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The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, Intentional Insights, Soul Intent Arts

Being Divine – Planning for the Afterlife

Hi Kelley. I’ve always believed that the individual soul is eternal, but lately I’ve read that eventually the soul merges with God and loses its individuality when it is “finished” learning all that it can. Is this how it goes? Do we really all lose our soul and all whom we’ve loved? This thought brings me such sadness, I would really appreciate your insight. Thank you, Briana

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

Thanks for your note, Briana. I’m not certain how it goes, and I dare say anyone else is. All I can express around the experiences of a soul are that of my own, through my shamanic journeys.

This sounds like more of a riddle than I intend, but the only way we can re-integrate with Source is if we believe we were ever separate from it to begin with. I have not found it to be true that we are separate from Source, or from anything else in All Things. This unity is the core basis of animism.

An indigenous creation story I read years ago explains it better than I could (I tore the house looking for it, to no avail, so if I find it will include the source ;). After a very long time of being, the Source of All Things (God) felt that it had reached a limit in the range of experiences it could have just being its singular self. To broaden its viewpoint and expand its consciousness, it decided to experience itself different ways, so that it could learn more about All Things, thus itself. So it split itself up and came into form as trees, water, dogs, people…

I’ve never read a creation story that resonated more with me than that one. The confidence I take from it is something we have been told is a dangerous belief, and that is: we are all Divine. All of us, every one. Every person you meet is connected to you, every flower, every raindrop. We are all looking back at ourselves and simultaneously creating our unique lives, feeling isolated.

The sense of isolation, itself, my guides tell me, is The Fall. The belief that we are all Source is what we come here to be reminded, yet our very birth and formation into earthly consciousness strips that truth away. We spend life figuring out how to remember. In that sense, life is preparation for the afterlife, not the other way around.  And because you think to ask the question, Briana, because an opposing belief challenged your isolation, you are remembering.

There to Here – Life and Choices of the Soul

Two questions I’m frequently asked are, “If the soul is already aware and perfect, why would it choose to manifest in the Earth realm?” and “Why does the soul choose such challenging experiences?” Why, indeed.

First off, I have no idea. I couldn’t tell you. At best, I can share what wisdom I’ve gleaned from my personal experiences and those of soul kin whose process I’ve had the opportunity to witness.

It seems that the state of consciousness out of form, or some might say, “between lives,” is very different from consciousness in form. Peaceful souls out of form aren’t attached to emotion as humans are. They exist in a liberated state with nothing distracting them from being connected with All Things. They only know their true essence, while the quintessential challenge of formed being is to remember we are spirit in flesh. It is to remember that we are part of All Things.

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

Being separate from emotion allows the soul to see things very differently. Specifically, it allows the soul to see life on Earth very differently. From its removed vantage point where it is finely tuned into All Things, the soul looking ‘down’ at earthly life experiences only passion. Joy, anger, frustration, grief, peace, hunger, sensuality… any feeling, emotion, or state of being that stirs desire is merely experienced as passion. Passion is the key motivator in the human experience. When connected to one’s spiritual guidance, passion moves obstacles, transcends philosophies, creates new frontiers. Without the connection to All Things, ie, in the lack of remembering that one is spirit in flesh, ego-driven passion blinds, infuriates, and often leads to spirals of stagnating experiences. Usually a realization of some sequence of self-fulfilled prophecies and reawakening to the soul’s needs for returning creates pause. Within this quiet space is generally my first meeting place with new clients. From this rich (though often not quiet) pause between a heritage of soul wisdom and human calamity, questions of life purpose and soul origin emerge. Even asking the questions initiates growth, because it means allowing guidance from the soul rather than the ego. It means healthily detaching from emotion.

A pervasive thought many soul seekers hold is that they chose their lives, not just its manifestation, but the circumstances of it. This perspective can be extremely unsettling to those whose lives are pain-filled. Despite feeling connected to that truth of choice, there is disdain for the thought that one would choose trauma, loss, pain, or frustration on the earthly journey. In my spirit communication with the souls of humans, Nature spirits, guides, and entities who have never been in form–what ones would call angels or the Light Choir–the element of choice is still pervasive, even under dire circumstances. However, what becomes apparent is also that the perspective we held as souls between lives choosing to come into form is not the same once it manifests in the earthly domain. In the mindspace of the soul, we choose how we will create ourselves in form. There are no lessons or objectives we must complete, no tests from the Divine. We choose how we want to create ourselves, and that choice is made with the full support and wisdom of All Things. However, once in form, things move slower. They’re more dense. Greater than those states, we feel, and in the overwhelming nature of feeling we begin forgetting that Divine connection. We do not readily feel connected to All Things, and that’ where the tribulation starts. In the between life space, we forget the hardship of work. We forget the pain of growth. We forget the passion of the soul growing and become immersed wholly in the emotional experience of being.

