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New Age Ethics and Taming the Reiki Frontier

Posted by on 3 Apr 2013 in Essay | 0 comments

The ethics of energy and spiritual work is a topic I bring up often, not because I want to push a specific viewpoint, but because we don’t discuss it enough.  A component of the imperialistic western mindset, particularly of Americans, is that if something is available, we have the right to use, repurpose, repackage, and redeliver to consumers whatever we so desire. This truth also pertains to the acquisition of esoteric insight in the New Age.  In classes that I teach, I speak very openly about the many routes on my shamanic path, one of which is Usui Reiki. I’ve discussed in prior blogs my concerns around the New Age handling of Reiki, though I’ve...

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Reiki – Simple Healing, Powerful Ally

Posted by on 15 Aug 2012 in Q&A | 0 comments

Hi Kelley. Some of my Reiki friends get upset because I use Shamanic techniques during my Reiki practice. These same friends, however, will use “psychic surgery” techniques including the psychic extension of their fingers to reach into a client’s etheric/physical body to dislodge or remove energy blocks. My question is: isn’t this “psychic extension of digits” essentially the same as shape-shifting? If so, that is a shamanic practice. If not, I can see little difference between the two, other than degree of transformation of the energetic/physical body. Thanks, R. Just for today - I will not worry. I will not be angry. I will do my...

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Allowing Intuition

Posted by on 22 Dec 2011 in Q&A | 4 comments

Kelley, I enjoy reading your insights. I am 28 years old and have been experiencing bouts of depression for about ten years, although the last few years it has been more consistent. I have tried therapy, medication and even making nutritional changes. I have had a mild positive reaction but the depression seems to be getting worse. I also suffer from anxiety, and have a driving phobia that has affected my life. I often feel disconnected from people I care about. I feel like what I want the most is not available to me, feeling loved and affection. I have a lovely boyfriend but I worry about draining his energy and expecting too much. Please help me, Elizabeth. Thanks for...

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Supersize Chi: The Spiritual Cost of Overconsumption

Posted by on 9 Sep 2011 in Essay, Huffington Post | 0 comments

In a culture in which more is better and excess is revered, the ramifications of consumerist decadence on spiritual wellbeing are pervasive. The urge to overconsume is everywhere. Try finding a unit price of a single item that is cheaper than buying in bulk. Economic considerations aside, the commercial appeal to the baser hunter-gatherer mentality always pushes, “Why have one when you can have three?!” Value meals, bulk household supplies, combo insurance premiums, BOGO clothing … You name it, we bloat it, then encourage all our friends to join in. We over eat, we over consume, we overspend, frequently all at once. True to capitalist form, when we...

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Reality TV: The Root Chakra Darling

Posted by on 3 Mar 2011 in Essay, Huffington Post | 0 comments

Who will survive the crocodile pit to win the $10,000 and a trip to Disney? Will Dave ditch Anya in order to find out if Greg is really a virgin? Stay tuned, as we decide tonight, right here and now, who deserves to realize the dream of a lifetime, and who goes back home to sell car insurance… It’s definitely slim pickings if you are looking for higher awareness entertainment on television these days. What? Did I just suggest that television, the raging noise box that brought the hips of rock-n-roll into the homes of innocent Americans, ever had the potential of providing material capable of creating higher consciousness? Why, yes, I believe I did. And I...

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