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Summer Release for Gift of the Dreamtime!

I have exciting news–the second edition of Gift of the Dreamtime – Awakening to the Divinity of Trauma is slated to come out this Summer! So many people have contributed kind energy to it and spoken highly of it while getting the manuscript ready, it’s been wonderful!

“Give Gift of the Dreamtime to every wounded person you know. You’ll be healing them, healing yourself, and helping to heal the earth, herself.” –Barbara Ardinger, author of Secret Lives and Pagan Every Day.

“Absolutely recommend Gift of the Dreamtime to anyone, especially those working to overcome their own traumas.” — FacingNorth

“Her gift of sharing offers readers insight into how we can learn to understand those things that are beyond our control while gaining control of our own destiny.” — SageWoman

To give proper respect to the first edition and to those who helped it become, if you have read Gift of the Dreamtime, please “Like” it, tag it (tags on product pages push it higher in search engine results), and to write a review of it.

Closer to its release, join me in celebrating with many soul and energy healing specialists sharing information on trauma recovery and spiritual revival. Thanks for your support in this lovely transition into new life!

Of Gift of the Dreamtime:

In this fantastical memoir, Kelley Harrell chronicles a modern shamanic journey from pain to healing, and accepting a calling to work as a soul healer of others.

Groundbreaking at the time of its first publication in 2004, no other modern shamanic work shared an experience of soul healing told from within the shamanic narrative, bringing relatable and credible insight to contemporary soul healing.

Through that rare glimpse into her experiences traversing the spirit world, Harrell’s story becomes the reader’s adventure.

Not always easy to read, there are unflinching passages examining hurtful childhood memories, confrontations with overzealous spirit guides, and challenging personal obstacles she must overcome in order to heal.

The book combines Harrell’s personal journey with instructions for creating similar soul journeys to help the injured child in all of us look at the hurt, understand it in a spiritual context, and forgive both ourselves and others.

Auction for Insight and Literary Goddesses Everywhere!

As a long time reader and contributor to SageWoman, with your help I’d like to make a Rebound Donation to celebrate 25 years of trailblazing in the literary Goddess community, and to help them rise above the financial ramifications of Borders closing.  For this donation I am auctioning a 60 Minute Distance Soul Reading.

SageWoman Rebound DonationThrough my shamanic practice, Soul Intent Arts, I’ve done distance Soul Readings for clients for thirteen years.  This one-hour reading allows me to present your intention in a shamanic journey to your spirit guides and gain a general overview into present life dynamics. Once payment (PayPal only) is received I will contact you via email to learn your intention for the reading and to schedule it. A writeup of the reading will be emailed to you within 3-4 days after.

Get a better idea of what insight comes up in a Soul Reading by checking out my shamanic Q&A column, Intentional Insights. More info on the logistics of readings is available at How to Prepare for a Distance Soul Reading.

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If you’ve been curious about shamanism or Soul Readings, or if you’ve had one before and would like another, this is a great opportunity for a deeper experience of yourself and to support a wonderful publication.