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The Weekly Rune – Nauthiz Merkstave

Nauthiz - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley Harrell, Soul Intent Arts

Nauthiz – Need –  Everything happening right now points to glacially slow change. More than that, it emphasizes that pushing outcomes or just rushing our paces will lead to disaster.  We’re in the midst of a Grand Cross this month, and mid-week we reach its most pivotal point. This point urges us to know impeccably what we most want to bring into being right now.

Related to the youngest of the Norns, Skuld, who is the keeper of what “should” be, many assume Nauthiz points to the future. However, wordsmiths among us recognize ‘should’ as a modal auxiliary, indicating that outcomes manifest based on conditions met. In other words, we can set the dominoes up any way we like, and based on our knowledge, skill, and perhaps wisdom, they should fall the way we’ve planned. Yet there are always variables we can’t foresee. The dominoes will fall the way they fall, and we have only to react in the best way that we can.

Futhark_RSSx150Keep the relationship between need and fate in mind this week. So often what we think we need is connected to what we think should happen, what we should get. The appearance of Nauthiz isn’t suggesting that we will or won’t meet our need, but that we be positively certain we can handle what comes.  By that I mean, as this Rune carries the a red flag coloring our efforts, it also brings us the ability to find peace, regardless.

Despite the external chaos the stars stir this week, the impediments we encounter are purely internal. This timing is about thinking carefully, taking the time to intuit rightful action, and following through in a thorough, yet flexible, way.  How we deal with intense stress is the heart of Nauthiz, as in learning to move through that stress, the need is either released or met. It’s transmuted, entirely.

Take time to laugh this week, a lot. The ability to undergo initiation, yet not take its intensity so seriously is our best strategy for survival, our best hope for revival.

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The Weekly Rune – Kenaz Merkstave

Kenaz - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley HarrellKenaz – Torch – The Runes emerging over the last few weeks indicate a pattern of wrestling with inner loss; thus, the emergence of Kenaz as merkstave sheds deeper light on that trend–pardon the pun.  Merkstave, as it is this week, we are challenged to befriend darkness for the moment. Note that Kenaz is brightstave in the image.

A couple of core meanings are associated with this Rune.  It most often regarded as a spark of hope, or enlightenment, out of the blue. Where Hagalaz is unexpected external change, Kenaz is the internal inspiring flame. Thus, a direction toward change is made evident from the shadows.

Another layer to this Rune references a ‘boil,’ or more specifically a blemish, that which is inflamed and restrained.  Suffering secret pain, a buried hurt is a motivating fire, all its own.

Merkstave, though, subtler hues emerge. When I was about seven or eight, a teacher gave an example of holding on to too much. He presented a Mason jar half-filled with glittering pennies, and asked a participant to take as many pennies as she wanted. She reached into the jar and grabbed a handful of pennies, only her hand was so full that her fist wouldn’t fit back through the jar’s opening. Alas, no pennies for her.

When she reached in and took one-at-a-time, she truly could have as many pennies as she wanted. The point of the demonstration was,  if we’re too busy clinging for dear life to habit without exploring better-suited options, we’ll never enjoy choice, freedom, grooving with the flow. Specifically, we can ask for all the gifts of the Multiverse all day, but if our hands are too full of what we’re afraid to put down, we can never receive those gifts.

It’s a little rudimentary but this presentation perfectly represents Kenaz merkstave. In order to have what you want right now, you’re going to have to let to, period. This isn’t even about letting go of what isn’t needed, so much as just letting go–the state of openness, emptiness, and for now, alone-ness, which may or may not include loneliness.


Don’t turn away from what Kenaz shows you this week. See it for what it is, and do what is required of you to let it go.

Bless it.
Thank it.
Love it, and let it move on to its destiny.

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The Weekly Rune – Laguz

Weekly Rune - Laguz, by S. Kelley Harrell, Intentional InsightsLaguz – Water – I’m seeing an interesting pattern with Laguz. The last two times it presented as The Weekly Rune, Mercury was retrograde.  This week it arrives merkstave, though it is pictured brightstave. Despite being home-free of the morass MercR brings, this connection begs us pause.

The prevailing idea here is something else must come to pass before what we’re working on at the moment can manifest. We’re in the groove. We’re flowing, we’re trundling through our paces, paying our dues, entering the home stretch.  We know we’ve got this. So what’s the problem?

