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Weekly Rune – Uruz

Uruz - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley HarrellUruz – Auroch – I always pay close attention when Uruz turns up in a cast, as something wild is about to happen. Through the Rune story of the last few weeks, we’ve been on this course of taking things deeper, a quiet time of culling resources to support the true self, and learning more about who that is. With the advent of Uruz, we’re standing right at the threshold of impeccably knowing hidden truth.

Ordinarily when Uruz visits, I’d say we’re about to  greet deep personal insight evidencing who we are and what we’re doing in our lives. Emerging from the pattern we’ve seen over the last month or so, the Runes have been telling us this consistently. No news there. However, a component of Uruz that often goes missed in many interpretations is that of seeing Nature’s mysteries. We’re all pretty familiar with the process by which we create ourselves, however active in it we choose to be. Most of us, though, don’t take the time to realize when we’re at a threshold, not just about to step into another expression of self, but being aware of that fact, as we are doing it.

That time is now, and the realization is that we are both the mystery and its wisdom. We are the summation of the work of our lives, and how we carry that into new experiences, all at once.

Take a moment to bless where you are in life at this time. Look back at what brought you here and bless every step, every stumble. When we can look back and see our past without charge, we can move into the mystery of our present with faith. So step on through, and know this new place is the effort of your work, the sandbox of new creation.


Weekly Rune – Uruz

Uruz - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley HarrellUruz – Auroch – This second Rune of the First aett hasn’t come up in a long time. In the story of the Runes, Uruz is the first point that we become aware of our ability to shape the Universe. We become aware of Nature’s Mysteries, specifically, that we are one of them. How, then, does Uruz shed light on our ability to shape ourselves?

This week look to the story we tell about ourselves. Uruz begins a deep transformation in how we manifest ourselves.  How we manifest ourselves depends on the inner story we tell. Is the one we’re actually telling in sync with the one we want to tell? If not, now is the time to change it. The magick of Uruz lies in the ability to realize that we are the only ones who can control both the story and its delivery. Responsibility, then, is a key component, as is the realization that we can’t control how our story is accepted. This understanding creates a recursive wisdom pointing back to ourselves as the shapers of our destiny.

The ability to change our inner story relies on our ability to see its value. In order to see its value we have to take time to understand what we’re telling at present, and know how we want to write it differently. Take some time this week to investigate where the story needs to change, and write that revision. Literally, sit down and write it out. We overlook such simple acts of manifestation as expressing the inner story into art. When we breathe our story into art, we give it life. We honor it. We make it real.

Uruz indicates a rite of passage into awakened personhood. This week we stand on the verge of intense self-empowerment. The elements support it, so go ahead.  Jump off. Because we are so active in our stories, we’ll be there to catch ourselves.

Creative Authenticity in the Workplace

Kelley,  While I enjoy my current job, it has gotten to a stage where I walked out and cannot face returning.  I wish I could make a living from my creativity,  but that seems like an impossible dream. I don’t want to be trapped in my current situation, but the only place I can go is another dead-end job and they may not tolerate my physical and mental illness.  Will I ever be able to follow my own heart-song? Thanks–EJ.

Thanks for your note, EJ.  This stage in your growth is about balance, specifically standing solid in your true self across different worlds.  The core issue is being able to be your creative self and carry that into other, more linear areas of life.  Within you is a belief that you must abandon creativity in order to walk out the door every day, not just regarding day jobs, but to deal with people and life, in general.  This belief generates others, such as “I can’t be myself in ___ company,” or “I can’t interact the way I truly want to in ___ situations.”

This duality of living has set up a  dynamic in which you compartmentalize your creativity, expressing it in the areas you want to and deem worthy of it, while withholding it from areas you feel don’t deserve it. This divvying up of self hurts.

I see sprawling patterns of submersion into either linear, mundane pursuits, or escapist, colorful art–rarely a peaceful balance between both.  One extreme of hardship cannot exist without the other.  Lopping off the artful self to survive in the suit world can only lead to approaching creativity as a wildfire escapist pursuit.  The result is an antagonistic relationship with the outside world and art, whose creation feels like chopping off one of your limbs.  That pattern becomes  self-sacrificial, in which your linear life never gets the best of you, thus can’t prosper,  and your creative world is locked into acting out the anger of that omission.   A push-pull pattern crops up in which these extremes start to feed off of each other and snowball.

