The Post-Traumatic Stress of Maternal Awakening

Kelley, Since the birth of my beautiful daughter 13 yrs. ago, I feel very emotional with too many things at one time. My work life, marriage, and neighbourhood, have caused me to have the feeling that someone or something does not want me to be comfortable in my own space/skin, and overall happiness. My dad passed just 3 months prior to his eightieth, Mom is eighty two now, and I fear my husband is leaving me. My resilience is gone. Could you help? Joy

The Post-Traumatic Stress of Maternal Awakening by S. Kelley HarrellThanks for your note, Joy. When I look into the era just after having your daughter, I feel a sense of being let down. This sense has nothing to do with your daughter, but with the general climate of postpartum and culturally finding one’s way into new motherhood. This feeling of having gained incredible insight and wisdom through pregnancy and childbirth, through the early developmental states of parenthood, only to share it with… every day life. You had this amazingly transformational experience that was so profound and life-altering, yet you didn’t really have anyone to share it with. Yes, you could talk about your daughter learning to walk, finding your way back to your own job and interests. This is not about those sorts of things. The deeper personal revelations about who you are and how you were changed went unheard, and eventually unspoken.

This unexpressed shift is where I see the source of the discomfort. When we have amazing experiences such as yours and have no one to witness them with us, no one who can serve as our tribe, the life force of that experience becomes bottled up. Instead of blossoming into new thoughts, new directions, it becomes a kind of post-traumatic stress cul-de-sac. Some people refer to this as spiritual emergency. The force of that wisdom is still there, it just needs expression.

To a degree coming from a marvelous experience back to the mundane is normal. We all have to pay the bills, wash the dishes. Yet underneath those things we still have to maintain some kind of current that supports our wild inner selves and hungry hearts.

At present you are undergoing many external shifts, which push buttons for these unhealed facets of your last major life change. Much of the tension you feel now isn’t really about the events happening now. It’s an echo from not being heard the last time you had such challenging yet formative upheaval. Knowing this distinction is critical to not becoming overwhelmed in the present.

Your guides’ direction at this point is to pause, observe, and learn what the current changes have to teach you. As you become aware of how they educate and affirm you, write about it. Paint it, draw it–some form of external expression. Also, now is the time to find like-minded others with whom you can share the changes to your soulscape. They don’t have to believe what you do, or be taking the same spiritual route that you are. They just need to be able to listen and hold space for you to have your own experience. My sense is the result of sharing yourself in this way creates a bond with someone unexpected, someone who not only relates to your experiences, but can foster your growth in them.

My best to you, Mother Joy.

Summer Release for Gift of the Dreamtime!

I have exciting news–the second edition of Gift of the Dreamtime – Awakening to the Divinity of Trauma is slated to come out this Summer! So many people have contributed kind energy to it and spoken highly of it while getting the manuscript ready, it’s been wonderful!

“Give Gift of the Dreamtime to every wounded person you know. You’ll be healing them, healing yourself, and helping to heal the earth, herself.” –Barbara Ardinger, author of Secret Lives and Pagan Every Day.

“Absolutely recommend Gift of the Dreamtime to anyone, especially those working to overcome their own traumas.” — FacingNorth

“Her gift of sharing offers readers insight into how we can learn to understand those things that are beyond our control while gaining control of our own destiny.” — SageWoman

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Closer to its release, join me in celebrating with many soul and energy healing specialists sharing information on trauma recovery and spiritual revival. Thanks for your support in this lovely transition into new life!

Of Gift of the Dreamtime:

In this fantastical memoir, Kelley Harrell chronicles a modern shamanic journey from pain to healing, and accepting a calling to work as a soul healer of others.

Groundbreaking at the time of its first publication in 2004, no other modern shamanic work shared an experience of soul healing told from within the shamanic narrative, bringing relatable and credible insight to contemporary soul healing.

Through that rare glimpse into her experiences traversing the spirit world, Harrell’s story becomes the reader’s adventure.

Not always easy to read, there are unflinching passages examining hurtful childhood memories, confrontations with overzealous spirit guides, and challenging personal obstacles she must overcome in order to heal.

The book combines Harrell’s personal journey with instructions for creating similar soul journeys to help the injured child in all of us look at the hurt, understand it in a spiritual context, and forgive both ourselves and others.

