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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Paranormal Day is Here

This week I was invited to guest blog at Author Exposure, in honor of Paranormal Day.

Extraordinary Everyday
~Kelley Harrell

For intuitives and sensitives, Paranormal Day is everyday. The thing is, we don’t often get to talk about this way of being, so the fact that real people are out there having extraordinary experiences round the clock is unmeted. Maybe fear is part of that omission. Understanding that some people are visited by spirits, that some really do converse with animals, perform miraculous healing, or inherently have access to other dimensions can be challenging. Maybe it’s cultural skepticism, the fail-safe imperative to back away from what isn’t readily understood, or to grab it up in hopes of unraveling its science. Maybe such sentience is far more common than we think, but the sheer mind-blowing truth of what is too big to process, too challenging to revere, languishes as coincidence, chance.

I’m a lifelong intuitive who really does see dead people, hears the voices of Nature, and connects with the etheric field of All Things. Writing about personal experiences of the wyrd helps others find meaning in theirs, and in that I can indeed attest that the ecstatic, the mystifying, and the creepy thrive. Beholding such isn’t miles beyond comprehension. In fact, it’s a stone’s throw away. The only difference between those who perceive the subtle world and those who don’t is willingness. To have the will to perceive what lies outside accepted awareness requires confidence. Cultivating the confidence to become more aware is comprised of learning that all sentient data is information, and instilling the habit not to judge that information. The latter of these two is what trips most people. Should you glance up and see that the sky is magnificently teal with purple polka dots, instead of instantly telling yourself that you must be crazy or ill, accept for that second, for a thin slice of being, the formed world presented a sky that was teal with purple polka dots. Perhaps the very next second, the sky is cerulean blue dotted with wispy clouds. This subsequent observation doesn’t negate the initial one, or vice versa. Both stand as valid, equal data. They are, perhaps, different kinds of input sourcing from divergent levels, but both are valid and equal. While this seems like a silly, frivolous example, the ability to see beyond the veil is cultivated in the banal. Frequently, moments of interconnected realities are expected to be grand AHA! affairs, and there are certainly those. Most common, instead of recognizing the etheric in mundane observation, we deem unusual perceptions irrelevant when they don’t fit an expected context. The unseen is everywhere, coursing through the things we see and encounter everyday. The connection to All Things is intact, even if we are not aware of it. The task is raising that awareness.

So the next time you see something that isn’t really there, or you know something you can’t possibly… understand that it’s all real. Allay the question of its existence and of your own perception. You cannot perceive what is not real. Your mind won’t allow it. Relax into knowing that you are part of All Things, and that connection offers you certain insight. Within that insight is no fear. As your fear of the unknown dissipates, so does the veil.

All in a Day’s Work

Real Wyrd - A Modern Shaman's Roots in the Middle World by S. Kelley Harrell

Read more spooky stories in “Real Wyrd – A Modern Shaman’s Roots in the Middle World,” my collection of true paranormal experiences as a lifelong intuitive.

Every year for Samhain I publish accounts of my more charged, and in some cases creepy, spiritual pursuits. The Dead Time is a treasured journey to Solstice, and as it is a time of untime, the shadowed season presents a great opportunity to tell the stories that many who do shamanic work won’t tell–the occasions when things don’t go well or the unseen presents itself unexpectedly. You may recognize some of these accounts from my previous stories, while others are more recent. Enjoy the solitude of the darkness, and know the light will soon warm!

For several years I’ve worked as a technical documentation specialist for a state agency housed in a renovated old hospital in Raleigh. The hospital itself was functional in the mid 1930s through the late 1970s, becoming the agency I’ve worked with in the early 1980s. When I first came to work at the complex 13 years ago I did not know that it had been a hospital, though the greeting of trauma energy as soon as I entered the building was a profound clue. My tension was confirmed within my first hour there when I was told that it had been the largest hospital in the area at its inception, and shortly after I received my orientation hazing with the ‘ghost stories’ of the spirit nurse in Elevator 1 who likes to play with the buttons and skip floors, the murmuring crowd that can be heard when alone in the building, doors opening and closing on their own—the usual paranormal fare. Of course accompanying those stories were ones of the collectively marked infant graves in the courtyard, various rumors about blood in the morgue (though I never saw that), and just general mumblings of uneasiness in certain areas of the complex from a grounds keeper.

