The Mindful Etheric Wellbeing Series

In 15 years of working with others in a shamanic capacity, I’ve seen that there’s no lack of belief, motivation, or conviction to heal. What most people don’t have are basic mindfulness skills to keep themselves on task in the every day.  Mindfulness is healing. That said, most people can get through crisis better than they can get through a work lunch, family reunion, or holiday.

Likewise, there’s no lack of miracles from the hands of a shaman, a doctor, a therapist, a masseuse. What happens once a client walks out the door is beyond the control of the care provider, so it becomes imperative that the client be equipped with tools that sustain their miracles. Isolated spiritual healing isn’t going to sustain longterm any better than popping a pill without a commitment to daily mindfulness practice. Without a daily spiritual discipline, spiritual healing can’t be sustained.

I’ve created The Mindful Etheric Being Series as a means of teaching techniques to self-manage through mindfulness, what I consider ’til your next session’ bite-sized morsels of peace.’ My goal in this series is to teach brief exercises that accomplish mindfulness, which quite possibly further spiritual healing, and provide an overall sense that wellbeing can be sustained between visits to the doctor, acupuncturist, shaman, or therapist, or just to drive the daily commute in a more informed way. Thus, the techniques taught in this series are intended for self-work, and are not for use on others.

From a shamanic standpoint, these techniques are Middle World journeys, without employing the mechanism of ecstatic trance.

The Mindful Etheric Wellbeing Series

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