Our creativity is our true self, and expressing it must go far beyond breathing it into how we make a living.  We can’t turn our true selves off and on situationally and expect them to carry and sustain us.  Rationing creativity results in bipolarism of the spirit.  Our creativity is also our life force.  When we turn it off and on like a spigot, we start to become less and less able to control the valve.  This manifests in feeling that we’ve lost our artistic skills, collusion of life dynamics that distract us from creative pursuits, and ever-building animosity toward the areas of life that provide our practical means to be artistic.

Expressing our true selves requires a relationship that must be cultivated, like any other. Your guides show me that building this relationship requires full focus on healing that relationship.  Even fun extracurricular activities like studies or travel overtax you right now.  Clear expression relies on keeping the filter for the voice as clear as possible.  To attempt to make art both your survival and soul jobs before doing this healing will only strain the voice further.  There is a deep need to delve in and remember art for art’s sake, and in doing so rekindle the relationship with your true self.

Of course you can’t cloister yourself away from the world to do this healing, though you can greet Life with the agreement that healing comes first.  Healing the fatigue and resentment that has built up from compartmentalizing yourself will improve your worldview as well as your self-view, your art, and your means of earning a living.  By bringing your creative originality and authenticity into every aspect of your life as an ongoing personal spiritual practice, it will just be there in times that you need it to carry you.  Sparse times will become far fewer.

Can you make a living through the expression of your heartsong?  Yes.  The trick is beginning to express your heartsong no matter what, through absolutely everything you do, right now, so that the job that can honor your creativity can come.

Blessings, EJ.

Wise Voice – Janet Riehl – Author, Poet, Artist

I first met Janet through the chance joining of our work in Terry Laszlo-Gopadze’s anthology, “The Spirit of a Woman – Stories to Empower and Inspire.” Inspired by her words and vision connecting through art forms and with people, I consider her passion necessary to pass on to my readers.

Twisted Arms, by Janet Riehl

Twisted Arms, by Janet Riehl

Goddess in the Clay Amphora
by Janet Grace Riehl

There she is.
The goddess in the clay amphora.
The genie is the bottle.
Her torso only. Head, arms, legs left to suggestion.
Her little breasts, although she got a solution for breast augmentation
More belly and triangle next time.
Buttocks with a slight cleft. No tools. Just smooshed by fingers.
I’ll leave her here surrounded by the finger crunchies
that look like vertebrae or mud dauber nests.

The dousing rod twig, flipped. Which way?
The question becomes a container…a womb for an embryonic soul.
Being born out of this cocoon time.
Thumbs and forefingers enclose a womb.

I made all three of these clay sketches with my left hand.
They vary by size of clay.
Amount of pressure.
Slight reworking.
Look at the little cave and the little knot at the top!
The backs, the palm sides are more still. They hold the imprint of the lines of my hand.

Clay knuckles, not brass.
Knuckle down, Janet, get to work.
What would you have me do, Goddess?
I hold her like a talking stick and she speaks:
“Worship me.
Adore me.
Do my work which is your work.”

Janet is an award-winning author, blogger, and conference presenter living in St. Louis.  Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary, told in story poems, was recently made into an audio book  Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music.  Twice selected as finalist for Poet Laureate of Lake County, California and a member of Authors Guild, her poems, stories and essays are published in national literary magazines and several anthologies.  Visit her website, and find her on Facebook and @riehlife.

Wise Voice – Terri St. Cloud, Bone Sigh Arts

Through some mix of leaps and clicks, I found Terri St. Cloud and Bone Sigh Arts a year or so ago. The feelings her work evoked slid between words and dodged their usual emotional barriers, and I found her imaginative agility profound.  On her site she describes her art as “sighs from my depths, sighs from my very bones.”  I knew exactly what she meant and the pain that can come from being that reed.  Social networking kept me abreast of new artistic releases, but a wild little twist of fate introduced me to her formally a little over a week ago. It is my pleasure to gift her to my readers now.

When Kelley asked me if I’d be interested in writing a ‘guest insight’ dealing with the spiritual nature of my work, I was intrigued. Did I even have any insights? I toyed with the idea a bit. How do I explain my heart stuff? And then I thought of something I wrote once:

“i want my heart to open, and open, and open, ’cause i think god’s in there.’

Yeah, that’d probably be my insight. That whatever happens inside my heart, when I connect to it and open it and offer it–that’s where I touch the sacred. It happens when I create my bone sighs, the name I give my creations. And it happens when I offer them to the world. There is as much power in the offering as there is in the creating. And I’m thinking that deal is probably the same for everyone.


Holiness by Terri St. Cloud

I stumbled into this whole way of life in the darkest time I’ve ever experienced. I wrote to stay sane, adding art to the words was my way of honoring them.   That’s another insight I have at times and then I lose again–in the darkness, there is gold. We don’t need to be frightened of it. That truth slips out of my fingers too often, but I believe it and I’ve experienced it. There’s magic in the dance, even the dark parts. Maybe especially in the dark parts.