Healing the PTSD of Hurtful Etheric Caregiving

Kelley, I found you through Soul Cafe. Yesterday I had a horrendous experience with a sound healer. I felt he did not listen to me, passed judgement on me, left me feeling hurt, angry, abused, terribly alone, and misunderstood. He talked a lot and no sound healing took place. In trying to make sense of this and reviewing the session I feel he was very harshly teaching me a lesson about there being no one able to save me but myself, that I have all the power to do so. What is it about me that creates situations where I always feel isolated, different, not heard properly? I seem unable to communicate clearly. In that session I quite literally lost my voice. I keep getting stuck in cycles where I begin to blossom and then wither, and experience loss. More than the loss of the person there is the pain of looking at the situation and having to contemplate how wrong I was about everything, all the positive signs. How can I return on my path? How can I pick myself up again? Best wishes, Sam

Thanks for your note, Sam. I’m sorry that you experienced such judgement from a supposed healer. I wholly trust your assessment of the situation, and I’m glad that you do, too. Although this previous Q&A isn’t the same as what you experienced, the underlying necessity of etheric work having meaning for the client persists.   Not only could he not address your concerns, he couldn’t meet you where you are.  I’m sure the harsh things he said to you did urge you into a different, more aware energetic space. The thing is, he could have ushered you into that space without judgement, fear, and now PTSD, and that’s the part that really chaps me. Not only did he not meet his obligation to you in the healing, but the whole session didn’t have to be that way.

When I ask your guides to reveal the resonant thread in this experience, they flick that guy in the ear. As well, they deeply urge you to find and connect with a spiritual community of peers, benevolent beings not necessarily on the same path you are, but those who can compassionately witness your growth and allow you to witness theirs. At some point we all need like-minded others who can help us hold the space–our own space and that which we hold in All That Is.  We’re not meant to hold it alone all the time.  This guy reinforced to you that not only are you supposed to hold it alone all the time, but that there is something wrong with you if you don’t.  You came to him asking for help doing just that, and he let you down then kicked you for being down.

Finding like-hearted folk will help you heal from this ‘healing’ experience. I respect that you are a spiritual person and you look to the soulful education in all experiences. This drive to find the light in all things carries you. The hurt that this man inflicted is real and needs to be released. As you describe, he was only the most recent experience in a long chain of loss. Because the hurt he inflicted is so fresh, healing this hurt can provide a release for the entire pattern. The guy didn’t have a message for you, bless him. He was the message:  It’s time to release feeling stuck in a pattern of hurt and loss.

In the New Age is the sentiment that we all heal ourselves. While I do believe that, the statement is incomplete. We can’t heal what we aren’t aware of, and we can’t heal with skills we don’t have.  Sadly, numerous energy workers  cling to the idea that we should all just know what we need.  To me the inability of a healer to fill that informational gap shows at minimum a lack of education in the ability to teach the needed skills, and at most a lack of compassion in helping at a more human level. With some healers there is so much emphasis on the spiritual, that more mundane needs go unmet. Wounds happen on all levels, and so does healing.

I do encourage you to connect with others, and through references find a healer who can compassionately assist you on your path.  If at all possible, find someone with the skills to help you process what comes up in the work you are doing.  If a healer can’t help you with skills to cope with the emotional depths, ask them for a reference to a professional who can.  Depending on where you are, I would love to work with you–in-person or remotely.  Also, there are a couple of things that would be helpful for you to do for yourself:

  • Alone in a quiet, meditative space, imagine going back to that session. See it in full detail–the moment you walked in the door, the sounds, the scents, the way it felt, when you met him. Be the experience again, only this time you have your voice. As the experience unfolds, say the things you needed to say to that guy and couldn’t. Let him know how you feel about the way he is treating you and about his role as an energy worker. Thank him for the growth you’ve had as a result of meeting him, and see yourself walk out the door. When you feel grounded in your body, open your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  • Another thing is, your guides are very close to you and are very in tune with what you really need. They are available to inform you on direction in your spiritual growth. Imagine meeting them in a similar fashion as above. Alone in a quiet, meditative space, see yourself in the most comfortable, serene Nature space that you can conceive. Notice how it feels, how it smells, the atmosphere. As you sit and enjoy the space, hold in thought that you allow your guides to come. They may be humanoid higher beings, animal or plant totems. Just sit with what comes and observe. If and when it feels appropriate, ask them questions. They can be a bit tricky about interviews, so tread lightly and keep it mostly to observation. Do this everyday for a week or two. The closer you come to your spirit guides, the more you will attract a solid spiritual community in form.

Cheers for you, Sam. You’re onto something great!


