Class Details

Reserve all class seats online. For self-paced studies, register for the class and information is emailed to you.

Unless otherwise noted, all in-person classes are taught in Fuquay Varina, NC.

Classes can be taught on demand.  If you would like to host an in-person class at your location, contact Kelley to make arrangements.

Introduction to (Neo)Shamanism is the mandatory prerequisite for all shamanic classes that I teach. It is taught free every quarter as a live webcast. If you enjoy this class, please buy my books as a show of support.

For all in-person group classes, a non-refundable security deposit is required at least two weeks in advance.

For all full-day classes taught at Soul Intent Arts, please notify Kelley of pet allergies. As well, note that we do not have facilities to accommodate accessibility restrictions or physical limitations.

For all in-person shamanic classes, please bring:

  • a pillow and blanket–whatever you need to be comfy on the floor
  • pen and paper
  • blindfold or scarf
  • rattle and/or drum if you have them
  • bottled water and snacks, as needed

For all live webcast shamanic classes, please provide:

  • a  comfy spot for journeying (experiential classes only)
  • pen and paper
  • blindfold or scarf (experiential classes only)
  • rattle and/or drum if you have them (experiential classes only)
  • bottled water and snacks, as needed

Please don’t drink alcohol for 24 hours prior to class.

If you usually drink coffee, consume your normal amount.

Be well-hydrated.

Wear loose, comfy, layered clothing.

For experiential classes, many people experience temperature changes as they journey. Bring a blanket or plan to remove layers as necessary.

For in-person classes that involve outdoor activities, bring rain gear if you need it. Please don’t wear perfume or cologne.

Live classes are taught via GoTo Meeting. You will have to download an app to access our session, and will be emailed the link to join our session, well in advance.

Direct any questions or insights about classes to Kelley.

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