that end, this red entity expresses that his deepest desire is for you to realize the angelic support that is around you at your disposal to help you move through the painful things in your life.

That said, I see rips in your life force that seem to be the result of a hurt sustained over many years, of which you are aware. It is my feeling that this hurt is what you need to address before you have the grounding to venture into the ethers. It is also my feeling that you don’t want to face this hurt. I see that you have a very powerful affinity and ability to starwalk, that when well cultivated can help you help others. I ask your guides what healing work we can do in this meeting, and though they do allow some Universal healing to come through in this space, it is clear to me that some conscientious choices about balancing patterns in your life, releasing relationships that are harmful, and disconnecting from belief systems that don’t support your truth must be made before you can engage the help of others. Once you feel that you are in the space to move forward having a trusted circle of energy workers will be very beneficial to you. I also see a need to direct anger toward the sources that have caused harm, rather than taking your anger out on your physical form and in the way you speak to yourself. I highly encourage you to find a counselor or other trained professional who can help you release these tendencies and can teach you how to focus anger healthily. It is impossible to healthily sustain spirit travel when you are not at home in your own body. The message here is that’s a hazard to even try.

As airline workers instruct, put the mask on yourself first, then assist others. You cannot help other
s until you help yourself. Moreover, one of the core rites of passage in committing to a life of conscientious interdimensional Living is the willingness to be radically open and honest with one’s self. This tenet involves facing one’s horrors as thoroughly and compassionately as one’s joys. That said, I wholly support your wellbeing, JT.

Creating from the Void

Question: Dear Kelley, I am a Leo and I am halted by an unfulfilled desire for love, intimacy and relationship. I live in Japan (I am American) where the M:F ratio doesn’t work in my favor. My career is growing at light speed and I am improving my finances. How can I reach my partnership goals. What am I doing wrong? Is this apart of a bigger process? Leo Lisa

Hi Lisa. Thanks for your note. When I enter the Dreamtime with your intention in mind, I am led to an aspect of you that is incredibly faerie-like. She is quite small in stature, dressed in a simple dress, and has small wings. She is talking with flowers and makes her rounds doing deeds that help Nature’s smaller wildlife feel better. What stands out about this aspect is that she is very demure and nurturing, and to the unfocused eye she would seem to be an ineffectual child spirit. In reality she is quite powerful and wields a sharp incisive ability to care for what the rest of the world would likely overlook. I am struck by the common contemporary assumption that powerful archetypes of women are usually “Xena” warrior heroines, decisive maternal watchdogs, or crones of speculative alchemy. The culture we live in wouldn’t see this little wonder of nature as the empowered being that she is.

I observe that she works her way through a little dome of nature, which is held separate from other realms that I see in the distance. I step out of her dome into a space that is very bland and unattractive, characterized by the feeling of a complete lack of feminine influence. It feels like a space in which many women are trapped in masculine roles, unable to express their true Selves. I have the distinct feeling that this aspect of you wants to avoid this space. I see another division just beyond that one, a wall of dark blue water in which I see women in their 40s-50s wafting through, some just floating. This space feel very womblike and maternal, and yet smothering at the same time. My feeling is that this fae aspect holds a reluctance to grow through all the phases of the Feminine and as such keeps herself locked into an adolescent idealistic state of being. The results of that restriction are limitations on attracting other energetically mature people and limiting relationship possibilities. Nonetheless, she wants to grow.

She takes my hand and I lead her out of the pastoral fae realm and into the blank strata. “I don’t like it,” she says, and she stops walking.

“I’m not sure that anyone does,” I tell her, “but passing through this space is part of our human cultural heritage and can’t be avoided. No one has to stay here. It can be transcended.” She smiles, and holding hands, we move into the watery blue wall.

“I don’t really like this one either,” she remarks.

We continue to move through this one, though it is much wider and takes us quite a while. Our passage through the Maternal realm leaves us standing abruptly on the edge of a cliff looking out over oblivion. Literally, this ledge leads to nowhere, barring dark star-speckled space. I feel the fae aspect panicking, hear her breathing turn ragged. I tell her that I will go into it with her and see what we find. Gently we step off the cliff and begin our fall, hands still clasped. Soon, though, we are not falling but gliding, observing the void from which all things are created—from which we create ourselves as we wish to be. We do not speak, but I feel that she has begun to realize the freedom she has in choosing how she grows into her Chosen roles as Woman, and soon she flies off on her own, confident, still fae, capable, caring and assured.