Coincidences and Their Meaning

Kelley, Since December, I’ve had recurring encounters with a particular subject and a certain number. I read a review of the film, A Dangerous Method, about Jung and Freud. A few weeks later, I was reading a book about spiritual emergency that made reference to Carl Jung and synchronicity. Over several days things kept popping up regarding Jung. Shortly after I began to notice the number 123. It appeared on a data sheet I was reading, then later was in a book, on my trip meter as I was driving, the call number of a book…

Are these “coincidences” a manifestation of a mind primed to look for these things because of my reading? Could these happenings be some sort of synchronicity or message from the Universe or spirit guides that I should be heeding? If so, how do I get clarity as to what it is? Thanks, Belle.

Thanks for your note, Belle. For me, everything is a sign pointing to some deeper meaning of itself, or to some point of power. Why? Because I choose to see events as such. Because I choose to perceive events at all levels available to me, not just the most evident and most pressing. Symbols are miracles we have recorded into language. They are reminders that the Multiverse is alive and aware of each of us. We are aware of miracles when we choose to be active participants. For me, such coincidences are feedback that I live in an animistic reality, that All Things are connected.

In my experience, miracles are natural signals we allow ourselves to perceive. We have cultural signals to which we have ascribed collective meaning, such as weather patterns and interpreting animal behaviour. Through Jung’s work we have the symbolic interpretation of our own unconscious via archetypes marking the places where we as individuals draw from the same shadow pools of meaning. In specific pockets of divination we have collectively accepted symbolism in the tarot or the Runes. Because we are well aware of each of these systems of symbolism, we have assimilated them into a code that has been interpreted and accepted at a collective level.
The basis for what you are experiencing personally, however, is no different. We tend to reject personal signals and coincidences because there is no lexicon for how to interpret them. In essence, we doubt our own ability to interpret not just what the Multiverse is saying to us, but what our own unconscious is saying about our lives.

When you become aware of personal signals, it is up to you to interpret what they mean. Certainly there are books available to tell you what every sequence of numbers means in discrete detail. They may hit on exactly what you need–a signal of affirmation–or they may not. I suggest a more personal decoding approach. Consider what you were thinking at the time you perceived the signal. What was your state of being? How did you feel? What happened immediately after perceiving the signal? What memories or thoughts were triggered? This sentient information is the map that informs you of your personal language to your unconscious, to your spirit guides and totems, to the Multiverse. The more you work with understanding signals in your life, the more signals will come, the more evident their meaning will be, and the thinner the barrier becomes between your unconscious and conscious minds.

While I can’t tell you what you are onto, Belle, I can without hesitation inform you that you are onto something. The fact that you have become aware of coincidence is half the awareness. The rest is creating the language through which you understand what signals are saying. That language comes from within.
Be well.

Shamanic Initiation and the Legacy of Suffering

“It isn’t the things that happen to us in our lives that cause us to suffer, it’s how we relate to the things that happen to us that causes us to suffer.”
— Pema Chödrön

Woman Smoke by Graham Crumb, Imagicity.com [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia CommonsSuffering has long been associated with the shamanic process. Our studies of ancient shamanic cultures indicate that tribal shamans were often chosen based on how they overcame personal adversity as witnessed by their tribe. Thus, after surviving their soul’s initiation to emerge as a spiritual conduit to their communities, shamans were bestowed with the power to help their communities. This concept has been carried through many histories and cultures as “the wounded healer,” and has been lauded as the singular most pivotal step onto the path of shamanism, even into modern practice.

Contemporary shamanic paths are a mixed bag at best. Indigenous cultures of unbroken shamanic lineage brought their process for moving through initiations and subsequent recognition of the shaman into the present. Those of western ilk generally don’t have a time-tested framework through which to address “spiritual crises” — modern terminology applied to the age-old state as presented to the world by Stanislav Grof in his groundbreaking 1989 text “Spiritual Emergency: When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis”. The closest cultural nod of acceptance to the process of the contemporary wounded healer was the inclusion of “spiritual emergency” in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) in 1993, as a “Religious or Spiritual Problem,” under which “Shamanic Crisis” is listed. It’s a clinical representation of a spiritual event, but I guess it’s better than nothing? What we still largely lack is a culturally accepted methodology of how to deal with spiritual experiences that fall outside our common bounds of ecstasy or trauma. We definitely don’t acknowledge when someone’s spiritual crisis is the opening to a higher calling.