Intent on my writing gig, I left the woowoo at home. I showed up everyday, did my work and called it a day. I never had any intention of mixing business with… well, business. Of course it wasn’t long before I started having odd experiences. Starting out innocuously enough, I heard my name yelled out in an empty room (I had a huge office to myself for about a year), heard the door to my office open and shut followed by the footsteps of someone walking up behind me, though no one would be there when I turned around, and had an ever persistent feeling that someone was standing behind me while I was working. Events reached a crescendo when I felt an unseen hand linger on my shoulder one afternoon. I’ve set the intention fairly clearly that I will allow spontaneous spirit communication because that is part of my job as a deathwalker. However, I’m not receptive to being randomly touched by any stranger, living or spirit. I completed what I needed to do for the day then went to my car. I sat in the parking lot for 30 minutes holding space for the dead to move through. They came in droves. I’d never experienced a mass psychopomp event before. They never stopped coming. The only reason that I ended the session was because I was tired and it was dark outside. I felt bad for truncating the session, but I had to respect my own boundaries. Nobody loves a tired deathwalker.

I sat with the memory of that session for a long time, and as a result became more tolerant of the spirit interactions of my day job. I no longer separated my jobs. Part of my arrival routine became to greet the dead much as I do the living when we pass in the hall—which, by the way—on several occasions I’ve passed random people in the hall, brushed right up against them, only to glance immediately back to find no one in the corridor but myself. It has truly become the norm. When I softened to the regularity of spirit visitors they began to interact with me more, particularly after my office was relocated to the 4th floor.

Raleigh SkylineI don’t know what the 4th floor was used for in the hospital, but as soon as I moved up there I began to see a few spirit regulars. One in particular was a young African American woman in her early 20s standing to the far left of the sinks. She was dressed in a very simple peach colored shift with a tiny hat the same color. She wore white gloves and clutched a white pocketbook tightly in both hands in front of her. Her gaze was toward the floor, and she didn’t seem happy. She was not interested in talking with me but she did let me know that she was not a patient at the hospital. She had been a guest visiting someone who had died there. The understanding that her loved one was no longer in the building did not occur to her, but she was afraid to be released. I did not coerce her and went on my way. I saw her several times, always in that same spot, and we would greet each other amicably.

One afternoon I was sitting at my desk when I felt her come into the office. Her mood had brightened considerably and she wanted to be released. She passed easily on to Spirit when another soul came. I held the space for that one to move through, when more continued to come. I sat for maybe 15 minutes as spirits moved through. However, even with all the movement I observed something unusual. There were hundreds of them observing the parade of souls, some even venturing to come up very close to my face, as if I was an oddity to them. In that session I felt that these were not all souls of those who had affiliation with the hospital. In fact, some of the souls I was sensing had never been human at all. Some had never even been in form, but were discarnate wafting entities. When I closed my eyes and visualized the complex from above it appeared as a vast vortex extending deep into the ground with thousands of souls meandering in it. It felt like a stagnant thinner area in the veil, when it should have been a free-flowing Grand Central Station of souls, easily sliding Here and There. Despite the number of souls I sensed in the space, those seeking to pass through had dwindled. Many were lingering just to watch.

Having spirits converge at a focal point then not facilitating some kind of release for them isn’t the smartest idea, but it’s also futile to try to force one to move on when it doesn’t want to, let alone to try to force hundreds. Yet I felt that this stagnancy was happening for a reason and I needed to honor it even if I did not understand it. I had my guides call on the guardians of the land there, to create the safest most supportive atmosphere possible for all souls inhabiting the space—living or discarnate. I figured if I couldn’t move them through the default was to make the veil there comfortable for us all. I checked on the situation fairly regularly, though, holding brief sessions to release those who were ready.

That was more than three years ago, now, and I continue to work with the space. No matter how many sessions I hold, souls never stop coming to pass through my openings for them. I have come to regard the complex as a haven for souls who indeed have endured some sort of trauma, even if that trauma merely was not passing peacefully into What Comes After. I’ve also concluded that there is something about the land itself that attracts all of these souls. What was built on it in modern times as place to care for others was merely focusing the land’s innate power to do just that. Perhaps with time and attention the land will give up more of its mysteries.

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The Renegade’s Guide to snoring

Kelley–I don’t know if this is particularly shamanic, but I’m an avid dreamer, though rarely can I figure out what my dreams mean. Can you recommend a good guide to dream analysis? Thanks! Compass-less.

