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New Age Ethics and Taming the Reiki Frontier

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The ethics of energy and spiritual work is a topic I bring up often, not because I want to push a specific viewpoint, but because we don’t discuss it enough.  A component of the imperialistic western mindset, particularly of Americans, is that if something is available, we have the right to use, repurpose, repackage, and redeliver to consumers whatever we so desire. This truth also pertains to the acquisition of esoteric insight in the New Age.  In classes that I teach, I speak very openly about the many routes on my shamanic path, one of which is Usui Reiki. I’ve discussed in prior blogs my concerns around the New Age handling of Reiki, though I’ve...

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Reiki – Simple Healing, Powerful Ally

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Hi Kelley. Some of my Reiki friends get upset because I use Shamanic techniques during my Reiki practice. These same friends, however, will use “psychic surgery” techniques including the psychic extension of their fingers to reach into a client’s etheric/physical body to dislodge or remove energy blocks. My question is: isn’t this “psychic extension of digits” essentially the same as shape-shifting? If so, that is a shamanic practice. If not, I can see little difference between the two, other than degree of transformation of the energetic/physical body. Thanks, R. Just for today - I will not worry. I will not be angry. I will do my...

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Soul Intent Arts – Ten Years, Ten Observations of an Animistic Soul – #1

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In 2000, I created my neoshamanic practice, Soul Intent Arts. I’d worked with others for two years, and had crafted a personal animistic path with strong shamanic influences for ten years prior. Making the transition from spiritual seeker to committed shamanic practitioner was a huge step. Twenty-two years of experience seeing life through a shamanic lens and working with others has given me insights that feel right to pass along at this auspicious time. To celebrate Soul Intent Arts’ presence in this plane and this exceptional dance we’re doing toward this Winter Solstice, I’m closing this momentous year by listing my ten most poignant observations of...

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To Heal or Not to Heal: Shamans in the New Era

Posted by on 26 Mar 2010 in Essay | 4 comments

“Rivers know this; there is no hurry, we shall get there some day.” – Winnie the Pooh “Too many times we confuse motion with progress.” – Albert EinsteinA growing pain in the maturation of neoshamanism is the instinct to heal everything, that where there is energy imbalance it must balanced. Imbalance can occur in a person, a place, an animal, or an era. The inclination to heal at all cost can be viewed as a proactive model of health and wellbeing, no doubt the mindset many modern shamans bring to soul work. To indigenous healers, the ‘must heal’ mindset is very modern, and it embodies fear, isolation, even aggression. Because...

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Mother, Social Worker, Inspiration

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Kelley, I am a single mother of five teenagers, the youngest of whom has Down syndrome. I went to school to get a master’s degree in social work, but haven’t found a job, partly because I don’t want to travel far from the kids; and because the youngest can’t be left alone. I also care for my mother and quadriplegic brother. I don’t feel like doing anything. I’m worried about finding a job because child support will soon taper off. If I take a part time job, I risk losing the Medicaid. I’m worried about Social Security, because I’ve hardly worked outside the home, and have school loans to pay off. I’ve always been...

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