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The Healing Story

A bit back my story was featured on Candid Slice, a very cool, conscientious blog based on the Triangle area, in NC.

The Healing Story – Listen, Share, Inspire, Heal

Everyone said I was a daydreamer at best, dissociative at worst. Not wrong assumptions, just incomplete. I told them I was a writer trying on plots. Method acting takes the stage, mezzofiction fills the page.

Years and a lot of intuition later, my fantasy world collided in a series of metaphors more grounded than my waking life.

I became a series of soul stories, a narrative of personal symbols and mythology. These stories were, literally, me. My self.

Is it any surprise that our earliest form of healing is also our first theatre–storytelling via empathy–the ability to feel as others do through reading facial expressions, body language?

Through this neurological weaving, we don’t simply connect with each other and share feelings, we give healing. We write healing stories.

Throughout archaic history, healing stories are mystical tales birthed from personal tribulation and victory, which are then shared. The process of relating the personal chronicle has several effects.

In hearing the yarn, empathy is generated in listeners. They connect with the emotions of the storyteller, which stir memories and feelings of their like experience.

The Listener becomes inspired. They honor and value their personal stories.

The Listener’s personal stories are aroused. The wound is witnessed, thus healing becomes possible, as does a conception of life beyond the wound. Through ownership of the process healing occurs. Listeners tell their stories. Inspiration is shared.

No more animistic mechanism than the healing story exists, no deeper sharing of what makes us vitally human.

In this tradition of one person sharing the narrative, a single story heals a village. Such is the hero’s journey, the evolution of the wounded healer, the shamanic narrative, even today. The visions that cloud, the scenes that replay, distracting from the rest of life, from the self that could be more completely be…

Be them and they will speak. Write them and they will heal. Heal, and we all thrive.

Originally published on Candid Slice.

2012 Winter Solstice, So Say the Runes

2012 Winter Solstice Runes

When I decided to offer Winter Soulstice readings to clients, I did a general Rune reading of the life force, itself, how it’s shifting, what that means for the planet. After years of culling through what the Mayans say is happening now, what everyone else says, and taking my own feelings of it into consideration, I call the current state a ‘hinge time.’ We’re living at a time when many things are changing–things that really haven’t changed in thousands of years in how humans occupy space here. It only seemed balanced to hear the Runes’ perspective on this time, and as always they affirm and surprise.
When I read the Runes as a spread, I determine what spread I’m going to use first. There are many variations, and I go with the one that best lends meaning to my intention. When I’m doing a quick spread, I generally draw three Runes, the first one as the center, or focus at present, the next Rune as what came before, and the final Rune as the support available to foster the best outcome of the present. The center Rune is the main focus. The next Rune is actually the “first” Rune, and it’s placed to the right, while the final Rune would be placed to the left.

As I rifled through what spread would be the best one to use for this Solstice reading, I came up with nothing. I was led to just draw.

As the first Rune that came was Wunjo, I placed it as the focus of the present. Berkano came next. They are shown here, read right to left.

Berkano means tree, the specific type depending on cultural interpretation of various iterations of the Hávamál. The overall meaning of Berkano is fruition, work that has yielded beneficial outcome and is now complete. Wunjo means joy, the state in which we are aligned with what we wish and the ability to create it.

My habit was to reach for a third and final Rune, though each time I let the cool staves rustle over my fingers, I felt nothing, no resonance urging me to go further. The significance of that abbreviated gesture seems to be aligned with exactly the energy of this Solstice, and with the message of this reading. Stay in the present. Go with what is. There’s no need to push.

In short, through the Runes this transition speaks itself:

Dues are paid. Make a wish.


From now through the end of January I am offering special 2012 Winter Soulstice Distance Readings. These readings focus only on the intention of learning how your True Self advises you to work with the shift in energies at this astrally auspicious time. Everyone is familiar with the shifts in consciousness taking root, now. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn what they mean specifically for you! These readings are $65, are half an hour, and will only be scheduled through 31 January.

To schedule a Winter Soulstice Distance Reading, remit payment via Paypal as a personal transaction to kelley at soulintentarts dot com. When I receive your payment, I will email the date of your reading. Allow 24-48 hours to receive the writeup of the reading.

To cover other intentions in distance readings, refer to the options listed on my website.

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