Not having been brought up in a shamanic tradition, when I identified that I was experiencing a spiritual crisis in my early 20s I was well aware of shamanism, but not of a shaman. My self-care included what options were available to me: psychotherapy, behavioral modification and medication. To my great fortune, it was actually my therapist who connected me with a local shaman, who was able to help me realize my initiation for what it was. I did not go into working with her planning to assume the role of shaman, though it emerged shortly after our time together. In retrospect, my life had fit the classic pattern of a shaman: stunting trauma, followed by spiritual revelation and healing. From that experience, I assumed what had been transmitted to me regarding initiation: There is one shamanic initiation — the shamanic death, which I gratefully survived. Indeed, I did stop the pattern of trauma I had carried through childhood, and in doing so found insight into how to facilitate healing for others.

The euphoria of that experience and new life path stayed with me for several years, well into the establishing of my shamanic practice, Soul Intent Arts, until I was thrown into another spiritual crisis after sustaining injuries in a car crash. This time I recognized what was happening right away and began addressing it appropriately. Despite all the good things I did for myself, and following the insight of the wise caregivers I consulted, pain from my injuries lingered for years. Even when blazing physical symptoms smoldered to chronic pain, I continued to struggle with the emotional and psychological trauma of feeling that I was re-experiencing a shamanic wound. The heartbreak from that observation left me feeling that perhaps I wasn’t meant to be in the role of modern shaman. I thought that having withstood one initiation, I was doing something wrong to be faced with more.

I realized in hindsight that my struggle to find balance with that initiation stemmed from the same broken lineage of wisdom that leaves many modern shamans feeling unsupported. The wisdom teaches that there is no singular initiation into shamanhood, or into any aspect of life. Perhaps a specific initiation brings us to a pivotal fork in our path, such as the one that brings many to shamanism. Still, the fork presents us with options in how we proceed. Grieving that I shouldn’t suffer during a life transformation actually caused my suffering to linger.

Experiencing recurrent initiations doesn’t mean we’re chronically doomed to suffer pain in order to grow. Furthermore, initiation doesn’t have to be painful, it just has to provoke us to make change in our lives. Initiation can come in many guises — sincerely apologizing to someone, volunteering in a community less privileged than our own, realizing a long-held belief no longer suits our present awareness or allowing joy. Most any event in our lives can serve as initiation into a greater experience of ourselves, if we let them. In that wisdom rests the deeper truth — it isn’t what happens to us that determines our fitness, spiritual or otherwise; rather, it’s how we deal with what happens to us. In that choice lies our responsibility to accept the challenges that makes us grow.

Now when I’m greeted with trauma, instead of probing it as failure on my path, I accept it for the initiation that it is; thus, I accept my power in choosing how to move through it. In moving through it, I remain affirmed.

PTSD and Soul Retrieval

Michele Rosenthal of Heal My PTSD asked me to write a guest blog. PTSD and Soul Retrieval to give a glimpse into how PTSD works at a soul level and how it can be healed.

What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come

Intentional Insights is a Q&A column inviting you to look inside yourself. Submit questions regarding a brief Soul Reading, spiritual healing, paranormal experiences, or shamanism, to Kelley at soulintentarts dot com, or to schedule a full-length Soul Reading. Intentional Insights is a production of Soul Intent Arts, LLC, © 2011 All Rights Reserved.
Read more of Kelley’s writing at KelleyHarrell.com and on The Huffington Post. Order a signed copy of Gift of the Dreamtime – Awakening to the Divinity of Trauma.

Healing the PTSD of Paranormal Probing

This week’s inquiry is a comment from my last article Paranormal Investigating – Troubleshooting the Middle World. “Kelley, you said “Should you find residuals from the encounter with these spirits – things like paranoia, troublesome thought or behavior patterns that disrupt your daily life – these are indications that your PTSD switch for paranormal experiences has been flipped on and you should seek help in turning it off.” I dabbled stupidly with the Ouija board as a kid and other things before I realized the seriousness of it. Now, decades later it seems that something may have remained. How can I turn it off? Thanks, Carolyn.”

Thanks for reading and contributing, Carolyn. The absolute best thing to do if you feel PTSD or anything unfinished from these experiences is to find a shaman to help you. I can do this work remotely, but if you let me know your location perhaps I can connect you with someone with whom you can work in person if that is preferred.

Traumatic experience with the paranormal could be as benign as the shock of being told information you weren’t prepared to know or that no one else could know. It could be as jarring as seeing objects move, hearing voices, seeing visitors… Fright can even come days later in some signal, synchronicity, or dream pointing back to the spirit interaction. The definition of ‘trauma’ varies person-to-person. The point is you know you’ve been traumatized if you can’t step out of the fear stemming from the original interaction.

