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Renaissance Woman Meets the Age of Aquarius

Kelley, I am very impressed by your thoughtful and interesting answers to readers’ questions. I’ve done a lot of different kinds of spiritual work that has helped me tremendously with personal questions and dilemmas. My spiritual work utilizes meditation and guide(s), which is why I responded deeply to your insight. I have a nagging mystery that seems to have no clear answer or finality. My dilemma is the question of joining with a true soulmate or twin soul for a solid, long partnership. Until now folks seem to fall away or are not solid enough to form anything far-reaching, even though I felt they could be and I was ready. At this point in my life I feel ridiculous trying, so at least I’m not emotional about it. Am I to traverse this life as a solitary, without sharing in a beautiful, life-enriching partnership with a man? Or is my path to go fully into healing work and lead a celibate lifestyle? Thank-you for your insight. Shannon

Thanks for your praise and inquiry, Shannon. What I see straight away is that you are functioning at a very high level, etherically, though you’re not attracting potential lovers who are. Your chakra system and etheric field look great, but more than healthy, they are wide and strong. This is a good thing, frankly a rare thing to see. No doubt it is the result of your self-work and is supported by your strong personality and sense of self.

Taktshang Monastery, Bhutan

Taktshang Monastery, Bhutan

You hit it dead-on when you asked about a life of celibacy, in that a monastic way of living has been the way you have maintained your high level of functioning in other manifestations of yourself. Your lineage in the formed plane has most often been one of spiritual servitude, and to be able to consistently provide to your community, you set yourself apart. You formed intimate relationships, but not ones of a sexually bonded nature. One of the things that the Age of Aquarius ushers out is the correlation that higher consciousness requires isolation. In reality it probably is easier to focus on personal growth without the distraction of interpersonal relationships, and that choice is always available. However, moving from the Age of Pisces, we are leaving behind the notion of “I” and that only cultural elites are permitted the station of spiritual leader. Our communities, our life force, and our minds are not organized for divisive spirituality anymore, which is one reason the congregations of major religions are diminishing. Now it is our charge not only to move beyond the emphasis of spiritual awareness for self growth, but that we do so amongst each other. We can no longer cloister our the pursuit of personal truths behind silent walls, or cloak our bodies to separate and hide the deeply spiritual sensuality of our physical temples. We can no longer save humanity sitting at the elevated vantage point on the top of the hill. We must walk with each other. We are whole packages now, and that’s how we must live.

What does this have to do with you finding Mr. Soul Complement? Everything. You have a legacy of separating in order to maintain the level of etheric balance you have achieved. You no longer want to separate, and in fact deeply yearn to bond. Rest assured there is no tradeoff. You do not have to give up your balance to acquire a soul love. All you have needed is to make the connection that you have carried into this manifestation the pattern that in the past you had to choose. In your spiritual work now, allow your Nature. All That You Are knows what you need, and now you need a spiritual complement. Infuse the statement, “I allow my Nature,” behind everything you do. If you feel led to do releasing work around the pattern of having to choose, do so. My feeling is that just reading this and making that connection will release the pattern. The new mantra will adjust your life force as it needs, to attract what will be right and endearing for you.

Be with and be well, Shannon.

The Forest for the Trees

All good things are wild and free.
– Henry David Thoreau

Kelley, I’m self-taught with spirituality and insights. I get impressions from people, but don’t know what to do. I’ve wondered for a while why my sister-in-law can’t find the partner she longs for. While we were staying together over Christmas, we wondered if she was cursed to be “invisible”. The family tells anecdotes of how my husband, her older brother, was always considered an “only child,” and that my mother-in-law was asked by the neighbors when she would have a second child, right after having been pregnant and showing them her new daughter’s photo. My in-laws had a hard time having children, and they love their kids very much. I don’t see any psychological reason for this “invisibility”. At Christmas, I looked at my sister-in-law’s energy more closely, and it swirled wildly, like she was flinging it out to anybody who might need it, leaving her vulnerable. I have no idea what is going on, or for how long, but I know that she needs help on a level that psychology would not touch, but I am helpless what to do. Thanks, Nina.

Thank you for your note, Nina. As you indicated, I do find your sister-in-law very difficult to connect with, etherically. Upon gathering a circle of allies to support her, I am led to a tree in a frozen, far north land, some centuries ago. Instantly my focus is on a young man who hangs from the tree. He is Slavic, light-skinned with dark eyes, and wears farmer’s clothes. His feet and hands are missing, and he bleeds from his mouth. I am struck that this frigid scene is just outside of a fairly large village, and that this tree is frequently used for such hangings as a message of clear punishment to those who might create problems in the village. My feeling is that he stole something out of dire need, with torture and hanging his consequence. It is only after I cut him down, release his spirit, bury him, cleanse the area energetically, and the Nature spirits converge that I realize he is not your sister-in-law. She is the tree.

