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Weekly Rune – Wunjo

8_WunjoWunjo – joy – It’s been quite a while since Wunjo heralded the life force most available to us for the week, and it’s never presented itself as reversed before. When it visits us upended, when joy is tilted, crisis is at hand.  This is, of course, no newsflash, because we’ve been nursing this dymamic for a while.

The opposite of joy isn’t something we give much thought to. We’re either blissfully joyful, or we want to avoid all consideration of not being so. However, a lack of joy is something that has touched all of our lives, at some point.

Often we think of sadness as the absence of joy; however, Wunjo offers another perspective. As it is the last Rune of the first Ætt, it symbolizes initiation from one state of being to the next. As the first Ætt deals with how we as souls in form bring things into being, it is primarily concerned with how we bring ourselves into being. When we encounter Wunjo reversed, we encounter disappointment with how we are creating ourselves or some facet of our being.

Most of us have more coping skills for sadness than we do disappointment. In sadness, we can surrender to the emotional state of loss, perhaps even grief, and through the introspection it brings, we find catharsis beyond it.

Disappointment comprises sadness, though it also presents a deeper layer. Because we feel responsible for the failed outcome, we are more likely not to deal with our sadness. We didn’t do our best. We didn’t honor our intuition. We didn’t fulfill a deep need for ourselves. Because we feel responsible for disappointment, we are more likely to deny it, to ignore how let down we feel. 

Disappointment in a task, competition, or even our job is one thing. When we view it from the level of Wunjo, we’re talking about colossal distress over some aspect of ourselves or our lives not being in line with our soul’s needs, which when denied, becomes unchecked, longterm, seething rage.

Ever-optimistic, Wunjo reversed doesn’t just indicate this as the current state of things. It also presents the timeframe that is right to confront the source of that let down.  No, we won’t suddenly manifest the outcome we wanted, though in seeing the source of the rage for what it is, we open our imagination to create a way out of it, which puts us closer to knowing our soul’s needs, thus actually meeting them.

The thing is, we do get do-overs, and this week, the fates are allying to share this one. Whatever in your life hasn’t shaped as you’d like, dive deep and see the blueprint again, because this time you have help with a repeat, scrapping it for something completely new, or retracing where the plans can be improved.


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The Weekly Rune – Perthro

Weekly Rune - Perthro - Intentional Insights

Perthro – chance – Many scholars regard Perthro as “luck,” though I find that our modern definition of the word doesn’t do it justice.  Usually, we think of luck as a random force that may work to our advantage, or suck the wind from our sails. An older understanding of luck falls more along the lines of a system, a force that ebbs and flows. As animistic creatures, we have the ability to be in touch with that system and to know how to read it to determine our success or failure. We can’t control The Force, so to speak, or outcomes, though we can control how in sync we are with The Force.

Reversed, as Perthro is this week, it takes on an even more personal tone. All you have right now is the moment. That’s all we ever have, really, though when Perthro is on the horizon, to live otherwise is to scatter ourselves to the wind. No looking forward to what we can’t know, no looking back at what is no longer. Be. here. now.

Note that the image at left presents the Rune brightstave.

Futhark_RSSx150This week, expect the unexpected.  The second verse is not the same as the first, and we don’t necessarily know how this tune will end.  With Perthro, we realize that we have as much control as we do not. What is before us now is the change that is always the same. The riddle we constantly mine for meaning and outcome is the truth we are never sure we know.

With this Rune comes the whisper that what determines luck isn’t the outcome of our efforts, but how we react to the outcome. When we own failure as compassionately as we hold success, perhaps that is how we create luck for later endeavors.

Go into this week focused, prepared for change, and armed with deep compassion for every present moment.

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The Weekly Rune – Kenaz

Kenaz - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley HarrellKenaz – Torch – This Rune brings so many things to light in our lives. Reversed, as it is this week, we are asked to be comfortable with darkness, or at least flickers of it. Note that Kenaz is brightstave in the image.

A couple of core meanings are associated with this Rune.  It most often regarded as a spark of hope, or enlightenment, out of the blue. Where Hagalaz is unexpected external change, Kenaz is the internal inspiring flame. Thus, a direction toward change is made evident from the shadows.

Another layer to this Rune references a ‘boil,’ or more specifically a blemish, that which is inflamed and restrained.  Suffering secret pain, a buried hurt is a motivating fire, all its own.

Reversed, the light of Kenaz points even more inward. It encourages us to consider where a facet of life is dead, and we need to let it go. It may be a relationship, an attitude, a project, an aspect of ourselves.  More than identifying such, this stave brings the message to follow through on that intel. In order to bring greater light, we must let go of what is no longer needed.

Futhark_RSSx150So often we register discomfort in our lives, and we don’t know where it’s coming from. Kenaz reversed shows us, vividly. It circumvents the mystery and lays bare to the light what’s going on. Our job is to have the fortitude to collect the ash left from the flame, and dispose of it appropriately.

Don’t turn away from what Kenaz shows you this week. See it for what it is, and do what is required of you to let it go.

Bless it.
Thank it.
Love it, and let it move on to its destiny.