I place myself back in my Lower World and ask Lisa’s guides how moving through the various archetypes of Femininity enhances her ability to fulfill her partnership desires. One of her guides indicates that by not growing, Lisa had not met “grown” people who could meet her where at a wise and mature place, who also know how to fly into the void to create themselves out of it. Her guide leaves me with the sense that having moved through those realms of herself and the Feminine in this journey, Lisa has freed up aspects of her life for like companions to come in.

Shortsightedness and Seeing

Question: Kelley, My niece, Sarah, is 3 years old.  Right now, she’s suffering a sight problem and it doesn’t look good. Can you tell me if there’s any chance she’ll regain her sight?  Sad and in despair, Bob McKinley

Hi Bob.  Thanks for your note.  Upon calling in a spiritual aspect of Sarah and her guides, it is my understanding that she is choosing to experience the manifest world in a different way.  What that means is it is up to her whether she chooses to perceive this plane visually.  At this point in her life she is very pleased with her sensual understanding of how she both relates to and interprets the world around her.  I also see that the grief of the adults regarding her “condition” is impacting more her ability to interface with the world the way she is choosing than the fact that her choice is to do so without sight.  I see that on an energetic level she is incredibly visually gifted and in that has a much higher perception of how to interact with the spiritual Unseen world than most.  When I view her etheric form she is quite healthy and happy, and I see that she interacts with colors aurally.  That is, she hears colors.  She interprets the color patterns she sees through her third eye into sound, and in that ability nothing is absent from her experience here.  Sarah doesn’t just hear colors, she interacts with them.  We have long known that different colors travel at distinct speeds of light, and that these speeds also correspond to tones, specifically certain notes in musical scales.  It is this connection that underlies most of what we call ‘energy work.’  Sarah is naturally tuned into this color/tone connection in a way that most sighted humans can never completely learn.  She also seems to be able to perceive what color something is by touching it, not because she sees the color in any figurative way or knows what we say its name is, but because every color has a unique Unseen vibration and she is quite attuned to that field of energy.  Most children are very connected with the Unseen and they express that in ways such as invisible playmates or through information that they ‘could not have known’, often to the chagrin of their parents.  As children become learned in the denser lessons of Earth, they forget.  We forget.  The process of forgetting can be very traumatic for some children, as the crux of it is their truths are no longer validated (or tolerated) by the formed world around them.  Sarah is a bit different in that she has a direct relationship to this “between” space, and she does not have the clutter and confusion of perceiving an object’s form as being different from its Unseen manifestation to distract her.  Nonetheless, as she ages and has to become more independent, the outside world is going to demand that she be more tactile, herself.  It is going to feel very threatening to her to think she has to let that go to be productive here.

Sarah always has the choice to regain her sight, though I do not see her choosing to. She is content to be in that between space of interpreting the world a different way.  I also see that she has great artistic and energy medicine contributions to make to the world from working in that space.  The Hurdles for Sarah right now are not actually her own.  Rather, they are more centered around her parents releasing guilt and sympathy regarding her not being sighted and her parents expanding their understanding of how their daughter really is perceiving the world, which is very nonconventional.  There is some emotional release needed for them, as well as some ethereal education.  Sarah very much wants to please her parents, and if they show shortsightedness in their beliefs of Sarah and her perceptions, so will Sarah.  It will be an interesting challenge for the adults around her to foster her growth in that way, and help her develop this ability–which seems to bring her great peace.  Sarah’s ability to have that connection with things seems to be a grounding force for her, helping her to continue to feel good about being here.  It helps her to feel connected to All That Is.  Allowing Sarah to develop this ability is akin to any one of us developing our intuition, or learning a specific technique, such as Reiki or Animal Communication. As you well know, she can learn to be very externally productive despite not seeing, but cultivating this ability goes much further than that.  This ability it a natural part of her being and is key to her ability to thrive here.  She is not going to learn to develop her gift in a conventional setting.  This teacher will have to be sought out, and will come when Sarah is ready.