Feeling a strong connection to trees in my spiritual work, my sadness is immense. The tree spirit felt quite invisible in light of being used repeatedly as a weapon without consent. Often when the same traumas are inflicted repeatedly, patterns that were once external become internalized unconsciously. That is what I am seeing, in threads of your sister-in-laws’ erratic life force and that of this tree. Despite its own victimization, the tree communicated deep guilt around being used for harm, though as Nature spirits often do, she released her anxiety and was well healed by your sister-in-law’s High Self. The entire area around the tree became enlivened and warmer, considering it was the middle of winter in a continuously cold climate. I saw the tree’s life force move well above it into Source, and recommit to rooting itself deep into Earth’s energy. I feel this reconnection with Universal life force will be reflected somewhat in your sister-in-law’s life force.

I generally do not look at other manifestations of self as “past” or “future” life. I find that linear expression of time and soul too limiting for how infinite All Things truly are. I must say, the connection I made with this tree imparted a feeling of this tree spirit originating in this plane long ago, and that spirit is still holding space here, somewhere. It still goes on, holding a beautiful, angelic space here. Depending on how your sister-in-law feels, she may find karmic release upon learning the symbols of this story, or she may feel led to do some work with that tree consciousness. I feel that if she did such work, would be very spiritually empowering, and it may even be a totem for her. I definitely felt that a legacy of invisibility and unnamed sadness were released in this spirit travel. I hope your sister-in-law can experience her power more deeply rooted in herself, which will reflect through how her surroundings see her. Be well, Nina.

The Timeless Soul

Question: Kelley, I am Wiccan, and my faith espouses a belief in reincarnation. I have problems believing in past lives – because I don’t seem to have any. When I try to bring them up myself nothing comes, and other people haven’t been able to bring them up either. I’ve been told by some people before I’ve an ‘old soul’, but I find this hard to reconcile with the apparent lack of past lives. Can you give me some direction?  Heather

Thanks for your note, Heather!  Your guides tell me right off the bat that the block around past lives lies in the terminology.  For your neural pathways the terms “past life” and “old soul” have no meaning, as you don’t relate to time as a line.  Rather, for you it is more a ball of yarn, or perhaps a spiral.  This relationship to time isn’t unusual; in fact, many quantum physicists would agree that this is how time really works.  The concept of linear time just doesn’t exist in the way you are wired.

Intention is a huge factor in the attempt to catch a glimpse of the timeless self.  Any pursuit into self-knowledge works best with an intention clearly defined at the onset.  If you have been creating your intentions to see yourself within Time with the concept driving your intentions that time is a line, that assumption would have been a hindrance to carrying through the intention.  You experience yourself a great deal more dynamically than most, in that trying to travel back to “Point -4” along a linear progression driven meditation won’t yield useful information for you.  Step back and reframe your intentions.  Bring the focus back from time and place it on events.  If you have used the general intention, “I intend to visit one of my past lives,” to no avail that is because your neural pathways don’t know what “past life” means.  In a quiet space asking, “Am I an old soul?” is irrelevant in the context of Soul.  In Spirit there is no older or younger in the sense of aging as we tend to think of it.  There exist only the many ways we can choose to create ourselves, which may or may not include the amassed information we bring along from all of our experiences of ourselves.  Giving some attention to how you look at time, age, and even cause and effect is very important for you in presenting intention.  What may be more helpful is to set up an intention along the lines of, “Take me to the point that I first saw the ocean,” or “Show me the place on this planet where I first entered into form.”  Taking that linear barrier off the experience gives you access to deep cellular memories, and certainly collective ones.  From there you can become more specific and see the source of current life blocks, relationships and patterns.  This opening of perspective in setting intention also helps you to meet simultaneous aspects of yourself, maybe on other planets, other dimensions, or just in the diverse ways you may manifest yourself in this plane.

That said, your guides give me no insight into the many ways you live—not even a peek.  Yes, you are a soul that expresses itself in many different ways across a variety of experiences.  You have traveled far and wide, so to speak.  Gaining access to that self-info depends on just how far and wide you can conceive of yourself.

Expanding your perspective of Life changes how you live.  The more you cultivate this personal relationship to time, the more meaningless daily phrases like “in the past,” or “one day” become.  The loss of the trappings of time in this dimension enable you to see not just more of yourself, but more of the connection between you and All Things.

See you around, Heather!

