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The Dead Time

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Every year I honor The Dead Time by posting some of my creepier accounts mucking about in the Middle World. Last year I compiled them, along with a few new stories, in  Real Wyrd: A Modern Shaman’s Roots in the Middle World.  To our Western European Pagan forebearers, Samhain marked the beginning of the Dead Time. At harvest’s end when the sunlight was in short supply, it was a natural time of thanksgiving. On a practical level, it was appropriate to cull what must be stored for sustenance during winter, what must be seed for the next planting season. Spiritually, it was the time of honoring the spirit world—deities, Nature spirits, and the recently deceased....

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Author S. Kelley Harrell on writing, life, and shamanism

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A bit back I had the pleasure of being interviewed by David Garlow of the Examiner.com. Here’s a reprise if you missed it: With all of the writing groups that writers take part in you are bound to see subjects of every type come across your screen. It is how we all connect, interact, and help be it through promoting, beta reading, and feedback on ideas or paragraphs, even a simple sentence. Within these I could not help but notice Kelley Harrell for her subject, personality, and approachability. Believe me, not all writers are that approachable; I compare it to a gamers group or even a music scene with competition, some prima donna egos, you know; like anything...

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Create Intentional Insights’ New Direction

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The Healing Story

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A bit back my story was featured on Candid Slice, a very cool, conscientious blog based on the Triangle area, in NC. The Healing Story – Listen, Share, Inspire, Heal Everyone said I was a daydreamer at best, dissociative at worst. Not wrong assumptions, just incomplete. I told them I was a writer trying on plots. Method acting takes the stage, mezzofiction fills the page. Years and a lot of intuition later, my fantasy world collided in a series of metaphors more grounded than my waking life. I became a series of soul stories, a narrative of personal symbols and mythology. These stories were, literally, me. My self. Is it any surprise that our earliest form of healing is...

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2012 Winter Solstice, So Say the Runes

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When I decided to offer Winter Soulstice readings to clients, I did a general Rune reading of the life force, itself, how it’s shifting, what that means for the planet. After years of culling through what the Mayans say is happening now, what everyone else says, and taking my own feelings of it into consideration, I call the current state a ‘hinge time.’ We’re living at a time when many things are changing–things that really haven’t changed in thousands of years in how humans occupy space here. It only seemed balanced to hear the Runes’ perspective on this time, and as always they affirm and surprise. When I read the Runes as a...

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