Thanks for your note, C. One of my first observations that I was on a different path was in the depths of my dream world. I’ve always been a vivid and lucid dreamer. Recommend a good guide? Sort of. There are two excellent resources for interpreting dreams. The first lies in cultivating the bridge between your conscious and unconscious minds. Dreams can be many things–a mirror of yourself, messages from your unconscious, messages from your body, travels out to/memories of other planes/experiences of yourself, messages from other beings, or visits from other beings. Sometimes a dream is a combination of these. My general approach to decoding my dreams and those of my clients falls mostly in that order. First I determine if the dream was coming from me or another consciousness (Yes, I know, ultimately we’re all one consciousness, but in order to comprehend metaphors and symbols they must be filtered through a coherent legend, which resides in your unique unconscious/conscious mind connection.). Most people who dream prolifically seem to have their own measure for determining the origin of the dream. Myself, I just know. Dreams that don’t come from me feel foreign, to put it simply. The quickest test I can suggest for this determination is to ask your High Self to step into your conscious mind and pose the question, “Did this dream originate from me or from a separate consciousness?” Go with the immediate answer you get, whatever fashion that answer comes in. Depending on that response I go in different directions. If it was my unconscious communicating with me, I consider how the personalities and symbols in the dream are a mirror of myself. By that I mean, I assume that everything in the dream was really me, even if the figures in the dream are other people that I know. From there I break down the archetypes by gender, age, emotional state, physical condition, etc. Even the setting I examine archetypally to decode any message it may need to convey. Probably 80% of my dreams are facets of myself expressing needs or hurts that need to be addressed, or beliefs, habits, relationships, or thought patterns that are no longer functional in my life. By considering that everything in the dream is mirroring some aspect of myself I intercept messages from my unconscious mind or body (which has its own symbolic communication system), not only do I cognate the message, but I “write in” what that symbolism meant so that if it comes up again I have direction right off the bat. Retaining this personal meaning is where keeping a journal is invaluable. Most of the time once I unravel the meaning of a symbol, I don’t dream about it again; thus, recurrent dreams are resolved. Remember, as with all truths, what was meaningful in a certain way one time may be meaningful in a different way subsequently. Even though the symbolism may have been sound at one point in your life, allow yourself the freedom for it to mean new things later. As you grow your consciousness expands. So does how you carry and interpret archetypes.

Frequently I wander off in a dreamstate, which arguably isn’t a dream at all, but perhaps the classic “vision.” Nonetheless, it’s a particular kind of spirit journey that only occurs when I’m sleeping, so I still consider top snoring aids at emsafety.net. In these visions, I experience going out of my body, or perhaps I experience a different manifestation of myself. This could be some simultaneous life, some experience of myself from a past, or perhaps an entirely different plane of existence that I know isn’t Earth. Sometimes I visit someone in this type of dream, or I see things from an animal’s perspective. Again, distinguishing this type of dream for me is typically easy, as I am consciously aware that I’m dreaming. Some consider these journeys “lucid dreams,” in which the dreamer is observing the dream from a detached perspective while also participating in the dream, and directing its progression, to some degree. If you’re not sure if you are wandering out, the same “High Self” test as above is appropriate to do to determine if you are astrally traveling in your sleep.

Another type of dream that I think falls under the category of “vision” involves messages and visits from other consciousnesses. Once you determine that a dream did not originate from your own consciousness the task becomes one of clarifying the message. Perhaps that requires a little research and a bit more skill, very much of the shamanic sort. I find that dictionaries for dreams are one dimensional, at best. Without question I support the collective influence that archetypes and symbols have, and encourage becoming familiar with those across various cultures. However, I feel that stopping there is missing a vital reason for why the symbol visited us. In addition to collective relationships to symbols we experience personal relationships to them, and those meanings are only culled out when we consider the symbol is its own consciousness that has intelligent insight to deliver specifically to us, as individuals. While brown bear may mean protection and confidence as an archetype, to me, specifically it may also carry a message of hope and the ability to sustain through hard times. The way to create those personal bonds with symbols is through meditation and shamanic soul travel.

The second key to understanding your dreams lies in connecting with the feeling they evoke. Feelings are precisely the compass that connect the dream to your waking life. When you can clarify the way a dream left you feeling and see how that feeling manifests in current circumstances you have decoded the symbols of that dream. In that brilliant inner light you can’t get lost.

Be well, C!

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Coming Out Starseed

Many of us are familiar with the phrase “Starseed,” meaning those creatures from other star systems who settled into the Earth realm with many of their etheric layers functioning at high levels not common to this plane. The original writings on such beings were linear, targeting specific timeframes for birth, particular skills and demeanors. Among my clients I have worked with many Starseeds and most certainly identify as one, myself. Through the years that I’ve grown as such and interacted with others, I’ve gained gratitude for that pioneering information, as well as realized just how limited and confining it was. The bounds of people who identify as not being from here are limitless. My hope for this edition of Intentional Insights is that it expands that concept a bit, open channels for other Starseeds to reach out, and reminds us all of our infinite greatness.

It’s not easy being the fringe of the fringe, and I say that from the depths of my freaky, non-conformist heart. I can’t tell you exactly when, I can’t tell you precisely where, but I can without hesitation tell you that as soon as I became aware of myself in this plane I knew I wasn’t from here. Where else could I be from? That’s not information readily available to a little girl growing up in 1970s rural North Carolina, or many other places at that time. We didn’t have the plethora of information on Starseeds, Indigo Children, Crystal Children, that we do now. That lack of tribe shaped my spiritual growth to this day, though I readily recognize that I would not be the mindful person that I am now without my life being exactly as it has been, and I’m at peace with that.