Final Fantasy

Question:  Kelley,
For the past year and half, I have been in off-again-on-again relationship.  I am a Leo Woman, he is an Aries Man. We have some good earth elements that help us with all the fire.  This man has a problem with commitment, and has never married even at 44 years.  He says he wants to.  We run hot and cold, and I have emotionally moved on.  But yet he continues to try and come back. There is a huge connection between us.  Can you see anything in his natal chart, or our composite report. Thanks, Cathy in Atlanta

When I ask to see the soul manifestation of this relationship, I am shown both of you as children, him riding a carousel and you standing to the side watching him go round.  The feeling I have about this scene relating to the present dynamic between you is he is having a lot of fun, savoring the moment, not projecting the future.  The child aspect of you, though, is not happy at all.  She has no interest in the carousel and is only there because she feels some danger awaits him.  She has placed herself in the position of thwarting whatever harm could come to him.  I do have a sense that the harm is a very real thing, because he is oblivious to the more grounded and fixed world around him.  He’s only seeing the lights, music and dizzying thrill of the ride.  You two are striking contrasts to each other, in that he is very ungrounded in this plane, and you are a bit too fixed in the formed realm.  Ideally you could be stabilizing agents for each other, but he is too submerged in having fun and you are too fixated on your involvement with him being romantic.  Both of these factors preclude a balanced joining in the present.  There is an old bond between you that has carried over lifetimes, and that has created soul friends of you in the spaces between lives.  That said, I feel your presence in his life isn’t about romantic involvement; rather, holding the space to create his wakeup call.  Until now you have interpreted that role as lying in wait for his downfall.  I definitely see you as anam cara to each other, the Celtic soul bond entailing that what he has not chosen to put himself in the path of for growth, you will put him there.  It’s a very ‘tough love’ connection, which is likely an even stronger testament to the soul work you do together than a romantic relationship could deliver.  The thing is, I think he has gotten very used to you holding that space and for now has no intention of getting off the carousel.  It’s become an enabling situation.  I also think it’s worthy to note this is his perspective across life, not just in terms of relationships.  It’s not about commitment for him.  He’s not a baseless user, he just is not willing to fully root into this plane and be present.  What I see being a catalyst to his growth is for you to leave the theme park.  It’s time for you to bring your energy back from him.  That deep level of support that you have been giving him for eons needs to be reallocated.  I realize you have moved on emotionally, but at an energetic or spiritual level you are still holding him up.  You need your energy back.  In a quiet meditative space, ask your High Self to extract your energy from him, to cleanse it, then return it to you for your own support.  Understand that bringing your energy back is not abandoning him, and it is not severing the deep bond between you.  If anything it is showing him more support, in that you are willing to put your needs first, and that empowerment of self strengthens every bond in your Being.

My best to you, Cathy! Be well!

The Legacy of Helping

Hello Kelley, I am 44 years old and I just reunited with the father of my 2 teenage daughters. We divorced in 1989 after 4 turbulent years of marriage and he quickly remarried when he got another woman pregnant. Two years ago, he came to me and let me know that he had never stopped loving me and had, in fact, been unable to love his current wife adequately as a result. He stated that his marriage to her had been a 12-year sham and he wanted me back in his life. During those years, he treated me pretty poorly as if he hated me. After 2 years of “negotiating” the terms of a new relationship between us, we signed a common law marriage agreement and got a house together. We celebrated our reunion by taking our 2 daughters to London for a Christmas celebration. Everything was going wonderfully until we got to London, where he acted horribly the whole trip, ruined it for everyone, and blamed it on me. We got home on Dec 23, and by Christmas Day he packed all his clothes and walked out on the family. He returned the next day, demanding that I move out and stating that he was no longer interested in a relationship. He has suddenly resurrected all the old patterns that drove us apart before. I believe that leaving the relationship is in order and I seek understanding that will allow me to either go or stay with compassion, rather than hatred and bitterness. Thank you, Melissa

Hi Melissa. Thank you for your kind words. My understanding from your spirit guides is that you had a relationship with this man in the past, and a lot of his issues stem from even before that past. But in this past, which you shared with him, he committed suicide, and you carry a lot of guilt leftover from the dynamic in that life. He is still perpetuating a cycle of self-destruction in this life, and you have still carried your guilt from the other life experience, compounded by events that have occurred in this life to turn that screw even tighter. That is the context I am shown for the basic premise of energy between you.