Consider that the soul is consciousness, and the sole purpose of consciousness is to expand itself–to create itself as it wants to be. As a good friend once said to me, “Consciousness knows, ‘Go!'” That’s all it knows, not “hang on a second,” or “slow down,” much the same way that going nonstop is all children know. As students in academic programs, we are often eager to take on heavy course loads because we want to immerse ourselves in subjects that provoke and change us, even when seasoned advisers warn of taking on too much or very challenging material. All we know is that we want to expand ourselves, without realizing the minute details of how demanding it will be, how much time and energy it will take, what of us it will change. Then consider a campus full of others enthusiastically navigating their own creation and it’s no wonder that we become focused on more mundane experiences.

I firmly believe that forgetting the wisdom of the between life is a core facet in the blueprint of the soul coming here and learning to remember there. Forgetting our higher spiritual nature is part of the plan. It is intended that we birth through the veil of the Divine into the realm of humanity feeling the struggle of that delivery, just as the earth is both the colorful pallet by which we create ourselves, as well as the paintbrush.

Bless however you create yourself, and know that you are empowered to be as you want to be, at anytime. There are tools and skilled caregivers to assist you. If you have reached that space of questioning and you want to find your answers, consider contacting me for remote work, or let me know where you live and I will find someone near you to work with in person.
As always, be well.

Conductor of Souls

I’ve been asked about the word ‘psychopomp’ several times lately, and it was suggested that a bit of explaining might do. Psychopomp is Greek for ‘conductor of souls,’ or someone whose role is to peacefully lead the departed to their next experience. Traditionally shamans are psychopomps, or deathwalkers, as others refer to them. In that context, there is a good bit more involved than escorting the dead onward and upward. In my childhood were several ongoing experiences that convinced me I was having a different go of things than most, and seeing dead people was one of them. It wasn’t until my late teens that I put the pieces together and understood that I was a natural deathwalker.

In order to be effective as a psychopomp, one has to possess reasonable skills in counseling, nurturing, protection, good boundaries, as well as the obvious ability to move between realms and know to where souls should be directed when they move on. My innate skills lay in seeing souls, but that was about it. I first had to learn not to be afraid of them, as often they were frightening and gruesome, in order to understand why they were coming to me. I gained initial insight into that dynamic on my own, then later learned specific techniques to help them transition. There are many ways to accomplish that purpose, some as simple as opening space and ‘pushing them’ up, or literally escorting them through in an ecstatic trance state. Others that I’ve found useful involve Middle World journeys to release them (solo energies and group), and a group Brazilian mediumistic technique called mesa blanca, which focuses on the release of suffering spirits.
Ultimately the goal is for the souls to move to their next experience of themselves peacefully. Life force isn’t created to be stagnant. It is progressive, evolving energy that needs to maintain challenging experiences to raise its consciousness. Stuck in place, that elevation of awareness can’t happen, and that’s when problems begin. Sometimes releasing life force goes more smoothly than others. Often souls who are invested in the chaos they create in the formed world are less likely to move on, and encouraging them to do so requires skill in counsel, negotiation, and protection. In many cases, the dead don’t realize they are dead, and that reality can be very upsetting to them. Again, finesse is required. On rarer occasions, they just refuse to move on, and this requires a mutual respect. As with the living, we can only be where we are; we can’t force ourselves or anyone else to be where they are not.
A caveat to releasing the dead is, sometimes the spirits in this realm aren’t of the deceased. There are different schools of thought on this scenario, of which I find souls that were never in form require a different approach to address their needs and release them. These usually are energies that have languished for centuries, or longer, if not are elementals and collective buildup resulting from the planet’s etheric grid being congested. Places, structure become entities separate from the people who dwell in them, and sometimes need to be cleared. Nature spirits sometimes need to be appeased and released. Sometimes people become attached to spirits or loved ones, and in the process of depossesion that spirit needs help moving on. The scenarios of psychopomp work are unique and possibly infinite.
It is our nature to keep moving, progressing. When any facet of our diverse souls doesn’t grow, All Things staggers under the weight of that stagnation. My approach to facilitating that has been to teach classes on how to die, as with all things, education goes a long way. In that way, education itself acts as a soul conductor. And in learning how to die, most of us truly begin to live.

Threat and the Afterlife

My mother is in her 80s, and recently was sitting in her TV chair just falling a sleep, when she awoke to find a 6-7 year-old boy standing in front of her. He was smiling, dressed in old-fashioned clothes, and had dark blond hair. She was startled but not frightened. Who was this boy? Thanks, Linda.

Watching TV

Watching TV by Retro Graphics

Thanks for your note, Linda. A long time ago, the little boy burned to death on or near the land where your mother lives. He’s remained “stuck” because his death experience with fire made him fear the ‘hellish’ afterlife that had been used as a constant threat to keep him in line by his family. His fear of possibly burning in Hell kept him from moving on. He was very pleased that your mother perceived him, as he has gotten bored with merely existing between. When I offer to escort him to a place where he can heal, he goes willingly and moves on with thanks.