Those two thoughts mix together in my work… and my life.

terri st. cloud is a woman on a journey to find real.
you can find pieces of her journey at Bone Sigh Arts.  her latest release is her white tree,  sharing words and symbols of regrowth to women who have suffered trauma.  follow terri @terristcloud and on Facebook.

Writing Your First Line: The Shamanic Induction of Storytelling


I was asked by the curators of Books by Women to write a guest blog. Writing Your First Line: The Shamanic Induction of Storytelling is a brief exposé not only on why I read, but why I choose to be a writer and how these dovetail into my spiritual path.

Intentional Insights is a Q&A column inviting you to look inside yourself. Submit questions regarding a brief Soul Reading, spiritual healing, paranormal experiences, or shamanism, to Kelley at soulintentarts dot com, or to schedule a full-length Soul Reading. Intentional Insights is a production of Soul Intent Arts, LLC, © 2011 All Rights Reserved.
Read more of Kelley’s writing at KelleyHarrell.com and on The Huffington Post. Order a signed copy of Gift of the Dreamtime – Awakening to the Divinity of Trauma.

Cellular Music Man

Dear Kelley, This question is for my husband, Mark. His career in music has been a roller coaster for his whole life. Now that he seems to have more skills and experience than ever, the business has taken a dramatic turn for the worse in the last few years. He recently finished a solo project, that seems to be hitting roadblock after roadblock, and other types of work in music is way down. He seems to be confronted with a midlife crisis where his achievements don’t necessarily add up to being in demand or making a living. Is there a message or lesson he’s missed that’s preventing him from progressing?

Initially I am greeted by a fluffy white male rabbit. I ask the rabbit what he needs Mark to know at this time, and he says, “that he’s not following his path.” He goes on to tell me that Mark is on a path of fulfilling needs, rather than on the path of his heart. I ask the rabbit how music fits into Mark’s heart path, and he says, “it is the language he knows and best relates to.” According to the rabbit, the ‘roadblock’ that Mark perceives in not manifesting a living with music is that his heart is incongruous with his body. When he says this I know that he means on an energetic level, Mark is trying to create music outwardly without cultivating it inwardly first. Music is part of Mark on a cellular level, not just an emotional or artistic expression. Viewing it as only those things is creating a lack in the true power that music can have in his health, his perspective, his viability as an artist, his expression as a healer, and his ability to provide for himself at the level needed. It isn’t about Mark’s talent being able to support him financially, but about Mark’s ability to fully support his musical gift in how he honors it.

Mark’s form is very influenced by music, in that it activates and revitalizes him. Music must be in all levels of his being, not just in selected parts of his being. In essence, that commitment and honoring of music being a vital part of his life force has not been there on a structural and energetic level. Without that full integration, Mark’s cells aren’t completely speaking to each other. Certain synapses never get to fire, because they are not being energetically connected to music. The rabbit describes this as a case of “the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. While this is organic, it’s not a dynamic approach for Mark’s whole.”

I ask the rabbit how Mark can infuse music throughout his being, and he tells me that Mark must learn to feel the music and rhythm in all things—the food he eats, the air he draws and releases, even of the Earth’s resonance. There is an element of observing the wonder of music in these acts, as well as an element of humility. The ability to feel the pulse of all things at that level is his heart’s source. Mark can connect with this ability and music that is in all things by toning his chakras, meditating to draw that light and color into his body and moving it up the chakra system. The rabbit says that light and color are sound, and for Mark to learn to recognize the unique sound in every color.

I ask the rabbit how he is significant to the music in Mark’s life, and he tells me that rabbits are low and close to the ground. They feel the pulse of the Earth in their whole bodies at once. He says that when rabbits run, they are carried by the rhythm of the wind. As well, he says their ears tune into the star’s songs. Walking with Mark, the rabbit can help him to do the same. The rabbit is a powerful ally to speak with in meditation.

The rabbit says that Mark can work with him as a means of feeling the music in all things by honoring the simplicity of all things. He encourages Mark to allow the connection with what he perceives is blocking his abundance through music, and realize these blocks are friends and teachers. They do not impede his musical path. By being able to find and connect with the music in all things, including in himself energetically, Mark can draw that connection up his chakra system and life force, and allow it to not only strengthen his inspiration and ability to create, but to draw to him the people and situations who can help him further develop this connection.
Music abounds for you, Mark, as well as the support of it! Be well!