The next moment I am moved to is the death point of you in that past life. She hesitates at the point that she “should” naturally crossover. I ask her the reason for her hesitation, and she tells me that it’s her fault that he killed himself. I ask her what makes her think that, and she recounts to me how she had an affair, which badly hurt him, and drove him over the edge. She is oblivious to his choice in how he dealt with his pain. I ask her how she dealt with her guilt over having the affair and his suicide at the point of death when it actually occurred. She tells me that she was born into human form again to find him and make it up to him. the thing is, her heart wasn’t really in it. Her motives were based in guilt, and not true desire to elevate this relationship higher, or to be true to herself. this aspect of you realizes this now, but she did not at the time. As we stand at that point of her death now, I ask her what choice she is going to make this time. She tells me that she needs to move on in her spiritual path, and *if* she can help him, it will be from a spiritual realm, and not in the dichotomy of the Earth plane. She is very grateful for the opportunity you have given her to pause and change the direction in her part of your life path. To that end, she moves on to Spirit, guilt-free, no less. She is holding her power well, which means that you are, as well.

I see this shift in her moving on (essentially ending the karmic pattern you have been feeling with him) as a bit disorienting to you, in your present, at first. You have had strong energetic, and in some ways, cellular, ties to this man. Having carried guilt over lifetimes has weakened your immune system some, and your energetic body. Be gentle with yourself. For one, you have been through enough with this guy already, that you deserve to just take a few days to yourself and energetically regroup. I see work being really hectic for you right now, and not helpful in that regard. Things that you normally take in stride are a bit more challenging, until you can redistribute your energy in a pattern that is based in the present, and functional to where you are on your path NOW. It also feels like you may even come to have LESS feelings for this man now, and not be so connected to his actions, his words, or the drama of breakup. In reality, you’ve done this a few times already with him, and not just in this life. But this detachment I see in you is not from having been worn down, but from true genuine “objectivity.” I’m not saying that you don’t have opinions or feelings about what has led up to your present, but they just aren’t going to have the hold over you that they have prior. To that end, I don’t see bitterness or hatred looming largely for you. You are aware enough of your own process to be able to let those last few tugs of those feelings pass through without them getting trapped..

You are a wise woman, with powerful allies. That you can have gone through this experience with this man and want to release it on a high level speaks well to who you are and what you are capable of. Be well, Melissa.

Bonded, at Arm’s Length

Hi Kelley, There is a man who is a very big part of my life. I have a wonderful kinship with this person. We have worked together for a little over 10 years now and it is a great relationship. We seem to think alike, and it is like we’ve known each other forever. I feel that we are together for a reason but I am not sure what the future holds. I am deeply in love with this person but it has taken time to develop this relationship. He is not available, but I am. I feel like I have met my soulmate only to be held at arms length. I am not sure I get it. How long is too long to wait for someone? Sheila

Hi Sheila, and thank you for your note. I feel the sense of “being at arm’s length” that you describe. You have a very close soulful bond with this man that is quite old. This bond is mutually acknowledged and has been over lifetimes. You have quite a good balance between you energetically as well as in personality, which has resulted in many lives together as partners in what feels like a romantic bond. The thing that strikes me in what your guides show me is that you have waited for him before, as well. In fact, you have waited for him many times, and this waiting seems to be the predominant theme throughout all your lives together.

I see you pacing, standing with your arms folded across your chest. You are not angry, but not thrilled either about his absence from your intimate life. Where this relationship is concerned, you are filled with a stillness on a spiritual level that is the same as holding one’s breath. This conscientious choice to “wait” at such a deep level stifles your life force. Your guides indicate to me that all the right “pieces and parts” are there for this relationship to be successful. However, I do not see it coming together in a traditional full-time committed fashion. It’s not his style, and I don’t mean that in terms of him seeing other people, necessarily. I just don’t feel from him that it is within his deeper needs to have that traditional kind of relationship. This relationship can definitely work, as you have so much between you spiritually and energetically, but it will be a creative lifestyle model that you have with him. I do not see him ending that trend of coming in and out of your life. I also do not see that trend as a wound that he carries, but truly how he moves in relationships.

Your guides indicate that you need to take an active stand for what you truly want WITHIN YOURSELF. I don’t mean pushing him into a relationship, or giving him an ultimatum. You cannot push him; you cannot change him. The sense I am getting is that you have to choose how to let life flow FOR YOU regardless of what he chooses. This stand may mean putting it all out on the table with no expectations of him, just articulating clearly your own need to be fully honest about your feelings. This stand may pertain to completing some tangential things in your life that you have put off doing “until” something with him works out, like a vacation, a hobby/class or other self-indulgent interest. I also feel that you may be more flexible in your relationship style than you have thought you could be. Again, that conclusion can only come after realizing your true needs and wants, and not from trying to accommodate his. It must be authentic.