It seems mine is a quite common experience, with many variations. How do know Starseeds know they aren’t from here? Mostly, because Grandmother Earth never felt like home. Some people very much feel they are originally from this plane and move very well within its layers. Grandmother Earth is a complex creature, home to refugees from all corners of the Void, and a sister in a much bigger family system than we have dared explore. Starseeds have memories of some other place, some other family–some of which are the birth family, some of which they’ve never encountered here. Starseeds tend to be extremely intuitive and aware of that fact. Generally we are very impatient because we recall being able to manifest what we wanted with little or no effort either before we were in form, when we were in a different form, or when we were on Earth before. Yep, that’s what I said. I personally don’t buy into past lives, not because I don’t believe we don’t have many manifestations of ourselves, but because I don’t experience that those manifestations are limited by the concept of time (I wasn’t joking about being fringe of the fringe.). My soul growth and what I’ve seen in some others who identified other star systems as home includes a strata of this plane when it was new, when it was actively being created. We might call it the time of the Gods and Goddesses of our mythology, but even that feels limiting to me. No, I can’t say that I buy into the whole Atlantean/Lemurian thing, but I do without question know there have been many elevated manifestations of humanity that our science cannot or will not affirm. We didn’t just come in a singular era. Some of us return time and again, some of us just got here. In any form, Starseeds are manifestors, though generally frustrated unless or until we master the magick of the formed realm, of which therein lies the rub. We don’t tend to get along well with the formed realm. It’s heavy, it’s dense, restrictive. The result is that a lot of us have keen body issues, if not flat out self-destructive tendencies when it comes to the form. Most Starseeds have extremely active upper chakras and are aware of their transpersonal space (sometimes to the degree of what our society considers mental illness), but are equally lacking in their lower chakras. This energetic imbalance manifests in dissociation, being spacey, depression, and many other ways. Likewise, many Starseeds are highly empathic, can read life force, talk with spirits, but can’t give you directions to the drugstore around the corner. The formed realm can be very challenging for us to traverse, such that the rules don’t make sense. We arrive at our conclusions using a different logic, not better, not worse (though often amusing) that isn’t always easily communicated with language. That density challenge often leaves a lot of Starseeds wanting out of this plane. They perpetually feel this need to go home. Key to their success here lies not in skipping this strata, but in mastering it. We can’t get Out There without going through the center of Here. Remembering that we came here of choice is the first point of Earth grounding for many Starseeds. Experiencing the lush lifescape this plane has to offer was chosen for a reason. Honing the life purpose can be a great reminder of that plan. The Starseeds who function the highest here aren’t the ones whose crown chakras are open and their third eyes are beaming into higher planes. The ones who do really well are very grounded into Earth energy. They are comfortable in this foreign home. Their chakra systems and etheric forms are fluid throughout. They are very anchored into the magick that this realm teaches so that they can allow the stellar life force within them to connect with the cosmic life force in the planet, herself. After all, Source is our common ancestor.

From the first realization that I was having a different spiritual experience on Earth, I felt isolated by people and more at home with spirits. I really began to feel the disjoint in my existence here when I committed to a shamanic path. I gave my best to honoring the teachings of Earth shamanism, as it is so neatly packaged and readily offered in our modern cultural interpretation of shamanism. I talk with animals, plants, crystals, dead people, faeries, weather, structures inhabited by spirits, inanimate objects, the spiritual manifestations of physical and mental conditions, soul parts of the living… I’ve not done it all by any means, but I’ve given the all that I know a thorough exploration, and endeavor to do so still. I love it; I feel it. But there was something capping that experience for me. Something was missing, and all I needed to find what would complete that lack was to look up. Contemporary distillations of shamanism omit what the ancients and indigenous have always known–we are all stars, and as we Starseeds have reconnected with that wisdom, intergalactic life force must be honored in our spiritual paths. I wholly marvel that there are others far better gifted than myself in the magick of this realm. They are powerful healers, teachers, shapeshifters, empaths and liaisons to a beautifully primal spiritual tradition. I celebrate our earth shaman and animists as wildly as I rejoice my own heavenly homecoming. When I honored that facet of myself, when I allowed myself conceive that my spiritual community was largely not of this place, my shamanic path gave way to a ferociously vast terrain of All. I found my path of celestial shamanism. I looked upon it and it was good.

Hi, my name is Kelley, and I’m a Starseed.

Intentional Insights is a Q&A column inviting you to look inside yourself. If you have a question that you would like for me to address in my column regarding a brief Soul Reading or questions about spiritual healing and shamanism, please send them to me at Kelley at soulintentarts dot com, or contact me to schedule a full-length Soul Reading. Intentional Insights is a production of Soul Intent Arts. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter!