Generally speaking, there are three layers to the aftermath of such spirit interactions. First is turning off the switch, which I call rebalancing your etheric field. Second is removing any errant life force that may be clinging to yours. Third is healing focused on balancing the energy shifts from all of the above.

There is no shortcut to finding the place in your etheric field that is vulnerable to the trauma and rebalancing it. Where it’s located is unique to the individual and the experience. If you are adept at working with the etheric field you can do this yourself, though I would still recommend allowing someone else to do it. The life impact of this kind of imbalance bears being thorough. There are many ways to balance the etheric field, all of which require some knowledge of life force and how to move it.  At this stage, the original trauma is healed, as are emotions that came with it.

Removing unnecessary energies attached to yours is called by many names depending on culture and circumstance—depossession, extraction, releasement. The state of having unneeded life force attached to yours is not good or bad. It’s not light or dark. There are no such judgments in shamanic work. What exists is a state in which you are not functioning at your desired ability and benevolent work can be done to re-establish balance.

Like attracts like. When you experience something that puts you into a panicked, anxious, or terrified state, you attract energy of that same state. Psychological models call this PTSD, or being “shell-shocked.” Spiritually speaking PTSD is recognized when you attract people who express the same feelings, situations reinforcing those feelings, or spirits/energies of similar trauma. You think the distress and building panic are yours, when in reality like attraction is merely exacerbating it. This scenario constitutes a spiritual emergency. Until you direct healing to the trigger for the trauma the anxiety and panic keep playing out and/or attracting more of the same. This is the spiritual truth of any trauma, not just those of paranormal origin.

After balancing the etheric field to restore calmness and removing unnecessary life force, healing is directed to all levels of your being, to help changes from the etheric and spiritual work to gently ground.

How About Demons? by Dr. Felicitas Goodman

How About Demons? by Dr. Felicitas Goodman

That’s it, in a not-so-brief nutshell. If you want to understand “the switch”–what it is, how it functions, and how the spiritual technology of managing it crosses cultures and time, the definitive work in my opinion is How About Demons? by Felicitas D. Goodman.

Be well, Carolyn.

Paranormal Investigating – Troubleshooting the Middle World

Kelley, I’ve been dabbling in the Salt Lake paranormal scene. Myself, a friend, and a medium-in-training went to a haunted place that is said to have demons. I have an electronic device that lets disembodied entities speak phonetically. After some questions about what spirits were with us and to see if they knew who we were (they knew my friend), the medium then said she got a feeling of dread and fear. When I asked the spirits if they knew who I was, they said, “Death.” One EVP (electronic voice phenomena) said what we think was, “Don’t talk to him.” Another later said, “Hide.” The medium said that the ghosts were uneasy and unwilling to communicate, something not that unusual unless a “demon” entity is involved. I’m aware of previous manifestations of myself that were very affected by discarnate energies, and the degree to which I had carried that into my current life. Is it really possible for spirits to fear me because of my history? Was I being called Death or being warned of my death? Thanks, J.

Thanks for your note, J. It’s good to hear from you again. J and I have worked together before; thus, some personal info is omitted from this inquiry. As we say in the computer programming world, so spirit communication follows the same rule: Garbage in, garbage out. Thus begins your first lesson in understanding the Middle World.

Spirit Board via About.com

Spirit Board via About.com

The differences between mediumship and what I do as a shaman are intention and location. While shamans can act as mediums, they cast a much wider net. Generally speaking, most cultures of shamanism have a trifold cosmology, as in Upper World, Middle and Lower–none of which correspond with the assumed Abrahamic counterparts. The Middle World is the spirit layer of the Earth realm. It’s the place where souls become stuck when they die and don’t move on, when they have unfinished business. It’s the place of earthly astral travel and lucid dreaming. This is also part of the layer where faeries are, Nature spirits, devas. The kind of spirit communication that you described happens in the Middle World, which is generally the only layer most psychics and mediums access.


What that means is when you connect with spirits in the Middle layer, they’re most often not guides. They’re not beings committed to working for your benefit. They may be higher entities or lightbeings, but that’s where intention comes in. I teach a class on connecting safely with spirits in the Middle World according to your intentions and ability to navigate the spirit realms. Without a clear intention, as in just venturing out to see the spiritual manifestation of or in a space–particularly one you consider to be “haunted”–you ask for garden variety, you get garden variety. You have no control over with whom you connect. For many studying shamanism, the Middle World can be the trickiest to navigate simply because it is so close to our own reality. From the time we begin to explore the Middle World we are emotionally involved, and the kinds of spirits who hang out there know it. Boundaries are imperative.