Anytime this symbol of flow shows up merkstave, we’re missing part of the picture. We’re so hyper-focused on a passion project that we’re not covering the bases of our heart’s needs.  It can be so easy to miss this, when we’re otherwise hitting on all cylinders. After all, actively experiencing connection with All Things feels that way, yes? Why would we detour, at all?

Well, because Laguz merkstave says to. That’s its purpose. We’re still going to reach the finish line. This stave merely cautions us to take care of this other little heart thing along the way.

It feels like a distraction. In terms of focus, it likely is a distraction. However, without giving attention back to the inner compass, we can’t reach the finish line–no matter how convinced we are that we’re perfectly aligned with that outcome.

Futhark_RSSx150Just as the elements are rallying around us to manifest this passion project, so do they ally with us to make this pit stop.  Remember, this little memo wouldn’t be announcing itself if it didn’t put us in direct contact with deep, unconscious drives to fulfill our desires. It is right.

You’re doing the right thing. Hold that thought, and do a self-check of the heart for the stamina to see it through.

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The Weekly Rune – Hagalaz

Hagalaz, Weekly Rune by S. Kelley HarrellHagalaz – Hail – Fitting that this Rune presents itself today, as most of my region is plunged into the bitterest cold its seen since the mid-1990s. Regardless of where you’re located, this stave speaks of being frozen metaphorically, likewise berated by the elements. Indeed, as fun as it sounds.

This Rune revealed itself merkstave, or face down, initially, which intensifies Hagalaz’s chilly meaning. Generally indicating an abrupt external change, this stave speaks as much about the frozen state it describes, as the destructive force we know hail to be.  It disrupts our flow.  It can take away livelihood, mobility, sustenance, protection.  Hail can be a nasty force. Yet, while it holds aspects of frozen Nature, it’s also in motion, a catalyst for focused change.

Given its merkstave position, Hagalaz portends the process of moving from frozen to new awakening, from the unconscious to conscious awareness. Everything changes. As much as we dislike oracles that indicate things we don’t want to hear, still are we wired to act on their message. In this case, know that change is coming. Don’t fret a battle plan, because despite that we know the thaw will eventually warm us, we don’t know in what area of life the battle will be. Make no grand gestures, now. Sit as gently as possible in the tumultuous stillness.

The challenge this week is to hunker down and be vigilant in our process of tending our needs, particularly the places in life that feel stuck. As life warms, the big break-through will come. This isn’t in question.  Still, the assurance of an outcome doesn’t take the sting out of what we must go though to reach it.

Hagalaz is about active stillness. As the elements shift, our task is to act on the wisdom we gained in the winter of our stillness, so that when the opportunity to get moving again presents itself, we can act on that momentum to align ourselves exactly where we want to go.


Walk the Runic Wheel.



The Weekly Rune – Mannaz

Mannaz - Weekly Rune on Intentional Insights, by S. Kelley HarrellMannaz – human– Again we have another reversed Rune presenting us with an opportunity to go deeper within. As Mannaz reminds us of the strength in human connection, the power of acting with All That Is, so it’s merkstave position calls us to be aware of when we are not connected, when we don’t feel part of the greater flow. Note that Mannaz is pictured upright, or bright-stave.

Last week, Eihwaz encouraged us to change, and Mannaz may be asking us to sit with the effects of that change.  It calls us to put down rational thinking and go with gut feeling, which for some may be frightening to do.

Likewise, as this Rune is about connecting with other people, its reversed position gives caution to the way in which we socialize this holiday season. Calling to mind community concerns, it may be helpful to tend the web, itself. It may not necessarily be about any personal need, but to be aware of our interconnectedness, and perhaps give a little extra to the care of our bonds.

Also, Mannaz  illuminates the human in balance with itself. Take time this week to address Mind/Body/Soul/Emotional needs. Just as you draw on support around you, truly, deeply support yourself. This act of self love is your calling, your gift, and your greatest secret potential.

As you come to terms with your own challenges in connecting, know that you’re not alone. Even through our isolation, we are joined. Everyone you know is going through something that leaves them feeling separate.

Mannaz isn’t without bright notes, regardless of position. Just as merkstave, it indicates feeling outside the web of All Things, so it portends our rejoining.