Sarah has some powerful animal spirits working with her right now–a giraffe, a crane and a plecostomus (yes, a plecostomus).  The giraffe gives her a higher vantage point to “look” over life, and I suspect this animal has been with her for a very long time.  She has a particular affinity to him.  The crane is bringing her stability, especially in situations in which it seems she has none.  This animal also seems to have a soothing maternal air about her, which I suspect is connected to Sarah’s own mothering of herself already.  The plecostomus operates as a personal janitor, taking in Sarah’s less than favorable feelings and reactions to life, giving her a place to vent them out.  He is very fond of her, though they do not seem to have been together long.  She may really respond to having stuffed animals of these near her.

Sarah is very fortunate to have loving adults around her, such as yourself, Bob.  She can be a profound teacher in your life and the others around her.  You have an angel in your midst.  Help her fly.

Be well, Bob!

Tree [Spirit] Hugger

Question:  Hi, Kelley ~ I wanted to see if you could shed some light into the dark corners of my life . . . I was born 10/25/61, and have always prided myself on my drive and ambition and knowing what I wanted to do and how to get there. I’m now entering my 2nd year on the job I strived so to get (as a college professor), but am missing my work as a counselor and having a hard time getting excited about research and writing, things I once loved. I basically am feeling out-of-touch with my true self. Am I not listening to my Spirit Guides – I can’t seem to get in touch with who I am or where I need to be . . . do you have any wisdom to offer? Many thanks ~ Suzanne~

Thank you for your note, Suzanne. Well, you are a Nature girl, but not the kind of Nature most think of. When others look across the land and see grass, rocks, flowers and trees, you have the ability to see the fae, dryads, and communicate with woodland creatures. I feel that you are marginally aware of this, and that it’s not a relationship you have conscientiously cultivated. There is something about making those connections now and actively working with them that will facilitate finding your direction and heart’s desire.

Another aspect of the lively forest that I’m shown is that it misses you. In your absence, which seems to be somewhat intentional on your part, the creatures literally drew in with paints and markers the details of their world that your imagination was not there to bring to life. There are trees that have strongly rooted wood trunks, whose branches and leaves are painted on. Pink rabbits run by, who are truly furry pink, but their cottontails have been drawn on with white markers. A man who looks like “The Good King,” identifies himself as your spirit guide. Due to “lack of use” he has become a statue. He literally has become stone and stands in one area of the forest, watching over. It’s very interesting, really. The acts of the creatures here demonstrate a lot of support for you, and unconditional love, in that even if you are not actively pursuing your spiritual realms, they are actively assisting you. There are no strings, no potholes presented here. They sincerely offer you unconditional support and love, regardless of if you ever visit them again. In some form or other, they will always be there for you.

There has been a belief somewhere in All That You Are that feels you can’t have the support of those around you if you are truly on your path. In fact, in some cases, you really didn’t have support around you, in the career transition, and in the process of recalibrating after that. That feels like about the time that you checked out on your spiritual allies, as well, which is no coincidence. With the people around you not supporting you the way you needed it, there was no impetus to seek that support spiritually. That realization saddened you, and frankly, you had your hands full. In that transition you expended a lot of energy just to SHIFT. Without others helping you hold that space for yourself, you didn’t have the energy leftover to dig down deep and sit with the faeries.

Cut yourself some slack, and realize today is a new day. I feel that you have internalized a lot of the turmoil you felt in this transition, and never really talked candidly about it with anyone. This may be a point that you can through some meditation, prayer or ritual release the frustration, anger, excitement… of that time. The process of recapitulation is very powerful in this type of release—writing down (and I do mean writing and not typing, if possible) the account of that transition AND your feelings about it from start to finish, then burn it (the one and only copy) with the true intention of letting that era and your feelings about it go, bringing its healing and teaching completely into your present. Today starts now. If part of feeling supported is reconnecting with your spirit guides, then do so. Even bigger than that is remembering that no matter what anyone else says or does, you support yourself. When you have that kind of faith in yourself, you are living your Truth.

Be well, Suzanne.