You have waited already waited too long, and your soul, has tired of the pacing. Allowing your life force to flow is what the core issue is at this time. Ascertain exactly what in your life you must shift to bring your emphasis back to yourself, and go ahead with it. This phase of your growth is very much about action, not reaction. It’s time to break that “arm’s length” pattern, and breathe in freedom. Be well, Shelia.

Soulmates and Divine Feminine

Dear Kelley, I have always had difficulties in romance, never seeming to find Mr. Right. Following a major health battle 10 years ago, I lost my interest in establishing a relationship, concentrating more on my own well being. This has led to a great deal of isolation. However, five years ago I began investing a great deal of time in a troubled, but joyful man. Last summer, his emotional betrayal of our friendship led to its demise. Although deeply disappointed in the loss, for me it was a wake up call and probably a blessing in disguise. Now that I’m free and healed, I’d like to know how to proceed to improve my romantic and personal life so that I can find lasting love and companionship in a soulmate relationship. Thank you for your insight. Atrium

Thank you for your note, Atrium. I have a little story to tell you. Once upon a time, there was a young woman who was a powerful sorceress, at the time when all women were powerful sorceresses and they knew it. The balance of the Divine Feminine was slipping from the planet, and Her male counterpart had become incredibly saddened by the plight of The People, the pain of His Goddess, yet realized the necessity of The People having to rebuild the balance themselves. You see, as any good active participant knows, we all appreciate more the things we’ve had to create for ourselves, than those created for us…

But this young woman wasn’t so insightful about this decline, as most of her time weren’t, and so many still aren’t. This beauty kept close the items of her magick—a jeweled dagger, a rough chunk of amethyst, several pieces of parchment with her thoughts on them, and a gold ring. It was the latter of these items that caused her the most distress, but it was the first of them which she used to carve out her grief. In what would seem an irrational fit, she gouged out the palms of her hands with the dagger, the only means she could devise of displaying her anguish, and permanently altering the seat of her power—the chakras in her palms. It was widely recognized in that time that a split among The People was occurring far more vast than merely a difference of religion, race, culture, or even gender… Yet it was that latter distinguishing feature in the “evolution” of humankind that the final and most lasting spiritual blow was dealt to our planet: the differentiation of the sexes had devolved into the basis on which not our social status was judged, but our souls. Many men of the time, due to the adjustment to living as separate and distinct sexes, had forgotten how to make their own true soul magick, and reinvented it in a very earthly based etheric rape of that of women. It wasn’t so clear cut as that, but ANYONE, male or female, who continued to uphold tenets of the Divine Feminine were subject to great punishment. The context of this tragedy pained the young sorceress beyond anything she could have imagined possible, yet she was more pained to know that her beloved fiancé had become one of those who sought to keep the Feminine from this plane.

She had tortured herself with knowing that she could not be with such a mate and be true to herself, yet knowing that he remained her soulmate whom she loved infinitely. After much soulsearching and a brief encounter with an angel, the young woman allowed herself to be taken into the realm of the Divine and be healed by the Great Spirit. Her power was restored. She no longer grieved the loss of a life spent with her soulmate. She finally understood that even in his own way, her dear lover was playing out his role in teaching humanity what it needed to learn for itself about the power in honoring the Whole Divine, creating a Whole Humanity. The young woman returned to the place of her dwelling and found that all of her riches, the strongest elements of her power that had been stolen from her in her grief, were buried in the forest. Her heart was tinged with sadness as she knew it was her lover who had stolen this power from her and hidden it, yet she was not moved to take this power back for herself. Instead, she buried it more thoroughly as a symbol of her commitment to and a gift for the Universes that she would play out her role in restoring the balance of the Divine Whole to the planet. She did not need to take this elemental power back because she had learned to source her power from a higher plane.

Atrium, you do not need to play out that role on a Universal level anymore. You have done your part in sacrificing aspects of your own personal life to a greater planetary good. The lovely young woman, a past life soul aspect of you who came to me, has been healed. That in and of itself has created a deep shift for you spiritually, even on a cellular level. This wound, which has been personal and simultaneously Universal carried over lifetimes, is gone for you. You now have the freedom within All That You Are to have deep soulful relationships. Yes, we are still as a collective healing this Original Wound. But this is the part where the Universes pay you back, by letting you know that your focus can return solely to you. To heal yourself is the greatest thing you can do for all of us at this time. It is through this healing that you can now create the space for a soulmate to enter your life. You are an incredibly gifted intuitive, and it is safe for you to be you again. Take some time to meditate on what your soul wants you to do with this newfound freedom. She will lead you toward receiving the blessings of the Universes that are rightfully yours. Be well, Atrium!