Energy Imbalances and Wellbeing

Recently, I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries based on the same topics. I take this as further validation of collective transition, and over the next few months will be responding to many of these questions collectively. Please continue to submit questions about private matters, and I will be glad to feature, those, as well. To that end, I’ve had several inquiries of late that deal with physical and psychological conditions.  Finding that each of them shares the common concern on how beliefs affect our health, I am choosing to address them in a single overview of how health conditions are viewed and approached in a shamanic context.  This response is not a template for approaching every energetic imbalance.  As there are often similarities in conditions, there are always unique differences.

There are some common beliefs around perceived poor health, the first being that the condition is “bad.”  Within the consciousness of that life form and in the spiritual consciousness, itself, there is no concept of good or bad.  The condition just is.  Demonizing states of being is like saying “trees are bad,” or “the sky is good.”  It is an attempt to create disjoint from something that is otherwise neutral.  When we call something bad our body and mind has a reaction to that statement.  Think about the terminology used to describe conditions and consider what feelings are evoked by words such as, “illness” or “sick.”  Do you feel supported when you say them?  Does saying them make you feel better?  Generally such wording only reinforces the compromised state of health, because that terminology leaves us feeling emotionally less.  When our emotions engage that determines how something influences us.  If it makes us feel happy, we feel well.  What makes us feel sad, angry, depressed, leaves us feeling sore, tired, and weak.  In that light, specifically how we feel dictates our reality, feelings being the reaction to how we think.  Casting life force into a good or bad polarity does not help the healing process.  If anything, doing so hinders it.  To that end, regarding such a condition as energy that is no longer functioning at its highest capacity in that location is more useful.  In short, it’s energy in the wrong place.  Allowing it to move to a place where it can be functional or released back to All That Is, is the focus.

Another belief that we tend to hold toward our perception of health is that the illness knows that it is harmful and is willfully creating harm.  There can be unique factors around this, but in most cases that I’ve worked with the condition did not realize that it was causing harm.  In fact, it did not even realize that it was in a non-useful place.  This isolated view of self also is frequently witnessed in depossession and in psychopomp work, and is resolved by having an open discourse with the life force on the current state of things, the effect it’s having, and one hopes, by then facilitating its movement to a more useful place.

How to Heal Toxic Thoughts by Sandra IngermanIt’s not easy to change our vocabulary or our beliefs for expressing how we feel about physical or psychological conditions.  In some cases, elaborating on how poorly we feel is socially more accepted than celebrating how great we feel.  The phrase ‘misery loves company,’ doesn’t stir strong emotions for no reason. Creating discord is a lot easier than engendering harmony, and that is no more true than in matters of wellbeing. Regardless, allow yourself a head start in changing your unconscious perspective on health.  During my recent pregnancy and postpartum I found Sandra Ingerman’s How to Heal Toxic Thoughts: Simple Tools for Personal Transformation very useful in creating a way to speak how I felt in my mind and body that alleviate them, and I highly recommend it for that purpose.  Putting new thought patterns and methods in place for how to create health will be more easily done in a state of calm.  That is not to say that it is too late to address these when feeling compromised.  We are always ready to begin, and we’re always ready to feel well.

Intentional Insights is a Q&A column inviting you to look inside yourself. If you have a question that you would like for me to address in my column regarding a brief Soul Reading or questions about spiritual healing and shamanism, please send them to me at Kelley at soulintentarts dot com, or contact me to schedule a full-length Soul Reading.

PTSD, Etheric Trauma, and Karma

Namasté Kelley.

I have had a series of traumas, including being molested and raped in the past, and an extremely violent first marriage when I was sixteen. I was later held hostage and lingered near death and was raped. I experienced a shamanic death then and have been clean and sober for almost a year. I am now forty-six, have a wonderful therapist, good friends in AA, and my fiancé does his best to support me. I struggle with physical PTSD symptoms, depression and just trying to find my path through this while keeping an open heart and not feeling vengeful, not living as a victim. Do you have any insights that can help me find my balance? Leanna S.

Hi Leanna.

The initial thing I am told about your present life is that you have released a lot of karmic “congestion” in this manifestation of yourself, some of which wasn’t just yours. I see an etheric representation of you experiencing a vortex in your solar plexus that was the result of a dire wound. I do not know the source of the wound exactly, but it feels to have been inflicted suddenly, without warning in an experience of yourself that was not in a body but was completely etheric and at a higher expression of yourself than your earth consciousness. That wound became a sort of doorway for very traumatic things to pass through, any traumatic experiences and wounds belonging to whomever needed release, as well as collective trauma. I don’t feel that you have carried these random events around with you in this life but the imprint of them, the extremely wrenching vibration of them has been what you have carried. It’s a Like Attracts Like situation and not necessarily something you have been aware of until the events of this life—which were also working on the Like attraction principle. The shamanic awakening was the point at which you realized you did not need to stay in that vibration anymore and shifted your energy. That has allowed many painful dynamics in your life to stop effortlessly, though other dynamics did require some psychological expansion so that you could take the wisdom from them and incorporate it into your earth consciousness. What you are left with at this point is the emotional re-experiencing of these lost traumas that were not all yours, which directly correlates to the PTSD.