The short version is that discarnate human spirits in the Middle World are usually there for a reason, the least of which is that they are not well. Generally speaking, souls and consciousness seek growth and widening their awareness. Staying stuck in one place, in form or out, is not part of the plan, and the state of being stuck often leads to suffering even if the spirit’s life and death were peaceful. Any communication you have with such souls is going to reflect their state of being. In the event that you have similar buttons in your psyche regarding that state of being, they will be pushed.

That is what I feel happened in your experience. Because of your past brushes with intentionally adverse souls, you have significant buttons around PTSD, particularly PTSD that is the result of a harmful paranormal interaction. The moral of that story is that you can’t just go unmitigated into spirit communication–even as the passenger. You really need a set intention and some education on what the varying options are in spirit communication, as well as how to connect with the kind of spirits who bring something meaningful to your life and quite possibly you to theirs. My sense is that the spirits you encountered were mirroring your latent fear of yourself, not expressing fear of or for you. Low vibration entities can’t originate much, but they can exacerbate your fears. They truly are parasitic life forces that draw on the strongest vibe nearest them. If your vibe of fear of your shadows in your past was strongest, that is what you received back in communication from them.

This en masse modern trend of paranormal investigators that just pop in and stir up trouble then wonder why they’re chronically sick, why they need to sleep with the lights on, why they’re uncomfortable around large groups of people… amuses me. This etheric tapping on the fishbowl is the opposite of bridgebuilding in the arena of soul work, and is the reason that I do not under any circumstances support garden variety spirit communication. If you (or your friends) don’t know what you’re doing, don’t risk being unable to undo it. Should you find residuals from the encounter with these spirits–things like paranoia, troublesome thought or behaviour patterns that disrupt your daily life–these are indications that your PTSD switch for paranormal experiences has been flipped on and you should seek help in turning it off.

Be well, J.

This discussion continues in  Healing the PTSD of Paranormal Probing.

The Journey of Healing, featuring Kelley’s poem ‘diligent suns’

Edited by Marjorie Ryerson

The Journey of Healing is a first-of-its kind literary anthology showcasing the work of sexual abuse survivors. Submissions for the book came from many continents, from divergent cultures and ages, and from both men and women. The final selections of poems, essays and stories chosen for the book include fiction as well as autobiographical pieces. These resonant writings articulate both the pain and the hope that come from the process of enduring and surviving abuse. The anthology also features black and white photographs by one of the contributors. The voices in this book are unique, strong, aware, and wise. The contributors are a testament to the resiliency of the human spirit and to the power of the written word.
The Journey of Healing, featuring Kelley’s poem ‘diligent suns’

Soul Intent Arts – Ten Years, Ten Observations of an Animistic Soul #5

Soul Intent ArtsIn 2000, I created my neoshamanic practice, Soul Intent Arts. I’d worked with others for two years, and had crafted a personal animistic path with strong shamanic influences for ten years prior. Making the transition from spiritual seeker to committed shamanic practitioner was a huge step. Twenty-two years of experience seeing life through a shamanic lens and working with others has given me insights that feel right to pass along at this auspicious time. To celebrate Soul Intent Arts’ presence in this plane and this exceptional dance we’re doing toward this Winter Solstice, I’m closing this momentous year by listing my ten most poignant observations of personal shamanic work and maintaining a shamanic practice, and will present them over the next few days.

Thank you to all of the readers, clients, students, confidantes, comrades, and spaceholders who have contributed to Soul Intent Arts’ sustaining life force. Bless all of your dear hearts.

  • Children know what they need. This is a charged statement, especially considering that I am a new parent. I often see parents presenting concerns about their children, or I work directly with children whose parents perceive a concern. Most of the time, the issue isn’t with the child at all, but with a rigid dynamic in the household or other supportive institution (school or church) that stifles the child. Children are our best prototype of All Things. Not only genetically, they are the cutting edge of spiritual technology. Their atmosphere, process, and relationships must reflect and support that. They are frequently the barometer (squeaky wheel) for things over which adults closest to them have long abandoned hope. The article Children, Spiritual Emergency, and Spiritual Will includes a response to a parent whose daughter exhibits symptoms of not being supported in her power.