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Renaissance Woman Meets the Age of Aquarius

Posted by on 2 Feb 2011 in Q&A | 0 comments

Kelley, I am very impressed by your thoughtful and interesting answers to readers’ questions. I’ve done a lot of different kinds of spiritual work that has helped me tremendously with personal questions and dilemmas. My spiritual work utilizes meditation and guide(s), which is why I responded deeply to your insight. I have a nagging mystery that seems to have no clear answer or finality. My dilemma is the question of joining with a true soulmate or twin soul for a solid, long partnership. Until now folks seem to fall away or are not solid enough to form anything far-reaching, even though I felt they could be and I was ready. At this point in my life I feel...

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The Forest for the Trees

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All good things are wild and free. - Henry David Thoreau Kelley, I’m self-taught with spirituality and insights. I get impressions from people, but don’t know what to do. I’ve wondered for a while why my sister-in-law can’t find the partner she longs for. While we were staying together over Christmas, we wondered if she was cursed to be “invisible”. The family tells anecdotes of how my husband, her older brother, was always considered an “only child,” and that my mother-in-law was asked by the neighbors when she would have a second child, right after having been pregnant and showing them her new daughter’s photo. My...

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The Timeless Soul

Posted by on 9 Mar 2007 in Q&A | 0 comments

Question: Kelley, I am Wiccan, and my faith espouses a belief in reincarnation. I have problems believing in past lives – because I don’t seem to have any. When I try to bring them up myself nothing comes, and other people haven’t been able to bring them up either. I’ve been told by some people before I’ve an ‘old soul’, but I find this hard to reconcile with the apparent lack of past lives. Can you give me some direction?  Heather Thanks for your note, Heather!  Your guides tell me right off the bat that the block around past lives lies in the terminology.  For your neural pathways the terms “past life” and “old...

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Final Fantasy

Posted by on 14 Nov 2006 in Q&A | 0 comments

Question:  Kelley, For the past year and half, I have been in off-again-on-again relationship.  I am a Leo Woman, he is an Aries Man. We have some good earth elements that help us with all the fire.  This man has a problem with commitment, and has never married even at 44 years.  He says he wants to.  We run hot and cold, and I have emotionally moved on.  But yet he continues to try and come back. There is a huge connection between us.  Can you see anything in his natal chart, or our composite report. Thanks, Cathy in Atlanta When I ask to see the soul manifestation of this relationship, I am shown both of you as children, him riding a carousel and you standing to the...

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The Legacy of Helping

Posted by on 3 Jun 2005 in Q&A | 0 comments

Hello Kelley, I am 44 years old and I just reunited with the father of my 2 teenage daughters. We divorced in 1989 after 4 turbulent years of marriage and he quickly remarried when he got another woman pregnant. Two years ago, he came to me and let me know that he had never stopped loving me and had, in fact, been unable to love his current wife adequately as a result. He stated that his marriage to her had been a 12-year sham and he wanted me back in his life. During those years, he treated me pretty poorly as if he hated me. After 2 years of “negotiating” the terms of a new relationship between us, we signed a common law marriage agreement and got a house...

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