In part, knowing that they were not all your tragedies will create some automatic release of the emotions. The other part is realizing that while extremely difficult it was a needful act for yourself and others. That energy needed to be transmuted and you did it. You do not need to do it that way any longer, however. For you to try to would be unhealthy. The chemical use in your past is related to having still held this frequency of energy and attempting to transmute it through your solar plexus. Attempting to do this took you out of your body a great deal and the chemicals helped you smooth the transition back in. You don’t need chemicals to facilitate that shift anymore. You are in a body now. You function at an entirely different level; thus, you have a completely new range of skills at your disposal to move energy. You do, however, still carry the ability to help others heal great traumas, as you probably already know. I see a theta healing approach or some similar healing that is done on the higher aspects of beings, more so than at the earthly conscious level, is a strong skill for you. I think it would be helpful for you, as well, in soothing your physical concerns. There are great teachers of theta healing should you feel led in that direction as a practitioner.

You’ve come a long way, Leanna. Enjoy a greater peace on this next part of your journey.

Podcast 3 ~ Intentional Insights: Q&A From Within, PTSD, Etheric Trauma, and Karma

Divinity in the Medicine Cabinet

Kelley, I am a 46 year old working mom who is frustrated with the direction my life has taken. I am truly thankful for many things but financial struggles and ‘just bringing home a paycheck’ have left me depressed and with substantial weight gain. I need inspiration to relieve the drudgery I am drowning in on a daily basis. I want to have my colorful, creative, life back. How I can find my kalidescope again? Carrie

Thanks for your note, Carrie. Your guides are showing me something very specific that is contributing to the malaise you feel. I’m going to use a word in conjunction with spiritual healing that may be surprising: chemicals. We often forget that independent of the mind, soul or emotions, the body has its own relationship to Spirit, that every cell has a unique relationship to and craving for the Divine. In addition, you should take a look with a fantastic read about KratomNews in order for us to feel that connection with All That Is in the highest way possible the body needs to function well enough that we are aware and actively participating in that connection through all that we do. The body is, after all, the temple.

It’s also an antenna, of sorts, the sensual vehicle through which we perceive Spirit, our own soul, and that of those around us. It is the most overlooked tool of divination, as the body is the soul’s most direct form of communication with us and the clarity of its message relies wholly on our ability to perceive it. The smallest component of perception is our chemical basis for health. If that chemical basis is off kilter it permeates every thought, every feeling, every expression of who we are. The way we speak to ourselves internally, the way we address those around us, the choices we make, the money we spend, the food we eat… It all sounds very mundane and material, and it is. However our mundane state of being directly impacts how we achieve our spiritual goals. Our base level of awareness in the physical realm begins with neurotransmitters—the wee hormones that cue the brain to choreograph everything we do. Out of balance they can create depression, autoimmune conditions, metabolic ruts, all of which are the building blocks to more pervasive imbalance. In short, if you don’t have the chemical juice to support and transmit spiritual memos, no matter what esoteric art you study, what energy healer you work with, what catharsis you have, you won’t be able to carry the information through to create a sustaining soulful foundation. Which is why I’m reading and learning as much as I can about the HGH for sale in United States.

On the holistic path we often forget that holism means exploring all options, investigating all parts that sum the whole. Being true to this model of spiritual healthcare means looking at the base levels of what may be out of balance. In understanding that neurotransmitters are soulful beings leap to the consideration that also are the chemicals that treat them. The avenues for doing so are possibly endless in this pharmaceutical age. Take your pick. I would suggest initially that you do some reading on neurotransmitters. Such research can range from intensely scientific to amazingly mystical once you verge into studies of the pineal gland and how it relates to the third eye–the seat of the soul… If learning that information feels helpful, contact a naturopath and discuss neurotransmitter support through supplementation, diet and lifestyle crafting.

I say all of this to assert that Carrie, you create a very harmonious and worshipful space in which you honor Divinity and explore your personal path. There is no lack in how you approach Spirit or the development of your soul. What’s missing is the body’s ability to participate in this process due to not being properly chemically supported, which I feel is the direct result of mental and emotional burn out. What I’m seeing is that on one end is all the soulwork you’ve done that is flourishing and brilliant, and at the other end is the body crying out for attention. Give focus to the body with the same soulful affection that you give the unseen aspects of your life and the bridge between these facets of yourself and the soulwork will be expressed through the body. Being able to move that life force fully through the body will improve your health and directly impact your ability to bring the things you want into being in the formed realm. It’s a very subtle act that will make all the difference in your creativity, inspiration and motivation to keep those primal cellular fires burning.

