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Spiritual Emergency, Awakening, and Tribe of the Modern Mystic

Posted by on 18 Apr 2013 in New Release | 2 comments

A component of shamanism that makes it different from other esoteric paths is servitude to a community. How one defines community can be as unique as the shamanist, herself. When I began my Masters work in 2010, learning what community I serve was a key focus. From my admissions essay through my thesis, I aligned my work with creating the Tribe of the Modern Mystic.  I don’t know how it dawned on me, as I’d spent 12 years creating and sustaining The Saferoom Project, a peer support nonprofit for adult survivors of child sexual assault. I’d also devoted 12 years to deepening my shamanic path, personally and in working with others. I fully expected my...

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Tragedy, Collective Soul Loss, and the Healing Story

Posted by on 5 Jan 2013 in Essay, Huffington Post | 0 comments

In shamanic work is the concept of soul loss, or when an aspect of the soul has become distanced (I describe it as “shelved”) and can’t re-engage with the earthly consciousness. Souls are infinite, made up of limitless soul parts that travel in and out of our awareness. This soul traveling is the natural progress of growth, widening our awareness, expanding our consciousness. In times of trauma, when a soul part leaves and can’t return to the earthly consciousness, that’s when problems arise: chronic illness, feelings of depression, lack of motivation, feelings of not being completely present. Such is the path of soul loss in an individual....

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Mindfulness and Animism: The Art of Soul Healing

Posted by on 14 Nov 2012 in Huffington Post, Repost | 2 comments

Originally published on the Huffington Post.  Follow me there for updates to my Huffington Modern Animism blog. When I began my shamanic practice almost 15 years ago, I found very different cultural perceptions of modern soul healing than those I run into now. I’ve written about contemporary approaches to shamanism, and how we have remade our perceptions of soul healing. Many people now know what a shaman is, what a shaman does. They know concepts that a mere decade ago were shrouded in mystery: soul retrieval, soul loss, soul wound. In the more recent years of my shamanic practice, I find a pervasive belief that soul healing should in and of itself be enough....

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New Book on Abuse and Soul Retrieval

Posted by on 17 Oct 2012 in New Release | 0 comments

    Found a reference to a new book coming out in December, on sexual assault, soul retrieval, and spiritual healing. A Healer of Souls by Dawn Paul, a modern shaman in the...

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Supernatural Experiences and Spiritual Emergency

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Hi Kelley my name is Lucy. When I was around 14 I went to church on a regular basis. One night after saying a prayer I got in bed and I started feeling a weird sort of electricity running up my legs, then suddenly I couldn’t move, scream, or think. A really disturbing voice next to my ear whispered bunch of random numbers. At church they’d said demons sometimes attack and told me to pray, “In God’s name I repel you.” Since I couldn’t scream or talk I said it in my mind until this thing finally let go of me. It was horrible. I was terrified at being paralyzed, though the voice scared me. I’m 24 now and I can’t get over that event, or all that...

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