Samhain Stories – An Unearthly Warning

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Real Wyrd - A Modern Shaman's Roots in the Middle World by S. Kelley HarrellEvery year on Intentional Insights I share some of my more charged, spooky, Samhain Stories. This year I am releasing a collection of such encounters in Real Wyrd – A Modern Shaman’s Roots in the Middle World, to give further insight into my experiences.

As a lifelong intuitive and neoshaman by choice for over two decades, not all of my experiences with the spirit world have had direction, instruction, or even clarity. Every one of them, though, has meaning. Working with the unseen of the earthly realm is an opportunity to learn about life out of form, and be of some kind of service to spirits in need. Working with the other side of death equips me better this side of life.

Although the incidents in this story only marginally include me, this experience reminded me of the many reasons that spirits visit us, and introduced me to a phenomenon I hadn’t experienced before: An Unearthly Warning

What unusual encounters have you had?  How have they affected your life?  Comment on your experiences and be entered to win a free ebook of Real Wyrd!

Real Wyrd is available in print (this weekend) and ebook editions at:


  1. We have a spirit in our house I think. He’s been there since we moved in (my parents, I mean, and my brother and I when we were about 6 years old) One time my brother and I were playing in our bedroom, and the closet door was open, and we saw a shoe tap by itself, twice! My brother still remembers this just as vividly as I do, so I know I didn’t make it up! The spirit never harmed anyone, but whenever there are big changes around the house, like when my mother redecorated, it starts acting up. Pictures have flown off walls. Curtains have fallen down randomly. Radios have turned on by themselves. Once a radio that had been up in the attic, untouched for years, turned on by itself! Lights turn on and off sometimes. I am pretty sure the spirit threw a quarter at me earlier today. I don’t think it is a scary spirit though. Seems peaceful, and almost seems to like watching us.

  2. All of my experiences with spirits were those of animals. I’ve had the spirit of a cat come into my bedroom and hide under my bed. The live cat who was on my bed saw the spirit, too. And I’ve seen the spirit of a cat leave it’s body when it passed on. These experiences have helped to open my mind to the possibilities of everything that could be around us that many are not aware of.

    All the best!

    • Cats seem to be special soul conductors. It says a lot about you that you have an affinity to them, Jessica. Thanks for commenting!

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