thumbs upClasses are taught in-person, as well as in live online video webcasts, and self-paced studies .  Live sessions are done via GoTo Meeting. You will have to download an app to access our session, and will be emailed the link to join our session, well in advance. Find descriptions and register for classes online, as well as the current schedule.

If you’ve taken a class prior and want to re-take it to brush up on your skills, reduced rates are available.

If you would like to host a class at your location, contact Kelley for details. All travel, lodging and amenities are paid by the host. Refer to General Class Details for an overview of how to prepare for, and what to bring to class.

Shamanic Classes

These classes are appropriate for those seeking to learn the role of shaman, as well as shamanic technique.

  • Introduction to (Neo)Shamanism – Everything you want to know about shamanism, that few others teach. This class is a survey of the history, philosophies, challenges, and roles in traditional and modern shamanism. We cover topics such as cultural appropriation, traditional vs modern shamanism, psychological perspectives of shamanism, and what it’s like to be a modern shaman. This course is required for all other Shamanic Classes at Soul Intent Arts. It is taught quarterly online in a live webcast.
  • Lower World Journeying – Experiential course exploring the Lower World and its purpose. Taught in-person and as a live online webcast.
  • Upper World Journeying – Experiential course exploring the Upper World and its purpose. Taught in-person and as a live online webcast.
  • Middle World Journeying – Experiential exploration of the Middle World and its purpose. Taught in-person, live online, and as self-paced wisdom study.
  • Advanced – The Animistic Consumer – A shamanic view of ‘we are what we eat.’  Learn skills to explore your relationship to food, the environment, your bioregion, and your body.
  • Advanced – Death and the Animistic Soul – Dying, thus living, well. Taught in-person and as a live online webcast.
  • Advanced – Faerietales and Legend – Honing Shamanic Sight – Working with classic healing stories to decode our own.

Animistic Classes

These classes are appropriate for those seeking to widen their awareness in connecting with All Things, though are not necessarily seeking a shamanic path.

  • Creative Block and the Healing Story (Beginner, No prerequisite, Focused interest) Gently experiential examination of creative block from an animistic, spiritual perspective, and through the use of art and the healing story in the Middle World journey. Learn how to reconnect with the spirit of art, writing, creativity, and the potential of the blank page.

The Mindful Etheric Being Series

These classes are intended for individuals seeking self-care approaches through incorporating animistic life perspectives. The information and skills taught in this series are not intended for working with others.

Reiki Usui and Ascension Reiki Classes

  • Reiki Shoden – Level 1
  • Reiki Okuden – Level 2
  • Reiki Shinpiden – Master Level

Self-Paced Wisdom Studies

  • Ritual and Ceremony – Mentored self-paced six-week distance class, examining the criteria of ritual and honing the preparatory journey process. Introduction to (Neo)Shamanism is the prerequisite for this class.
  • Introduction to Totemism – Mentored self-paced six-week distance survey of totemism, guides, and helping spirits. Introduction to (Neo)Shamanism is the prerequisite for this class.
  • Middle World Journeying -Mentored self-paced experiential course exploring the Middle World and its purpose. Introduction to (Neo)Shamanism is the prerequisite for this class.

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