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The Weekly Rune – Laguz

Weekly Rune - Laguz, by S. Kelley Harrell, Intentional InsightsLaguz – Water – I often encounter Laguz reversed, during Mercury retrograde, as it is now. The double affirmation not to over reach is always a good one, though at this time, it’s law.  Note that the image at left shows Laguz brightstave.

Laguz is a comfy Rune. Watery, feminine, and intuitive, it speaks to our primal imperative to always point home.  There is a saying, ‘water always finds its level,’ meaning, no matter what storm moves through, how violently water is stirred, or where land dries to drought, water finds its still nature. It will always find its way back to its source.

Anytime this symbol of flow shows up, we can at least take heart that the elements rally around us, just as they need to However, when reversed, the emphasis becomes, finding where we are rallying against them. Are we forcing outcomes? Are we misleading ourselves in some way?

Laguz reversed prompts us to examine what is out of sync in our lives, and should prompt thoughts on how to get in the groove. It puts us in direct contact with deep, unconscious drives. This inner connection can feel discombobulating when we’re off track, and especially so if we’re not even sure what our track is, or should be

The message here is that the tide isn’t suitable. Whatever you want, put it down and step aside. However you stacked the dominoes, they’re not going to patter out into the pretty pattern.  The wall you keep crashing into, the tension, it’s real. Honor it, and find a way to trust the tide to carry you through it, or get out of the water. Don’t let the current dynamic drift you further from your heart’s desire.

We often forget that we don’t have to go through with things. We don’t have to hurtle headlong toward assured disaster. We are meant to be informed counsel on our own spiritual dream teams. We are intended to stop ourselves from self-destructing.

Futhark_RSSx150Take some time this week to realize your strengths. One of the greatest ones is realizing all of your options, and making creative choices. The elements support you doing so.  Align with them.

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The Weekly Rune – Mannaz

Mannaz - Weekly Rune on Intentional Insights, by S. Kelley HarrellMannaz – human– Again we have another reversed Rune presenting us with an opportunity to go deeper within. As Mannaz reminds us of the strength in human connection, the power of acting with All That Is, so it’s merkstave position calls us to be aware of when we are not connected, when we don’t feel part of the greater flow. Note that Mannaz is pictured upright, or bright-stave.

Last week, Eihwaz encouraged us to change, and Mannaz may be asking us to sit with the effects of that change.  It calls us to put down rational thinking and go with gut feeling, which for some may be frightening to do.

Likewise, as this Rune is about connecting with other people, its reversed position gives caution to the way in which we socialize this holiday season. Calling to mind community concerns, it may be helpful to tend the web, itself. It may not necessarily be about any personal need, but to be aware of our interconnectedness, and perhaps give a little extra to the care of our bonds.

Also, Mannaz  illuminates the human in balance with itself. Take time this week to address Mind/Body/Soul/Emotional needs. Just as you draw on support around you, truly, deeply support yourself. This act of self love is your calling, your gift, and your greatest secret potential.

As you come to terms with your own challenges in connecting, know that you’re not alone. Even through our isolation, we are joined. Everyone you know is going through something that leaves them feeling separate.

Mannaz isn’t without bright notes, regardless of position. Just as merkstave, it indicates feeling outside the web of All Things, so it portends our rejoining.

Weekly Rune – Othala

Othala - Intentional Insight's Weekly RuneOthala – property – I don’t generally draw reversed Runes, so working with them has seldom been a concern for The Weekly Rune. However, this week’s Othala did, indeed, present reversed, and I feel it’s worth exploring the Rune as such. Note that the image presents Othala upright, or bright-stave.

Othala reminds us of what is most important. Where Fehu brings awareness to wealth that must be tended–assets, and investments–Othala focuses on that which we own that in many ways tends us–our property, that which we inherit, then pass on. Spiritually speaking, it calls our attention to the wisdom of our ancestors, and calls us to own ourselves as part of that wise legacy. In other words, Othala makes us deal with our crap.

When I see it reversed, what comes to mind are the places that we have become out of sync with how our legacy must move forward. What does it mean for that wisdom not to be dispersed? What if we’re not getting needed memos from our ancestors? How, then, do we know what should be pass on? Without that awareness, how can we step into our role as elders of our lines?

In my Thursday Betwixt series I will discuss this more in-depth over the coming weeks, though offer condensed insight here. In the west, we generally don’t focus our lives on spiritual healing, by which I specifically mean alleviating that which obscures our joy, our connection to All Things, the way that indigenous cultures do.

The result of this omission is that we take our traumas and hurts into our deathwalk, which means that when our consciousness releases from the body, that distress remains. It has to go somewhere, which is to the successors of that line. Because we don’t focus on peaceful life, thus transition, instead of gaining the wisdom of our elders, we take on their pain.

Othala indicates that we are carrying a weight greater than a single life can bear. It’s telling us that before we can seat into the role of elder in our lines, we must bless those who came before us. We must relieve them.

Go into this week with the awareness that your ancestors need and deserve delivery from their pain, and that by giving it, you gift yourself their fortitude, their timelessness, and the wisdom of ages.