Apart from the literal chemical support through tactile intervention, you can make that rehabilitative process spiritual in a holistic recovery center. You can, in your meditative space, ask the life force of the neurotransmitters to speak with you. Ask them what they need to maintain balance in your body. What are their goals and how do they mesh with your own? Remember that all things under Creation are Divine, and you have the ability to interact with them. You can have the same heart-to-heart discussion with the supplements or means you choose to balance neurotransmitters. Ask to see see their connection to Divinity. What gifts do they bring you? Opening this dialogue presents the possibility to do so with every cell in your body. All you need do is realize that possibility exists. From there your possibilities are endless.

Be well, Carrie!

Podcast 2 ~ Intentional Insights: Q&A From Within, Divinity in the Medicine Cabinet

Collective Question, Mass Transition

As I have been hearing the same question repeatedly of late, it seemed appropriate to address it in this month’s Q&A. I’ve observed that when situations or dynamics seem to affect large groups of people at once there is typically a collective impact from the event. Certainly we all have our personal stories supplanting the details, but trends across groups and geographies stand out. Patterns of this nature beg their own inquiry, and the question I’m frequently being asked is, “Why can’t I breathe?”

One of, if not the primary physical agreement we make to become spirit in flesh is that we master breathing. Breathing is perhaps our most tactile, intimate and necessary experience of the Earth’s atmosphere, that also just happens to be imperative to survival. Examining the function of breathing in a more esoteric light reveals its profound effects on how we live. Yogis, Zen masters and mystics from myriad traditions have honored for centuries that the way we breathe affects how our life force moves. With skilled application we can even control our life force with breath. The technique of breathwork—sometimes referred to as holotropic or integrative breathwork—is the act of allowing the body to release emotions and physical conditions that are no longer needed. In essence, breathwork allows the opportunity of processing unconscious clutter, that which may not have words or tangible mental processes that could be addressed by more conventional therapies. From that capability it is possible to alter the breath in such a way that we not only move our life force and create a desired effect from doing so, but we can also unconsciously evoke pervasive healing.

I began the therapeutic pursuit of integrative breathwork a year ago this month. I had finally accepted that I was and had been in a state of spiritual emergency after a series of escalating health issues—a cluster of minor strokes and acute appendicitis, all while managing other critical autoimmune and metabolic conditions—all within one year. I took into breathwork the understanding that while I may be mentally, spiritually and emotionally highly functioning, my body was struggling to reach a complementary state of Being. While the mind, soul and emotions can “rise above,” can span multiple planes of consciousness to experience reality, the cells operate in a much different field. The body is part of all of these levels—their earthly host, one might say. It has its own spiritual nature, every cell having its own relationship to Spirit. Yet the body more than any other level of our Being has to play by a 3D set of “agreements” in order to function in accordance with the environment. However, as all is within Creation, all things are possible if we can conceive of them.

Many of us are being “forced” by atmospheric conditions to breathe differently, be that the result of unusual weather patterns, deforestation, pollution, or individual cellular renewal. By altering the way in which we breathe, energetically these environmental stimuli are putting us in a place of doing mass breathwork, mass release of personal and collective things we no longer need to carry as individuals, as a people, or perhaps as a plane. To what outcome we can only imagine: a shift into higher mass consciousness, improved wellbeing, robust collective caregiving.

I challenge us all to consider that what we perceive as chronic (or perhaps all) illness is transition of the physical form into a higher expression of itself. At a personal level when breaking out of the rut of “illness”, consider what this condition gifts, consider what its spiritual implications and nature are. Likewise, when many people share symptoms and physical experiences in tandem, question what we as a people are changing in our cells, in our souls and in the earth plane. This possibility doesn’t mean avoid seeking medical attention, allopathic or alternative. Being comfortable in the physical form is important, even if a primary indicator of a need for change is triggered by physical discomfort. Undertake the treatments necessary to soothe the form with the wisdom accompanying them that the body is going through a spiritual process, one in which we can allow its completion.

I wish us all comfort and an exuberant expression of the soul in form. I also wish us the joy of the process in all its myriad manifestations.

Breathe well!

Podcast 1 ~ Intentional Insights: Q&A From Within, “Collective Question, Mass Transition”

Confessions of a Reformed Depressive

Question: This week the question for my column comes from myself. I haven’t featured a personal inquiry in my Q&A before, which after some thought made no sense. I’m on as much a quest for insight as anyone, and somehow in opening myself up to that observation, I decided to share.