Your mother saw him at that specific time because she was in a deep enough trance state to be aware of things she wouldn’t normally, yet was still able to interact with her surroundings. This state is called theta, or cognisant dreaming. This is the trance state that I go into when I journey to the spirit world, or when I do energy healing. Half of it was that she was in theta. The other half was that the little boy chose to let her see him. I’d say if your mother wants to, she could be a natural at controlling her ability to move in and out of theta, which also means she could hone her skills as a spirit communicator.

Be well, Linda.

Missing Person, Hidden Agenda

Kelley, a friend went missing last year, and the case has revealed nothing. Would you mind giving your thoughts on it? Thanks, BFF.

Thanks for your note, BFF. For my response to this inquiry, all personal information has been removed, and “Jane” is the missing woman. It’s very difficult to connect to the overall dynamic of how she went missing. As soon as I feel it, it’s as though I’m bounced away. Instantly, I feel a sense of self-culpability regarding her absence, but also regarding some state of her life well before she went missing. She’s making it clear that she doesn’t want me to see, which I respect. I can’t force anything. I would like to provide her loved one with info, if possible, however. Instead of trying to connect with her, I focus on the time and area in which she went missing. Instantly, I see the face of a dark man. When I try to read that further I get nothing, as if I hadn’t really seen it. I focus on her earthly consciousness, and feel that it is no longer in her body. When I focus on how it left her body, I find myself looking up through icy cold water into woods, where people rarely are. Attempting to read that experience further, the image of a head with a plastic bag over it is forced into my field. At this point I am perfectly clear that Jane doesn’t want me to know what happened to her. As I get a feel on something, she interferes and I lose bearings on the dynamic. A final attempt to connect with an aspect of her that is able to communicate with me renders a sobbing Jane. When I ask her if she is OK, she tells me that she’s fine. She doesn’t feel or present herself as fine at all, yet she insists. When I ask her why she is upset, she says, “I can’t breathe.”

I take Jane up for healing, and after, we sit on a rock in Spirit space. I ask her how she feels now, and she tells me, “Embarrassed.” Repeatedly she says this, but when I ask her to help me understand how to soothe her, she only attempts to redirect me again. I ask her to tell me about the embarrassment, and she goes silent. At this point along a deathwalk, it is unusual for a newly released soul still to be emotionally involved with the affairs of the living, not to want to facilitate balance. I tell her that I realize I’m being very intrusive at a sensitive time, but to show some compassion for those who are worried about her and give me something to report to them. Jane then tells me that she was involved with a married man, who when she said she was tired of hiding, became violent. She even gives me a name; however, when I hold the energy of what she is saying, I feel nothing. Perfectly flat. Understand that I am not a crime solver. I am not a details collector. I am a deathwalker. My job is to facilitate the released consciousness to the point that it can peacefully re-enter Source and move on to its destiny. It’s also my job to make sure there are no discordant connections left by the earthly consciousness, and Jane is intentionally impeding this healing. Anything that comes up along that process is incidental. That said, I don’t feel that Jane is telling me the truth. I feel without question that she is deeply ashamed about her death and having caused it, as well as the circumstances of some hidden aspect of her life leading up to it. My sense is that Jane was mentally ill and the people around her did not realize just how difficult it was for her to manage. That she may have intentionally created her own death would not sit well with them, and in Jane’s mind, that she led such a deeply troubled existence embarrasses her. She holds strong stigma around her mental struggles. I can’t force someone to tell the truth. All I can do is register if the vibration of what the being communicates matches its life force. Jane’s doesn’t. Despite that the details of her account don’t match up etherically, she’s been through a trauma and is expressing that she’s not ready to let go of it. Jane sits in a wonderfully peaceful space, so that when she is ready, she has the angelic support to move on well.

As I leave her, something odd happens. From a remote view, I see myself walking away from Jane, who is still seated on the rocks with the angelic beings. Jane turns into a large, bright green reptile and explodes, projecting herself toward me. The beings intervene and keep her from reaching me. Not common, though not unheard of, altercations with the disembodied occur. My sense of Jane’s aggression toward me is that she is deeply ashamed and doesn’t want anyone to know how her hidden life contributed to her death. For me that last act seals that Jane is mentally imbalanced, and was so at her death.

I don’t feel that anyone else was directly involved in Jane’s death. I do think that there could be a clandestine relationship on the periphery, though it was with a woman, not a man. I don’t feel that this woman was aware of Jane’s mental condition. I also feel that Jane is keeping her body from being found, and that’s why she’s not moving on. In her consciousness, which is not balanced, she equates being found with secrets revealed. I don’t feel that her body would reveal any foul play or evidence of an untoward lifestyle. Still, her shame over her death is deep. I feel that she is safely contained, though her earthly conscious is still very much engaged. I expect that she will move on when she feels safe to do so.

BFF, I’m sorry for your loss, and I hope that you find the mundane answers that you need to find your balance.