I’ve been wondering why I’m not very emotional lately.  In fact, life has been so level that I wondered if I’m depressed.  Except that life is good.  I’m relaxing into it.  I’m challenging myself in needed directions and flowing with the insecurities and jubilation such new territory brings.  So why am I not overrun with emotion about this newfound stability? I am feeling. There is no lack of feeling…

Then I considered…  what if this is the way life is when your neurotransmitters are finally balanced?  What if this balanced state is the way functional polarity feels? Given my history of chronic depression, it would make sense that I don’t recognize it. Whatever it is, it’s manifesting in livelihood,  productivity,  motivation,  the ability to feel comfortable creating myself as I want to be and not as I feel I should be, for others or for my contrived self.  Life really is pretty good.

Realizing that fact, I’m left pondering:  how much of depression is habit?  How much of it was me getting to this point of balance before, sensing the lack of drama, and creating one to fill the FEELINGS void?  What I’m noticing is that I don’t act out of emotion anymore.  I no longer REact to everything predominantly at an emotional level, and that is saying a lot for a Moon girl (I’m a Cancer).  I spent my early life’s development priding myself on my ability to feel beyond  empathy (to feel others as if perceiving their feelings) to connecting directly with the feelings of others. I took on so much crap that wasn’t mine, and what was mine I dressed up in lace and had tea parties with (I’m dead serious here– I used to personify my feelings as invisible playmates and talk with them).  For me sliding into the feeling state of all things and walking around in their shoes  (I do love shoes) was a way of life. Even my own emotional dynamics I played and replayed so many times my synaptic response couldn’t have been anything BUT a seratonin rut.  I gave it nowhere else to go, even when it asked. I don’t fault myself too much for that masochistic behaviour.  That learning  process  and heightened state of being sensitized me to parts of life and myself that I would have been too insecure to feel otherwise.

Other aspects of an All-Feelings existence are becoming very clear too.  Quite often I have thrived on the feelings more so than the person, the situation, or the occasion.  The result of being more tuned into the sensation of an experience than with the experience itself is not living in the present.  This sinister technique delays feeling until after-the-fact. It’s a means of staying caught in the cycle of processing and recycling the feeling, and never really connecting or knowing the person, the event, etc. In truth, it’s a means of never connecting with real feelings, and  an elaborate way of saying I was a drama queen.  I’m not anymore.  I’m lighter, leaner, burning on at least more cylinders, and living really well.  So it is no wonder that at this very balanced place in my life I am looking around and seeing that I am not re-creating any drama to thrive on.  I am connecting with the people, the places, the events, the situations.  All there is is Now. And in my self-obsessed history of dramatic flare, I find I have the nerve to consider it dull.  The extreme highs and lows I always thought were inspirational, motivational and cathartic (and they truly were) were also gutting me from the inside out.  I don’t have to split myself open  to be creative anymore.  I don’t have to have my life upheaved, or be constantly bowled over by passionate waves to realize how good I’ve got it or how deeply in love I am with my personal life.

It’s ironic that when I reach the mental health goal in life that I have wanted, my reaction is to assume that because it doesn’t meet a projected (and inflated) outcome, something’s wrong. Hypnotherapy has it right-on with the idea that we play tapes over and over until we learn:

  1. that the pattern is indeed a tape,
  2. that we can stop playing the tape, and that
  3. we can either come up with a new program to follow, or *gasp* pursue free will

I am catching myself in the act of putting in the same tape.  Because there is no drama, I think I must be cutting off from my feelings, when in reality I’m very happy and choosing to live out of more of my Self than just emotion.  I am living out of sensation, intentional thought formation, co-creation, my soul…  Most of us can recognize the point where we have the option to go in a different direction.  It’s the point that feels like freedom and sheer panic all at once.  It is the greatest moment of power we can have as humans.  The ancients called that moment alchemy— the magickal point of integration between opposites combining to produce something new.  The thing is, because we don’t arm ourselves with the knowledge of What Comes Next, we stick the same tape in and keep on going. Why?  It’s familiar.  It’s easy. It’s comfortable, even if deep down we know it’s not working.

Not this time.  I have nothing to recreate.  I have battled depression my entire life for a plethora of reasons.  Not one of those reasons is as powerful as I am. Throughout my life I experienced a space that my spirit teachers referred to as The Great Sadness, this fiery well, the overwhelming presence of all emotion of all beings at once consuming. This space felt like tapping into the collective consciousness of all suffering. I realize now that this dimensional space is a place we all pass through on the way to What Comes Next, and that I do not have to contribute to that well anymore.  In that wisdom I  create the space within myself to welcome new healthy ways of processing my feelings and living the experience of life through All That I Am, not just All That I Care To Perceive of Myself.  Moreover, instead of discarding my feelings now for being less because they are not so charged, I value them more because I am in a more level place to find my truth through them. I am in a more stable place to honor the truth around me.

Depression is nothing if not a refiner of perspective, and I can now raise my teacup in toast to my having an abundance of that. I know now what feelings are mine and what ones aren’t. The world inside me and the world outside me are finally safe enough places for me to experience The Present.